How to Make Up for Kubernetes’ Disaster Recovery Shortfalls

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Carlisia is a senior engineer on the Velero open source project, a tool used for backup and recovery of Kubernetes clusters, and a senior member of technical staff at VMware. Natural or human-made disasters. Legal standards or compliance regulations often require data retention.

Why Disaster Recovery is Crucial for Data-driven Organisations

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The consequential losses of data disasters range anywhere from $50k to $5m and include lost productivity, lost customer confidence, and simply having to rekey or recreate data. Cloudera provides the perfect data backup and disaster recovery solution.

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Cloud and DevOps: The Dynamic Duo of Software Development

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It has become a foundation of digital business and is a preferred choice to optimize operational cost, build scalable solutions, disaster recovery & high availability, follow compliances, and more. Cloud computing is a billion-dollar market today.

5 Questions Database Admins Should Ask About Compliance Regulations

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So what do today’s DBA’s need to ask themselves to ensure the data they are responsible for is properly managed, secure, and not sensitive to threat vectors in light of evolving compliance requirements? John Pocknell, senior solutions product marketing manager, Quest Software.

Benefits of Using Cloud with DevOps Services

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Thus, there is a shift from on-premises infrastructure to cloud for optimizing operational cost, build scalable solutions, improve disaster recovery & high availability, follow compliances, and more. Digital transformation is the catchword these days.

Portworx Backup: Tuneable Backups for Kubernetes Applications

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When it comes to backup and recovery, one size does not fit all. Specifically, 47% expect a recovery time objective (RTO) of under 24 hours, meaning the application should be down less than 24 hours. Portworx sponsored this post.

HyperGrid Named Visionary in Gartner MQ for Cloud Management Platforms


AWS Lambda with Proactive Cost Management and Compliance: Provides organizations with the ability to simplify monitoring of their Lambda (serverless) resources to continuously optimize allocation of various resources that impact ongoing cost and ensure ongoing compliance with security best practices.

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Handling real-time data operations in the enterprise

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Sometimes, there are compliance issues where there has to be a separation of concerns between the development and production data. The DataOps team will be making sure that data moves, preferably automatically, to disaster recovery or active active clusters.

One Sysadmin Can Change Everything


Even when they play the most crucial role in companies keeping IT infrastructure secure, fighting tech fires and preventing disasters to keep the business running smoothly and safely. Add in backup and disaster recovery, compliance management, and security, you get Kaseya IT Complete. .

Top 10 Most Read IT Management Blogs of 2019


Also in 2019, many IT companies continued to adopt cloud computing, increased AI capabilities, and took regulatory compliance requirements seriously. From remote control and patch management to compliance, backup and disaster recovery, this blog covers it all.

Lets Cloud. Smarter. (Huh, What?!) – A deeper look into HyperCloud 6.0


We also monitor the required metrics at a function level to ensure continuous compliance with AWS and organizational security best practices. Proactive Disaster Recovery. The publics clouds hold appeal for disaster recovery because of the ability to quickly spin up as much compute and storage as you need for Disaster Recovery (DR) efforts, greatly improving businesses’ ability to stabilize their environments and serve customers.

The Great Cloud Migration – The What?


Understanding the costs for each cloud service, and the overall cost for all application components, including scenarios for disaster recovery.

Why Unified IT Management Matters for Midsize Companies. Learn About the Benefits


Which means better control, better security, and better compliance. Increasing numbers of endpoints, regulatory compliance concerns and security requirements have only exacerbated the situation. It also enables automated deployment and management of antivirus and anti-malware agents, and scheduled backup and disaster recovery testing programs to reduce security risks and increase compliance.

Kubernetes, Data Portability, and the Rise of Portable Stateful Applications

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While the use of the above storage abstractions can deliver deployment portability for your stateful applications, data portability support is also required for improved resiliency, disaster recovery and even test/dev workflows. Niraj Tolia.

New Chef Features Focus on ‘Effortless Infrastructure’

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That subscription involves bundled services it calls the Enterprise Automation Stack, which includes its automation visibility tool Automate , app builder Habitat , security and compliance tool Inspec , infrastructure automation tool Infra and developer tool Workstation.

HIPPA and Ransomware in the Healthcare Sector: “Your PHI or your life”


Preventing ransomware is now more clearly expected for HIPPA compliance. Maintaining an overall contingency plan that includes disaster recovery, emergency operations, frequent data backups, and test restorations. Bob Gourley.

Introducing the 2019 Data Heroes – EMEA!


