Dell Technologies and Splunk: Enabling AI and Analytics Together

Dell EMC

I’m a Business Development lead with the Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Solutions (UDS) team. In this role I drive go-to-market and enablement for enterprise data center storage offerings with many of our partners in the Data Analytics and AI Solutions space.

Difference between Computer Science and Information Technology

The Crazy Programmer

In this article, We’re going to talk about Computer Science and Information Technology in detail. What is Information Technology? Information Technology is used for collecting, retrieving, recording, accessing, and organizing data. Benefits of Information Technology.

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Logi Analytics Simplifies Dashboard Development

Logi Analytics launched a tool that promises to make it easier to design, build and embed interactive dashboards and data visualization within applications. Based on technology Logi Analytics gained via its acquisition of […]. The post Logi Analytics Simplifies Dashboard Development appeared first on Blogs DevOps Toolbox Enterprise DevOps application development business intelligence dashboards data analysts data analytics data visualization

Building Self-service Cloud Analytics with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) & Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)


Analytics is all about meaningful information at your fingertips. Reporting solutions in Oracle has gradually evolved from BI Publisher to OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) both on premise and cloud visualization and now Oracle Analytics PaaS solution. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) has data reporting, visualization, NLP and voice command capabilities to name a few. Leveraging OAC & OADW for Agile Analytics.

The Ultimate Embedded Analytics Guide

In today’s ambitious business environment, many companies are taking an embedded analytics approach to capitalizing on the value of their information. Learn all about embedded analytics in this guide by Sisense, including a general overview of embedded analytics, the different approaches to embedding BI and analytics, and the benefits and challenges of the most popular BI solution technologies.

Top 8 Video Analytics Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow


There is constant growth in online video consumption has led to the expansion of various online video analytics tools. According to a survey , the video analytics market is expected to grow from the valuation of USD 3.2 Top 8 Video Analytics Tools.

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Dell Technologies Acquires DataFrameworks

Dell EMC

This week, Dell Technologies completed the acquisition of DataFrameworks, a technology partner that provides a key data analytics and management solution for both file and cloud storage.

Supercharge Your Splunk Analytics with OverOps


Supercharge Your #Splunk Analytics with OverOps [link] We, too, believe in open standards, and our goal is to help users maximize the value of the machine data that our technology provides. How Can OverOps Help You Gain More From Splunk?

Red Owl Analytics: Next generation analytic platform


This is an update of our write-up on Red Owl Analytics. We cover them in our special reports on Analytical Tools , Big Data , and Security. We have followed Red Owl analytics from their beginning as a concept to a stealthy startup to their current award winning/mind-share-grabbing status. Something special is happening here that is far more than technology. By Bob Gourley.

Guiding parameters for an effective analytics architecture


We live in an age where systems and applications are evolving at a rapid pace where technologies transition from vogue to commonplace to obsolete in less than a decade. The sheer breadth of problems that analytics has already solved and promises to solve in the future has driven organizations to invest increasingly in data & analytics initiatives. A well-defined business objective lays the foundation for a strong and sustainable analytics architecture.

Ask the "Right" Questions: Your Analytics-Guided Product Strategy

Speaker: Yoav Yechiam, Founder and Head Instructor, productMBA

Analytics are highly important for product managers - and yet, analytic implementations often fail to actually help us. It's not the technology, and it's not the tactics. In most cases, it's our approach that's misguiding us! Analytics are there to answer important product questions, not just to collect data. How can we be mindful of our analytics so they enable us, rather than confine us? Join Yoav Yechiam, Founder and head instructor at productMBA, as he explains best practices for a data-guided strategy that helps product managers get to the "why" of their biggest product goals.

AI Simplified: Sports Analytics


Whether it’s building a winning March Madness bracket or predicting who will win the Stanley Cup , sports analytics is an ever growing field within AI and machine learning. It has increasingly incorporated different forms of technology, the most significant being the use of big data for sports analytics.” ( Forbes ).

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Architecting for Today’s Hybrid Analytic Ecosystem


A modern analytic ecosystem embraces a hybrid approach and leverages the right technologies to meet the needs at the right cost/value ratio. Read more

Migration Supporting Real-Time Analytics for Customer Experience Management


With data at the heart of its business, SMG has for many years pursued the most cutting-edge data management technologies. Moreover, LLAP drastically reduces traditional Hive overhead when executing SQL, enabling near real time queries and ad-hoc analytics.

How In-Memory Analytics is Solving Data Woes

Luckily, technology does exist that can help to significantly […]. The post How In-Memory Analytics is Solving Data Woes appeared first on Blogs DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps analytics business intelligence data science in-memory analyticsThe importance of data to business decisions and operations cannot be understated. On a daily basis, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated.

Red Owl Analytics: Next generation big data analytic platform


With this post we are beginning our initial reporting on Red Owl Analytics. We will be covering them in our special reports on Analytical Tools, Big Data, and Security. We have followed Red Owl analytics from their beginning as a concept to a stealthy startup to their current award winning/mind-share-grabbing status. Something special is happening here that is far more than technology. Red Owl Analytics is a mixture of people/process and technolo.

7 Benefits of Operational Analytics


With business-focused technologies on the rise, it’s becoming more important for organizations to learn how to use their data wisely. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what the benefits of operational analytics are. Benefits of Operational Analytics. With the help of operational analytics, you can identify areas that need streamlining, helping you to save more money, be more efficient, thus resulting in better profits. Technology industry trends analytics software

Five technology trends driving the automotive industry into the future


As cars become increasingly smarter and automated, a lot of innovative technology will be needed to make them even smarter and more useful to drivers. Manufacturing cars of the future – be they autonomous, connected, electric, or a mix of all three – will be fueled by cutting-edge technology. Companies that can deploy this technology […]. Analytics Automotive autonomous cars connected car

What Are Predictive Data Analytics?


