Faking Agile Metrics or Cooking the Agile Books


TL; DR: Faking Agile Metrics — An Eye-Opening Exercise. Imagine you’re a Scrum Master and the line manager of your team believes that the best sign for a successful agile transformation is a steady increase in the Scrum Team’s velocity. Cooking the Agile Books — A Simple Exercise.

Becoming Agile: Evidence Based Management


Hearing a senior executive announce "We're committed to becoming agile!" Agile transformation, you would surmise, is a done deal with the higher-ups. Hence there's no great mystery why executives would appear to be pulling in the direction of agile change. .

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Is Scrum hurting your agility?


By now, most organisations are using Scrum, however, many of them feel like the agility of their organisation has degraded, and they might be right! Whereas low agility Scrum might actually hurt your agility. Three symptoms that indicate low-agility Scrum. References.


Mind your language (if you want to be Agile)


There are four key words in the first value of the Agile Manifesto: “ Individuals and their interactions over processes and tools ”. Interestingly, in our debates we seem to be oblivious to the reference to interactions and what it truly means to social and tribal animals as we, humans, are.

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Why focus on velocity inhibits agility


What does velocity refer to? Let us examine a system diagram that shows the link between the strength of DoD and organizational agility. That could be called organizational agility — being able to quickly change the direction of a Product’s development.

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Agile Leadership — A Brief Overview of Concepts and Ideas


TL; DR: Agile Leadership. I recently started aggregating my notes, links, and references related to agile leadership to understand better what it — in the context of an agile transition — may look like. Agile Leadership: Success Criteria for Organizational Change.

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One Shocking Thing Many Agile Coaches Are Getting Wrong


Many Agile coaches and Scrum Masters believe they know best. The rest of you are probably thinking, "Oh great… another Agile guy throwing that Taylor name around again." If you're one of those Taylorism-bashing-Agile-coaches, you're likely thinking, "That's not Taylorism!

Bringing Agility into HR


While Agile originated as an approach to software development, due to its benefits, it has since been applied in almost every industry and environment, including HR. The Agile values and principles help to guide the way I work every day. Working in an Agile Way.

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Getting to 85 - Agile Metrics with ActionableAgile (p. 2)


In the first part of Getting to 85 – Agile Metrics with ActionableAgile we looked at the Cycle Time Scatterplot as generated by ActionableAgile software. CFD Agile Metrics for Estimation. Referring to that number as the Cycle Time is plain wrong for a simple reason.

Agile Performance Chains, Metrics, & Continuous Improvement


When you mention metrics-driven coaching to an agile coach, you will often get an initial reaction that “Metrics are evil.” Performance Chains in an Agile World. In the agile world, we have developed an understanding of the relationship between behavior and outputs. References.

Contracting for Agile Software Development Efforts


The Agile Manifesto statement of “Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation” is less than helpful when it comes to writing contracts for projects to be worked in an Agile fashion. Contracting for Agile software development projects continues to be a major organizational impediment. These new Agile contracts must include the concept of a delivery cycle. 1] The Product Backlog is the Agile equivalent to Waterfall requirements.

Product Leader – Not (only) agile


The Product Owner or product leader position is one of the most demanded positions in the market today; most companies understand how critical it is to have someone that holds a clear view of the product and can prioritize user stories in the agile team. Long story short, a product leader position is necessary for an agile team, but product management has been there since long ago – and regardless of the methodology there have been success stories and failures in the past.

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Agile Myth: “Agile Means No Planning and No Documentation”


It is widely known in the software development industry that Agile values “working software” over “extensive documentation.” This leads to the common misconception that Agile does not believe in documentation. Agile encourages “just enough” documentation as is required for the project.

