Net Promoter Score: How to Use and Track the Main Loyalty Metric


One of the most efficient and valuable metrics here to implement is the Net Promoter Score. What’s Net Promoter Score? For instance, Amazon has a Net Promoter Score of 69, which is over 30 percent above its industry norm. How to adopt Net Promoter Score with your product.

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Product Life Cycle: How to Extend Your Product Market Presence


KPI – Indicators to trace at the entry level. The purpose of this KPI is to indicate the profit from the entire relationship with the customer. This KPI displays the overall number of people who discovered and visited your website or application. Net Profit.

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15 Key Product Management Metrics and KPIs


It’s an effective KPI to use to monitor a company’s current health and it’s especially valuable in SaaS businesses working on a subscription basis. But the number of people who have subscribed or purchased your product isn’t a primary KPI. Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Hotel Revenue Management: Solutions, Best Practices, Revenue Manager’s Role


KPI tracking. Revenue per available room (RevPAR) – a KPI that assess financial and business performance of a hotel. This KPI captures a snapshot of overall business performance. A hotel jam-packed with people isn’t always a profitable hotel.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

deceiving since most customers pay a net price (net of. competitors’ customers to determine net prices paid for software access fees, implementation, and professional services. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS.

Insights on High-Tech and High-Touch Customer Experience


Larger organizations often fall in the trap of defining customer experience KPI’s only to executive teams, sales, marketing and customer services teams.

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Logistics Management Systems: How Warehouse, Transportation, and Distribution Software Work


They allow for calculating company’s true net revenue at any given time. KPI reports provide an immediate snapshot of the overall performance of the company, focusing on indicators that are particularly important.

How to Build a Product Marketing Strategy for Your Software Solution


You can do it by tracking sales volume and several other metrics that allow you to measure the success of a product: market penetration rate, net promoter score, and return on investment. Fun fact: Popular mouthwash Listerine was initially marketed as a surgical antiseptic.

How to Successfully Implement HR Analytics and People Analytics in a Company


When documenting a custom KPI or metric, describe in detail: What measure it expresses. Net promoter score. The day may come when a seasoned professional tells you or your colleague about their plan to leave the company in a month.