Read more » The post What Are Predictive Data Analytics? appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized AI analytics business intelligence data analytics machine learning ML predictive analytics SMBsWe’re in the midst of a data revolution. Each day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that helps feed a market set to be worth over $203 billion dollar by 2020.

How to benefit from cutting edge AI technologies


In contrast to the popular belief that technologies such as AI are going to leave skilled and unskilled workers high and dry, recent research into the effects of automation indicate it can lead to increased demand, creating new job opportunities. Analytics Robotics Uncategorized artificial intelligence Data Governance

Disrupting Everything in BI Analytics


Global Technology Partner of the Year. This year we spoke to over 300 customers and partners about how Qlik, integrates with Cloudera’s modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud, makes it easy to extract and analyze data to help organizations make data-driven decisions. But, by far, the most gratifying moment of the show was when Cloudera was honored, for the third year in a row, as the Qlik Global Technology Partner of the Year.

Cloudera Named Leader in The Forrester Wave: Notebook-Based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, Q3 2020


Cloudera has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave : Notebook-Based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, Q3 2020. At Cloudera, we’re dedicated to your success — from industry-recognized technology to leading expert services, and our commitment to continued innovation.

Technology takes center court in the basketball world


The NBA elevates the game and fan experience thanks to technology and tech-savvy team owners willing to try new things. Analytics Edge & IoT Analytics & Data

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Dell Technologies Wins an Emmy: That’s Good News for Financial Trading and Other Data Analytics Applications

Dell EMC

The National Academy of Television Arts and Science has honored Dell Technologies with a 2020 Technology and Engineering Emmy® for the Dell EMC Isilon for driving early development of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) systems. Technology has progressed to.

Data, Analytics, and a Cold Beer on a Hot Day

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

So, although we had to take a raincheck on the beer, I was glad to catch up with him for his insightful update on data and analytics adoption in Germany. We help our clients turn data and analytics into a competitive advantage, collaborating with them to design and implement business solutions that span data ingestion, storage, and organization, as well as reporting and analytics. As a BI Architect and Solutions Consultant, I span both data and analytics.

2014 Analyst Forum: Data Analytics and


On July 30 th in northern Virginia, some of the greatest minds in analytics for business, outcomes, and mission impact gathered to share their lessons learned and experiences with data analytics. Scott Sorensen , the Chief Technology Officer with , delivered a keynote that examined issues relevant to analysts from throughout the community. Analysis Big Data CTO News analytics Chief Technology Officer collaboration DNA Scott Sorensen

Dell Technologies and Ververica: Analyzing Continuous Data Streams Across Industries

Dell EMC

Data Analytics News Storage Big Data Dell EMCEvery single entity in the digital world, be it an end user or a sensor device, continuously produces activity updates. People leave traces of their activity when they shop online or use any other online application. Machines then report on actions and statuses.

Three Trends for Modernizing Analytics and Data Warehousing in 2019


Data analytics priorities have shifted this year. Don’t blink or you might miss what leading organizations are doing to modernize their analytic and data warehousing environments. Natural language analytics and streaming data analytics are emerging technologies that will impact the market. Big Data Technologies and Architectures. Natural Language Analysis and Streaming Data Analytics. Modernizing Analytics and Data Warehousing.

How to build analytic products in an age when data privacy has become critical

O'Reilly Media - Data

Privacy-preserving analytics is not only possible, but with GDPR about to come online, it will become necessary to incorporate privacy in your data products. It turns out there are some new tools for building analytic products that preserve privacy. Business intelligence and analytics.

Technology News and Hot Topics


Here is some of the technology news we are tracking from across the tech community: Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. We deliver the technology-related insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions, every day. disconnect: Old laws vs. new technology. Technology and Inequality. Technology News News technology Topics

A Look at Real-World Data Analytics Success Stories


As more organizations turn to data analytics as an integral part of their growth strategy, many leaders may harbor some doubts. How will data analytics work in the real world when it comes time to make critical business decisions? Will the organization really be able to use data analytics effectively, or will it become another. Read more » The post A Look at Real-World Data Analytics Success Stories appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation.

2019 Oracle Analytics Summit Brings New Vision


Recently our Datavail Analytics team had the unique opportunity to attend the Oracle Analytics Summit at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, CA. This exclusive, invitation-only event featured Oracle Analytics leaders with the plan to reveal their new vision for the Analytic product line. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). This is their flagship product, the Oracle Analytics Cloud we’ve all known well in the past year or so. Oracle Analytics Server (OAS).

PowerSchool Wins “Learning Analytics Solution of the Year” Award for PowerSchool Performance Matters in EdTech Breakthrough Awards Program


Prestigious awards program recognizes outstanding educational technology products and companies. PowerSchool Performance Matters Assessment and Analytics has been named “Learning Analytics Solution of the Year” in the Inaugural EdTech Breakthrough Awards program. The EdTech Breakthrough is a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies and solutions in the global educational technology market.

The Advantages of MariaDB Platform for Analytics


Traditional databases have their place in data analytics, but they may fall short of your goals. MariaDB Platform offers a columnar database solution that is designed to better support real-time analytics at a large scale. Offers Columnar Storage for Faster Analytics Performance.

Analytics of Things: An Introduction


Analytics of Things is what will grant the Internet of Things (IoT) its power to transform. The post Analytics of Things: An Introduction appeared first on Experion Technologies. Digital Analytics of Things Internet of Things