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Accenture | SolutionsIQ Expands Business Agility Into Europe


Today, we are taking a huge step towards strengthening our Business Agility Transformation offering. We are proud and excited to share this announcement on the coat tails of a fantastic reception at the Business Agility Conference in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

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Recording of webinar on ORGANIC agility


On April 8, Agile Gothenburg hosted me for a webinar titled Beyond the Mass Production of Agile at Scale! I then moved on to exploring the holistic view of ORGANIC agility® which allows organizations to grow and evolve like a natural thing.

Scaling agile - up or out


Friend: So in short - they too need to scale their agile initative. Scaling agile has to be the term that I’ve seen most discussions, posts, comments and conversations about the last couple of years. My guess is that many times people talking about scaling agile mean scaling UP but worse I think that most times we have not decided. Agile teams. Now imagine that we have a hugely sucessful agile little team; the payment team. Agile Lean Life of a consultant

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Agile Product Development: How Clients Benefit From Adapted Agile Methods


Agile Product Development: How Clients Benefit From Adapted Agile Methods. What Is Agile? Agile is a method of software development that’s both flexible and adaptable, and evolves with the team and product throughout the development process. How Can Agile Be Adapted?

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Pitfalls of Agile Transformations


“We are a conservative company, so we are just starting our agile transformation,” the manager told me. I wondered how much of what we have learned in the last decade will inform this budding agile transformation. Agile without a strong technology base is usually a mistake.

Agile 78

Transforming to an Agile Mindset, Part 1


Once, over beers late into the evening in an old European pub not far from his office, an executive shared with me his personal Agile mindset transformation journey. It is an account that I have found representative of many when they begin to lead Business Agility transformation.

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Transforming to an Agile Mindset, Part Two


Recently I was conducting a Design Thinking and Agile Learning workshop with a group of seasoned consultants. What Makes Up the Agile Mindset? For Agile I refer to the Five Scrum Values. Today far more of the complex unknown unknowns we face need an Agile approach.

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The Relationship Between DevOps & Agile: “It’s Complicated”


If Agile and DevOps had Facebook pages, their relationship status would say: “It’s complicated”. I know companies that consider DevOps to be part of Agile, I know companies where it’s the other way around. Agile Emerges.

Agile 101

The ART of Transforming Healthcare with Business Agility


In this article, I want to share my experiences helping a major healthcare payer see the value of transforming to a business agility mindset so that they could achieve their desired outcome of making it easier and less painful for doctors to process claims and get paid. References.

How to Make Your Management Process More Agile

Strategy Driven

It’s the essence of agility. Why Agility is Important for Your Business. When a business prioritizes adopting an agile business model, they’re better able to weather business downturns and see challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation.

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Agile Requirements: The only constant is change


The use of an Agile Requirements Management Tool is recommended, but you must remember the manifesto: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” While the use of a tool can unburden your memory, the real value, when it comes to gathering and managing requirements, is to talk to people. JIRA Agile : Good for building a backlog, planning each iteration’s work and visualizing team activity and progress. Roles within the agile team. References.

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Agile Q&A with Scaled Agile Expert Dean Leffingwell

CollabNet VersionOne

For years VersionOne has taken its role seriously in furthering agile research for the betterment of the software development industry. The State of Agile Report is one great example. For 12 years straight we’ve surveyed practitioners, IT leaders, executives and everyone in between to find out who is using agile, how they are using it and why. Where is agile bringing benefit and where is it falling short? Looking back now, there was a time when Agile seemed so new.

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Transforming to an Agile Mindset, Part 2


Recently I was conducting a Design Thinking and Agile Learning workshop with a group of seasoned consultants. What Makes Up the Agile Mindset? For Agile I refer to the Five Scrum Values. Today far more of the complex unknown unknowns we face need an Agile approach.

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What Makes A Good Stakeholder?


