Net Neutrality & Failing Business Models

Mills Scofield

The current fight over Net Neutrality is critical to the openness of the Internet, long supported by some of us that helped make the Internet an every-day utility.

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Going Beyond the (Net)Flow: Introducing Universal Data Records


Infrastructure is increasingly diverse. Every story has a beginning. At Kentik, flow data was ours. It’s how we began to set the bar for what modern network analytics should look like.

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Nutanix Blows Away Industry Net Promoter Scores


Nutanix strives to back our innovative web-scale IT infrastructure with world-class customer support No matter how disruptive a new technology may be, if the manufacturer doesn’t provide adequate support, the company isn’t going anywhere.

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Reality Check: New Product Development is a Risky Business without the Right Safety Nets


The post Reality Check: New Product Development is a Risky Business without the Right Safety Nets appeared first on Praxent.

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How Firecracker Is Going to Set Modern Infrastructure on Fire

The New Stack

As someone with a keen interest in the evolution of modern infrastructure, I am intrigued by Firecracker. On the other side, there are multiple serverless projects such as Apache OpenWhisk, Kubeless, Project Fn, Fission that are built on container infrastructure.

Data Security is Picking Up the Conversation on Net Neutrality


The debate over net neutrality is far from over. The fight surrounding Net Neutrality was definitely a heated one, but anyone thinking that the arguments will now stop is mistaken. With the rise of big data analytics, converged infrastructure , and its related technologies, the process of collecting data has become incredibly detailed, extremely quick, and resource intensive. At the same time, the net neutrality decision may end up leading to better data security.

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Nation-Blanking DDoS Attacks Launched By Individuals Now Proven Able To Take Entire Nation’s Off The Net


Conversations with researchers throughout the community and analysis of motives of recent large attacks like that one lead us to conclude that these large attacks are not the result of nation states attacking our infrastructure. Bob Gourley. We live in times of extreme technological hooliganism, where small groups or even individuals can cause asymmetric damage from a distance.

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Discovering and proactively blocking malicious infrastructure


RiskIQ's PassiveTotal leverages the power of a well engineered sensor network and high power/high performance computing, and highly experienced analysts to help enterprise executives proactively block or otherwise disrupt malicious infrastructure. Bob Gourley.

The (Net)Flow That Kentik Makes Go: Know Your Traffic Flow Data Protocols


NetFlow” may be the most common short-hand term for this network flow data, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only important protocol for the exchange of metadata related to flows transiting network infrastructure. Not Just for NetFlow, Kentik Detect’s Analytics Cover All Major Flow Protocols.

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How to use Roslyn with.NET Core?

Michal Komorowski

Before migration we had to support 2 versions of our infrastructure libraries (.NET NET Framework +.NET NET Core) what was a little bit cumbersome.

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Improving Nutanix Customer Experience With Analytics


Ever since Nutanix pioneered Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and made the case for the Enterprise Cloud, we’ve stood out from the competition. We differentiate ourselves with our superior product and exceptional product support, as shown by our continued streak of a 90+ Net Promoter Score (NP

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Improving Nutanix Customer Experience With Analytics


Ever since Nutanix pioneered Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and made the case for the Enterprise Cloud, we’ve stood out from the competition. We differentiate ourselves with our superior product and exceptional product support, as shown by our continued streak of a 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS

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Improving Nutanix Customer Experience With Analytics


Ever since Nutanix pioneered Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and made the case for the Enterprise Cloud, we’ve stood out from the competition. We differentiate ourselves with our superior product and exceptional product support, as shown by our continued streak of a 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS

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Xwo - A Python-based bot scanner


Both Xwo and MongoLock use similar Python-based code, command and control (“C2”) domain naming, and have an overlap in C2 infrastructure. The IP range supplied by the C2 infrastructure is base64 encoded and zlib compressed. NET CLR 3.0.04506). NET CLR 3.0.04506.30).

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Bidding Open on DHS’ $6B Security Hub, House report stresses sharing


Via Net Security, more here. CTO Cyber Security Cyber Threat Data DoD and IC Infrastructure Mobile Security National Security Security Credit Card Theft Detection Time DHS DoD Events Gas tracers Google Play Store ICS Malware Apps modeling Oil Sensors Spam Apps Symantec.

Bogons: Do not let them in or through your networks


But bogon’s can be used to launch TCP SYN attacks and are used in about 10% of DDoS attacks on the net. Communications CTO Cyber Security Infrastructure By Bob Gourley Vogon’s are not bogons, but look like them.

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Metrics Based Requirements


Technical Consultant If you are in IT long enough you will probably be involved in a project that requires deploying new infrastructure. Metrics based requirements define “how much” of something that the infrastructure with the need to support.

2017 in cybersecurity and privacy news

The Parallax

Beyond the White House, the FCC decided to ignore anti-Net neutrality comments made from stolen email accounts , and experts worried about the government’s penchant for attributing hacks in ways they say carries risks of their own.

Offheap Read-Path in Production – The Alibaba story

Cloudera Engineering

This article is syndicated with permission from the Apache HBase blog and highlights a collaboration between our partners at Intel and Alibaba engineering in time for “ Singles Day “, the biggest shopping day on the net. HBase is the core storage system in Alibaba’s Search Infrastructure.

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How OverOps Can be Used as a Learning Platform for Junior Developers


The time it takes to fix bugs in production lowers the net promoter score. Lingering issues might not get addressed for a long time and continue to impact the net promoter score.

