Can your TMS Application Weather the Competition?


The transportation and logistics industry is growing dependent on diverse transportation management systems (TMS). In a competitive transportation and logistics environment, TMS solutions help organizations to meet service commitments at the lowest cost.

How Scalable Connectivity Improves Business Agility


Building a cloud or data transport strategy? Here’s how scalable connectivity could significantly improve the process – and your overall business agility. If business agility is key in this digital era, then implementing an agile network should be a major part of your strategy.

In Conversation with Mike Abell, Senior Vice President for Travel, Transport and Hospitality, NIIT Technologies


NIIT Technologies: The Travel and Transportation sector is growing exponentially around the world. What do you believe is the role of technology in enabling the Travel and Transportation sector to keep up with the increasing number of passengers and their expectations?

APIDays Paris: Building Lambdas and Agility in the Land of Sartre

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API-centric technology platforms can certainly foster digital transportation, for example, but at the end of the day, technologies are just tools people use to achieve what they want. Instead, organizations need to self-study what they are and how they must change to become agile. “We

Why bosses should allow more schedule flexibility


The realities of balancing family, study, and personal obligations with work commitments can be a backbreaking burden when factors such as daycare schedules, after-school activities, medical appointments for aging parents, continuing education requirements, public transportation, long commutes, and other factors are considered. Building agility into the processes often eliminates unnecessary additional supervisor control and oversight.

Why We Believe in Remote Work – and Tips for Making It Happen


It’s useful for you to identify the best means of transportation, food areas, co-work spaces, do some networking and even get used to the weather of the city. Notify any unforeseen situations with time, it is possible that you get sick or even get lost in transportation.

How to take machine learning from exploration to implementation

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Executive Briefing: Agile for Data Science teams. Transportation and Logistics". Recognizing the interest in ML, the Strata Data Conference program is designed to help companies adopt ML across large sections of their existing operations.

The Art of Developer Relations

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and a new transport protocol called QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connection). Welcome to The New Stack Context , a weekly podcast where we discuss the hottest news and views in the scalable IT community.

160+ live online training courses opened for May and June

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Core Agile , May 9. Agile for Everybody , June 19. Core Agile , July 10. Expert Transport Layer Security (TLS) , June 13. Get hands-on training in machine learning, blockchain, cloud native, PySpark, Kubernetes, and many other topics.

Physical and Digital Tools for Scrum Masters and their Teams

About 40 people gathered at the nlScrum meetup dedicated to physical and digital tools for the agile workspace. Another advantage of these is that they are easy to hide under the tables during presentations or demonstrations and they fold flat for transportation.


Couchbase’s Ravi Mayuram on the Future of Databases

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To create these experiences, enterprises need to leverage data in an agile, responsive, and scalable manner. “Our motto is to develop with agility, deploy anywhere, at any scale,” he said. “And by anywhere I mean bare metal, containers, anywhere and everywhere your data resides.”.

Do You Have Micro-Cloud Management Solutions? Visit DIUx Mountain View CA March 31


BACKGROUND – The Army’s inaugural “Innovation Challenge” last May resulted in the purchase of four cutting-edge transportable high performance micro-cloud computing solutions, including two separate awards of $3 million and $1.5 Bob Gourley.

Transparency in Queues

They continue to change their travel plans and don’t sit and wait for the latest transport system to resolve its difficulty and get them back on their journey. We do this a lot in Agile by using Kanban boards to communicate how much work and where it is in the flow.


Understanding Digital Process Automation (DPA) – The Next Wave of Automation


It is born out of a need for the organizations to be increasingly agile. The most important benefit of DPA is enabling more agile operations, which are majorly, customer-focused and at a lower cost. Digital process automation (DPA) is more than just a mere industry buzzword.

Fed Tech Roundup November 6


Cyber official: IT rulebook revamp overdue, but not agile enough - Mapping the connection between transportation and public health - The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. Northrop Grumman Statement on Boeing's Protest of the Long-Range Strike Bomber Program. What Federal Cybersecurity Can Learn from Football - Nextgov. MacAulay-Brown Inc.

An Agilist at WIRED25, Part 3


This series has been my reflections as an Agile coach and Technologist on that event, which happened in October in San Francisco. Drones, Robots, and Flying Cars (Finally!). Welcome to the third and final installment of this blog series about the WIRED25 festival last year.

ITIL 4 Launch and Key Takeaways From Pink19


ITIL 4 updates focus on a higher level of business value, bring a successful framework from previous ITIL editions and expanding a focus on operations as they relate to digital transformation, business integrations, and relationships with agile, DevOps, and lean.

How Use Cases Help Sell Digital


Hyperscale and multicloud platforms are increasingly viewed as central to this transformation because they enable agile IT architectures, business and partner ecosystems, and IT and LOB empowerment. This post originally appeared on IDC’s UK Blog, and concentrates on European data.

What is Data Engineering: Explaining Data Pipeline, Data Warehouse, and Data Engineer Role


The process of transporting data from sources into a warehouse. There are so many things that can go wrong during data transportation: data can get corrupted, hit bottlenecks causing latency, or data sources may conflict generating duplicate or incorrect data.