In an IT setting, these may be referred to as desirements, a processing task or type of output that is desired, but not absolutely necessary.) Stay Agile. Agile 3back agile agile coaching Agile Courses agile training feedback Interested Bystanders product scrum stakeholders

Course 182

Changing the Culture by Changing Habits

Agile Alliance

By Jutta Eckstein and John Buck We hear people often say that an Agile transformation implies a culture change and that this culture change refers actually to a change of the mindset. Mindset enterprise agile

The Role of Agile Managers: Why Job Titles Are Dangerous

Agile Pain Relief Notes from a Tool User

Managers transitioning from waterfall to Agile will need to renegotiate their relationship with their teams if they are to succeed. A manager cannot simply become an Agile Manager – a big part of a transition requires a rethinking of how job titles are assigned and the leadership responsibility that comes with them. I was recently approached by a client who asked about effective Agile Organizational Structure. References.

Agile Architecture: It’s Not a Free-for-All


I’ve been thinking about Agile architecture recently, since a seasoned consultant friend (Payson Hall of Catalysis, Inc.) As a former developer I am completely on board with Agile principles as a means of organizing a development team.

Shu Ha Ri: a Chef Metaphor for Agile Learning

Storm Consulting

The Shu Ha Ri Agile metaphor. There is no Agile equivalent to the role of Head chef. Agile teams need a Chef. Many teams struggle with the transition from plan-driven methods (such as waterfall) to Agile. A typical response in Agile training courses is. “it

Agile 52

Diversity and Inclusion: What It Is and Why It Matters

Agile Alliance

Join our conversation with the Agile community about diversity and inclusion. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) has become increasingly important to the Agile community over the past several years. Diversity refers to … Continued.

Agile 282

What Makes A Good Stakeholder?


In an IT setting, these may be referred to as desirements, a processing task or type of output that is desired, but not absolutely necessary.) Stay Agile. Agile 3back agile agile coaching Agile Courses agile training feedback Interested Bystanders product scrum stakeholders

Course 153

Writing an Agile Article for a Proper Journal

Storm Consulting

The work of the agile business analyst is never done is one of the conclusions reached in my first agile article for online journal InfoQ User Stories Are Placeholders for Requirements. An agile article is not a blog posts. Read the full agile article on InfoQ here.

Article: Psychological Safety: Models and Experiences

InfoQ Culture Methods

This paper discusses psychological safety that refers to a climate in which people are comfortable being (and expressing) themselves. is discussed briefly, and the article proposes a path to how we can use this model in agile adoptions related to teams and organizations.

This Week in Programming: Reports of Agile’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The New Stack

Go ahead, give “agile is dead” a quick Google. Lack of results, agile nowadays looks nothing like intended in the Manifesto, the take over of Big Consultancy firms, the forced transformations (to become self organised… the parody), no technical excellence just mngmt fad.

FluencyByDesign Game is a Bootleg Copy of Agile Fluency Game

James Shore

I was shocked and disappointed to learn yesterday that Steve Holyer has made an unauthorized copy of The Agile Fluency * Game called "The FluencyByDesign * Simulation." Steve Holyer replaced our name, trademark, and branding with his own and sold copies of his version for thousands of euros. * "Agile Fluency" is a trademark of James Shore and Diana Larsen. The Agile Fluency Project , which I co-founded with Diana Larsen, is the only authorized publisher of the Agile Fluency Game.

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Memory leaks in iOS


Since there are no references to it, there’s now no way to release it and the memory can’t be used again.” Automatic reference counting (ARC). These references may be weak or strong, when a strong reference to an instance is declared, this counter increases by 1.

How to use IT4IT and SAFe to increase release velocity


You can use The Open Group’s IT4IT Reference Architecture to deploy agile at enterprise scale, using either SAFe or other scalable agile methods—and that's exactly what our team did. Enterprise IT, IT Ops, IT4IT, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe

Building a Self-Managed Shared Data Experience


Now we are releasing the reference architecture for you build your own self-managed SDX foundation for all your cloud-based data and analytics applications. Cloud data on a universal platform, built together from the beginning, that is ready for you to be active and agile in discovering new insights. Cloud aws catalog cloud governance reference architecture SDX securityCloud promises many advantages as an environment for machine learning and analytics.