CVE-2020-12271: Zero-Day SQL Injection Vulnerability in Sophos XG Firewall Exploited in the Wild


Sophos pushes a hotfix to address a SQL injection vulnerability in Sophos XG Firewall that was exploited in the wild. The attack targets the XG Firewall administration interface, which is accessible via the user portal, over HTTPs, or on the WAN zone. Sophos Firewall Operating System.

CVE-2020-2021: Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Vulnerable to Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability


Critical authentication bypass vulnerability in PAN-OS devices could be exploited in certain configurations, which are commonly recommended by identity providers. PAN-OS is the custom operating system (OS) that Palo Alto Networks (PAN) uses in their next-generation firewalls.

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Using Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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It also provides a handy browser plugin to fill in credentials for me, once I’ve authenticated to the plugin. Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Now, on to our second point for today: multi-factor authentication (MFA).

HPE Buys into Cloud Native Service Authentication with Scytale Acquisition

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In a move to capture an important piece of the emerging cloud native computing market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has acquired service authentication technology provider Scytale , the two companies announced Monday.

The Myths of Multifactor Authentication


Read François Amigorena bust certain myths surrounding multifactor authentication on Dark Reading : Compromised credentials are a huge threat to companies today. The attacker is actually using valid (that is, stolen but valid) credentials, so why would your antivirus, firewall, and other technologies you might have in place flag anything unusual?

Top 5 Network Security Challenges in 2020 and Beyond


According to Gartner, between now and 2023, 99% of firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations rather than firewall flaws. Firewalls are hard to manage because networks are complicated and getting more complicated by the month.

CIOs Need To Know Why Antivirus Software Can Create False Security

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This is part of the reason that Microsoft went so far as to incorporate a security firewall into the Windows 10 operating system. Security antivirus artificial intelligence attach bad guys corporate network defense protection security two factor authentication virus

How Palo Alto Networks and Okta Are Helping Enable Secure Remote Work

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The GlobalProtect subscription for Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls extends consistent security policies to remote workers and assists in eliminating remote access blindspots.

Configure a Failover Cluster with Pacemaker

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Run firewall-cmd commands on both nodes, and allow traffic for Pacemaker (TCP ports 2224, 3121, 21064, and UDP port 5405): sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=high-availability. sudo firewall-cmd --reload. sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=http.

Management Interfaces in Three Models of Cisco Networking Devices Are Vulnerable to RCE Attacks


Cisco has released a security advisory & for CVE-2019-1663, a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability present in the remote management interface on certain router and firewall devices, the RV110W, RV130W, and RV215W.

Rethinking Zero Trust Network Access for a Zero Trust Strategy

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Additionally, because VPN traffic tunnels through firewalls, data isn’t inspected there either. By establishing this strategy, you assume that no user, endpoint, app or content can be trusted, even if it was previously authenticated and allowed into the network.

Four Priorities for Better Endpoint Management in 2020


It includes processes such as two-factor authentication (2FA), single sign-on (SSO), and privileged access management. . Kaseya VSA now offers built-in two-factor authentication that uses freely available authenticators such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

Instaclustr Security Features Overview


Check box option when provisioning to enable client authentication and client to cluster encryption (client requirement for SOC 2 compliance). Client controlled firewall whitelist. All communication from client nodes to our central infrastructure is initiated by the nodes (no inbound firewall rules other than SSH from operations environment). Restricted outbound firewall rules for PCI compliant clusters. Two factor authentication.

Achieving End-to-End Zero Trust

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The role of the SOC is to double check trust decisions made by the infrastructure – for example, a decision to trust a connection made by the firewall and the intrusion prevention system (IPS). I’ve spent the last 25 years developing products that help customers reduce risk.

Top 6 Cyber Security Best Practices For Small & Medium-Sized Businesses


Setup A Firewall. Setup A Firewall. A firewall works as a barrier between these threats and your system. The firewall. So it is advisable to install an external firewall as well as an internal firewall to get an additional layer of protection.

We Need A National Cybersecurity Strategy That Everyone Can Implement


So here’s three things the nation can do to make it less vulnerable to cyber attacks: 1/ Implement 2-Factor Authentication. Basic: Implementing two-factor authentication is the simplest mitigation against credential theft. Ideally the private key must be on a different physical server from the storage unit and should only be assessable with 2-factor authentication. This can be done by configuring the internal Firewall on Internet facing application servers.

Five Remote Access Security Risks And How To Protect Against Them

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The problem is that many legacy firewall rules enable access to practically everything in the network. Resources: Find out how Cortex XDR can detect and stop attacks involving remote users by integrating with Prisma Access , Next-Generation Firewalls and third-party security products.

Tenable Research Discovers Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in GPON Routers


CVE-2019-3917: By sending a specially crafted HTTP request to the device, a remote attacker could partially disable the firewall and expose a Telnet service to external access.

Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway Routers Patched for Multiple Vulnerabilities


The vulnerabilities include: CVE-2019-3914 - Authenticated Remote Command Injection. This vulnerability can be triggered by adding a firewall access control rule for a network object with a crafted hostname. CVE-2019-3914 - Authenticated Remote Command Injection.

Secure Cloud Access: Why We Choose Palo Alto Networks

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Before we deployed Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtualized Next-Generation Firewalls, we faced two key security challenges. But that’s not all; check out the summary of cost savings and ROI below: Obviously, there are several cloud firewalls available in the market. Low TCO.

All Layers Are Not Created Equal

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This is what the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall, serving as a segmentation gateway in a Zero Trust environment, allows you to do, and due to the granularity of the policy, it can only be done at Layer 7. How the Principles of Journalism Help Define Zero Trust Policy.

A Security Checklist for Cloud Native Kubernetes Environments

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Network Policies, firewalls and ACL: We will talk about application-level network access control in more detail later, but networks should have lower-level access control at the hardware level, as well as better control over the traffic in a shared environment. Diamanti sponsored this post.

BeyondProd: Google’s Internal Model to Securing Cloud Native Microservices

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To make BeyondProd happen you’d need: Mutually authenticated service endpoints. We think that a service should be trusted based on what it is (workload identity) and who it is requesting on behalf of (end user authentication and authorization).

8 Google Cloud Security Best Practices

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Best Practice: Use a cloud security offering that provides visibility into the volume and types of resources (virtual machines, load balancers, virtual firewalls, users, etc.) Best Practice: Strong password policies and multi-factor authentication (MFA) should always be enforced.

How Service Meshes and Kubernetes Will Close Gap Between Speed and Security

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What used to be firewalls and the location of the user is now offering zero trust, with every request to access a network resource having to be authenticated and authorized. Also, read: Is Istio the Most Next-Gen, Next-Gen Firewall Ever? Raygun sponsored this podcast. ?.

Context: ‘If Data Is King, then Distribution Is the Queen’

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Then later in the show, we’ll discuss the recent data breach at Capital One due to a “firewall misconfiguration” that allowed a hacker to access data on over 100 million customers in the company’s AWS S3 buckets.

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Helping Companies Meet US Government Guidance on Securing Remote Workforces

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Our suite of products, Next-Generation Firewalls , Prisma Access and Cortex , provides a comprehensive view into your entire network, allowing you to quickly ramp up people and processes, while also monitoring and logging all events, suspicious or not. .

Top Kubernetes Security Best Practices You Should Know


Too many authentication processes or too heavily restricted permission stand in the way of productivity and can negate any benefit Kubernetes may provide. You should also place a firewall to filter traffic and provide visibility into any data transfers that occur.

Going Beyond the (Net)Flow: Introducing Universal Data Records


UDRs for the Firewall. Most recently, UDRs allowed us to add visibility into firewalls, including Cisco ASA and others. Every story has a beginning. At Kentik, flow data was ours. It’s how we began to set the bar for what modern network analytics should look like.

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How to Use Aviatrix SD Cloud Routing to Build Azure Networks


Aviatrix solution also overcome security policy limitations like VNet level firewalling. But, as enterprises migrate more and more mission critical applications to the cloud, there are many connectivity and security requirements that are not natively available in Azure.

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CVE-2020-5902: Critical Vulnerability in F5 BIG-IP Traffic Management User Interface (TMUI) Actively Exploited


Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM). Despite some of these temporary mitigations, F5 warns that authenticated users capable of accessing the TMUI will “always be able to exploit this vulnerability” until the vulnerable host is patched, which is why patching is the preferred fix.

How to Protect Against Cyberattacks When Working from Home During COVID-19

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An ability to enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA). Employees should use complex passwords and multifactor authentication where possible and change these passwords frequently.

Secure Cloud Access: Why We Choose Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

Before we deployed Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtualized Next-Generation Firewalls, we faced two key security challenges. But that’s not all; check out the summary of cost savings and ROI below: Obviously, there are several cloud firewalls available in the market. Low TCO.

Remote Access VPN’s?—?IPSec Or SSL?


As far as the authentication goes, both VPN types can be configured for a variety of authentication methods, including certificate-based, two-factor, Active Directory, etc. Any firewall or other network configuration can be complicated, and VPN is no exception.

The Future of Serverless is … Functionless?


API Gateway can handle authentication itself , meaning as long as you can do a small transformation on the incoming API request to generate a request to an AWS service you don’t need a Lambda Function for many API route actions.

Identity In A Zero Trust World


That includes authentication, authorization, and one that might not entirely be as obvious is administration. What does that mean for my firewall? There are no if/then rules for how strong the authentication is, based on whether the user is internal or external.

Critical Vulnerability Allows Kubernetes Node Hacking

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Furthermore, in default configurations, both authenticated and unauthenticated users are allowed to perform API discovery calls and could exploit this vulnerability to escalate their privileges.