AIOps: Greater Data Context Can Yield Richer Results

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If it’s now difficult to simply transport data from one place to the next, it’s humanly impossible to monitor and manage the data produced from distributed, hybrid, multicloud applications and environments.

Fed Tech Roundup January 15


NASA Awards International Space Station Cargo Transport Contracts. DHS tries agile approach in Silicon Valley-based R&D effort - Katie Kennedy. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. US to invest billions in self-driving cars - Los Angeles Times. O'Malley: Upgrade technology to fight gun crimes -

Fed Tech Roundup December 9


Agile comes with pressure and pain - DOT dangles big money to encourage cities' smart transportation efforts - The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. New technology making drones easier, more affordable - The Boston Globe. Reported bitcoin 'founder' Craig Wright's home raided by Australian police - The Guardian.

How Serverless Platforms Could Power an Event-Driven AI Pipeline

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And it can leverage the cloud to maintain agility through continuous development and deployment practices. The robustness of the infra influences how agile you are in pulling data together, and how you can enrich insights from your data.”.

What’s Behind a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy?


They should make it easy to transport workloads wherever they are appropriate to run. The strategy will start to foster an agile development model that not only mitigates risk but also produces cost-savings upwards of 60-65% compared to the standard fare.

Why Serverless Is the Uber of Infrastructure

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A colleague recently drew an interesting analogy between the evolution of application infrastructure and consumer transportation. NS1 sponsored this post. Jonathan Sullivan.

3 Types of Cloud Migration Strategies


Lift-and-shift migrations transport an exact copy of the top three layers: application, database and OS layer. A lift and shift from on-premise to cloud hosting also increases agility, simplifying future transformation.

Tech News Roundup April 20


Startup Spotlight: Validated lets retailers reimburse parking and transportation costs for customers. Free webinar series: ‘Agile for the Government Project Manager’. Katie Kennedy. The following are some of the hot topics we are tracking in the technology ecosystem: Technology Ticker. Ondo 2016: Next Governor Must Come From South-Senatorial District – PDP Youths - Leadership Newspapers. Video: SpaceX Falcon booster comes full circle to Cape Canaveral after landing.

3 Cloud Native Challenges to Address Now: Culture, Code and Cloud

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Cultural change isn’t easy, but the result is a way of working that improves everything from agility to reliability. This post is the first in a series sponsored by Oracle to outline the top cloud native challenges and how best to address them.

Microservices Anti-patterns: It’s All About the People


The way people organise work has also evolved, with broader adoption of agile and distributed teams. It comes from the different pieces of middleware (API gateways, data transport), databases, etc. It’s been a few years since I first wrote The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices after working on a few early microservices projects and noticing a number of common pitfalls.

Most Popular Image/ Photo Editor for Linux OS

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agile image tagging. easy photo transporting and exporting to different formats. In this post, I have inspected some of the best photo editing software available on various Linux distributions.

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MyRepublic: How Telcotechs are disrupting the Telco Industry

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This disruption was on the scale of an Uber in the transportation business or Airbnb in the hospitality business! On one of my trips to Singapore in June 2016, I was invited to meet with a new startup in the telco space. A company called MyRepublic.

The IBM Press Release on Spark That Every Tech Leader Should Read


Spark has grown quickly in popularity among developers and data scientists as an essential platform for helping organizations more easily integrate Big Data into applications, and is quickly gaining momentum with IBM clients looking to transform business decision-making: Real-time transportation planning software from Optibus is changing the way public transport is organized. Spark is agile, fast and easy to use. IBM just announced a major new push around Apache Spark.

Five World-Changing Software Innovations


On the 15th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto , let's look at what else was happening while we were focused on spreading the Manifesto ’ s ideals. What about “Agile”? You might notice that “Agile” is not on my list of innovations.

2019 retail predictions: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…”


However, they will also have to become more agile in order to meet customer expectations. In 2019 we therefore expect retailers to partner with more third parties (transport providers, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) The death evolution of the department store. During 2018, there was no shortage of media headlines descanting on the shift in the retail landscape from “bricks” to “clicks.”

Fed Tech News Roundup 8 July 2015


Can Silicon Valley Save Federal IT - Nextgov NextGov (Today) - NextgovCan Silicon Valley Save Federal ITNextgovAn agile, open sensibility has overtaken Washington. The future of government technology procurement GovFresh (Today) - The General Services Administration and 18F recently held an open request for quotation related to a new blanket purchase agreement for a federal marketplace for agile delivery services.

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The Tip of the Spear II: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy


In Meeting the Mission of Transportation Safety , Richard McKinney, U.S. Department of Transportation's CIO, describes four components for what I call an “enterprise data strategy”: Data governance. Dennis D. McDonald. “If

Motivated Team Of Mission Focused Technologists From Software AG Wins Rapid Integration Challenge of Plugfest


A robust set of agile, open standard, SOA and cloud based tools was available. Source data came from multiple agencies and included bathymetry, cyber attack activity, power, Red Cross shelters, ship locations, traffic, traffic lights, transportation, topography, weather and imagery.