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Four Reasons to Consider Zayo’s Media Networks for Content Access and Delivery


At Zayo, we understand the importance of infrastructure for the broadcasting ecosystem. Zayo’s high-capacity, high-performance fiber network is on-net at more than 200 key media locations and grants direct access to more than 100 linear channels.

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Information Security Spending: Don’t Be Fooled by Overconfidence

The New Stack

Increased attention, as well as spending on GDPR compliance and cloud infrastructure security in 2018, may be causes of the increased confidence. We cannot remember seeing a report showing a net decrease in security spending.

How Enforced Configuration and Ad-Hoc Task Automation Boost Agility

The New Stack

Infrastructure automation can save us tons of time by programming rote tasks into repeatable, consistent actions. Typically engineers focus on what’s within their known infrastructure, using automation to enforce their infrastructure configuration at scale.

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IT is Dead. Long Live IT says Nutanix CIO Wendy Pfeiffer

The New Stack

The cloud provider lets enterprise companies create a hybrid cloud environment, allowing workloads to be run across public and private clouds, using whichever infrastructure that makes the most sense technologically. . The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is qualitative.

4 Reasons Log Files Suck and How to Enrich Your Splunk with Code-Aware Machine Data


Splunk does so by investigating machine data – the digital exhaust created by the systems, technologies, and infrastructure powering business. Most organizations know of and probably use, Splunk.

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Rethinking informed consent

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

But a data bill of rights assumes a new legal infrastructure, and by nature such infrastructures place the burden of redress on the user. Consent is the first step toward the ethical use of data, but it's not the last. Informed consent is part of the bedrock of data ethics.

Pulumi Uses Real Programming Languages to Enforce Cloud Best Practices

The New Stack

The idea of infrastructure-as-code may be the foundation of DevOps but what startup Pulumi promises is more like infrastructure-as-software. The Pulumi project that describes the infrastructure a developer wants is far more concise than the equivalent JSON or YAML.

Three surveys of AI adoption reveal key advice from more mature practices

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The other two surveys were The State of Machine Learning Adoption in the Enterprise , released in July 2018, and Evolving Data Infrastructure , released in January 2019. Your organization probably needs to invest more in infrastructure engineering than it thinks, perpetually.

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VMware Acquires Pivotal Software for More Kubernetes Prowess

The New Stack

We are excited to combine Pivotal’s development platform, tools and services with VMware’s infrastructure capabilities to deliver a comprehensive Kubernetes portfolio to build, run and manage modern applications,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware. Expected net cash payout for VMware of $0.8

7 Recruiting Trends That Will Continue Into 2019

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

This helps the organizations lower their net expenditure on infrastructure and also increase employee efficiency. Time flies by in the blink of an eye. Not long ago, we were analyzing the trends unfolding in 2018 and in no time, we are talking about projections for the next year. What amazes us the most is the magnitude of change the industry has gone through in such a short time span.

Kubernetes Networking 101


If you are at the beginning of the journey to modernize your application and infrastructure architecture with Kubernetes, it’s important to understand how service-to-service communication works in this new world. Disorganized code base that blends both application and infrastructure functions.

Testing Without Mocks: A Pattern Language

James Shore

Infrastructure Patterns. Infrastructure Wrappers. Nullable Infrastructure. Although broad integration tests can be added as a safety net, their failure indicates a gap in the main test suite. Some code needed for the tests is written as tested production code, particularly for infrastructure classes. Some third-party infrastructure code has to be mimicked with hand-written stub code. V V Infrastructure Logic. Infrastructure Patterns.



Verisign ensures the security, stability and resiliency of key Internet infrastructure and services, including the authoritative directory of,net,tv,cc,name top-level domains and the back-end registry for a portfolio of generic top-level domains. Research Team.

Splunk.conf 2018: The Top 7 Sessions You Can’t Miss


Shashank Raina and Paul McDonough from NCC Group want to show you how it’s done, by taking the crime statistics of the past few years, which are readily available on the net and using Splunk, create models around it.

The Paradox of Connection

Edge Perspectives

The foundation is a digital infrastructure that is exponentially improving in terms of processing power, storage capability and transmission speed. The net result of this is that our connections with others become thinner and more fragile.

2019 Predictions: CSP Vertical Integration Marches On


Both net new and legacy applications are on that cloud roadmap, though larger enterprises will take years to fully implement the roadmap. CSPs will go from IT infrastructure to IT everything. The inevitable march to the cloud continues and accelerates in 2019.

How Managed Open Source Boosts Developer Productivity and Saves Money

The New Stack

After all, it wasn’t that long ago when developers and infrastructure engineers predominantly operated their own data centers. Tidelift sponsored this post, as part of a TNS sponsorship package. Donald Fischer. Donald Fischer is co-founder and CEO of Tidelift.

How companies are innovating in the energy sector

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Meeting this demand with cleaner energy sources will require substantial infrastructure investments and systems integration to deliver benefits to all consumers.

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Google’s Cloud Code Plug-Ins Take the YAML out of Kubernetes

The New Stack

Kubernetes provides programmable infrastructure, but that’s not what developers actually want, Bhat suggested. Development teams don’t want to think about the infrastructure at all.”. “If

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ML Platform Meetup: Infra for Contextual Bandits and Reinforcement Learning

Netflix TechBlog

Faisal Siddiqi Infrastructure for Contextual Bandits and Reinforcement Learning?—? Given the infrastructure space for RL approaches is still relatively nascent, we wanted to understand what others in the community are doing in this space.