Tesco – Utilizing HDP and HDF to innovate, drive improvement, and increase efficiency for disaster recovery. Data Architect Nominees : Credit Agricole – Uses HDP to maintain compliance regulations and a consistent overview of data across different regions, systems, and infrastructures. The Data Heroes initiative is one of the ways that we recognize customers who achieve outstanding results with Cloudera technologies.

What’s an Application Developer's Responsibility for HIPAA?


But, what is PHI and how important is proving HIPAA compliance to an application developer? At the infrastructure level , compliance is very heavy on technology. Your organization needs to meet certain controls around encryption, backup and disaster recovery, OS hardening, and so on.

The Case for MirrorMaker 2

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Disaster Recovery. Legal and Compliance. Much like the isolation uses case, a policy driven replication is used to limit what data is accessible in a cluster to meet legal and compliance requirements. No Disaster Recovery Support.

Cisco and Hitachi Vantara: The Power of Two

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This is especially critical in the dynamic business environment that our customers are facing today – from compliance demands, resource limitations, and resource constraints.

Cloud Migration trends in 2019- Interview with Ben Silverman

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I predict that hybrid cloud will continue to be integrated into cloud adoption and private cloud adoption will grow as companies consider the public cloud impacts of data security, GDPR, high availability of COTS applications and disaster recovery.

Introducing Google Cloud Hands-On Labs by Linux Academy

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It’s rapid adoption and growth has made it an ideal platform for Disaster Recovery setups as well as primary cloud application hosting. There is no need to download “lab files” and deploy them in your own environment, which takes longer, costs more, is error-prone, and is a compliance nightmare. You have to manage security, compliance, cost, and what happens when a member leaves the organization?

Third Party Optimization Tools v. AWS Native Tools


On AWS for example, cost control and security/compliance management are the two major issues that come up when operating at scale. Monitor all 3 primitives (1x EC2 Policy, 1x EC2 Role, 1x Bucket Policy) to ensure compliance with security policy.

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Third Party Optimization Tools Over AWS Native Tools ?


On AWS for example, cost control and security/compliance management are the two major issues that come up when operating at scale. Monitor all 3 primitives (1x EC2 Policy, 1x EC2 Role, 1x Bucket Policy) to ensure compliance with security policy.

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Re-Examine Your Backup Strategy This World Backup Day


Then, there is the issue of compliance with the various data protection regulations which can cost companies not only money but their reputation as well. To “backup” this backup tip, let’s recollect the famous Toy Story 2 disaster story. With KUB, you can stay protected from ransomware 24/7/365, get intelligent alerts to ensure efficiency and automate backup testing for guaranteed recovery. World Backup Day was originally called World Backup Month.

One Sysadmin Can Change Everything


Even when they play the most crucial role in companies keeping IT infrastructure secure, fighting tech fires and preventing disasters to keep the business running smoothly and safely. Add in backup and disaster recovery, compliance management, and security, you get Kaseya IT Complete.

New Report Spotlights Misconfigurations as the biggest threat to Cloud Security


The top three security control challenges security operations centers (SOCs) are struggling with are visibility into infrastructure security (43%), compliance (38%), and setting consistent security policies across cloud and on-premises environments (35%).

Announcing the General Availability of Cloudera Streams Management

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If the primary Kafka cluster goes down, all eyes are on IT and DataOps teams to see if they have devised an appropriate DR (Disaster Recovery) plan to bring up an alternate cluster to keep the business functioning smoothly.

Continuous Monitoring – Part 2


Making sense” means a number of things here – understanding and remediating vulnerabilities, detecting and preventing threats, estimating risk to the business or mission, ensuring continuity of operations and disaster recovery, and enforcing compliance to policies and standards.

AWS New Services 2019 – What’s in Preview?


You can easily replicate RDS on VMware databases to RDS instances in AWS, enabling low-cost hybrid deployments for disaster recovery, read replica bursting, and optional long-term backup retention in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Security, Identity & Compliance. AWS Security Hub gives you a comprehensive view of your high-priority security alerts and compliance status across AWS accounts.

How Your Role Changes When DevOps Goes Cloud Native

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Every additional deployment doesn’t add to the ops cost, because the operators spend their time coding compliance, security, performance, and SLA metrics and making sure all infrastructure is available via automated self-service.”.

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7 Key Considerations for Kubernetes in Production

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Disaster recovery for the Kubernetes master(s). Developers can more easily collaborate on their applications, version code changes, ensure deployment and configuration consistency, ensure compliance and security, and roll back to a previous version, if needed. Vamsi Chemitiganti.

Cloud Storage Services for Cloud Native Applications

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Another service, the Storage Gateway, connects AWS storage services for purposes of backup/archiving, disaster recovery (DR), cloud data processing, storage tiering and migration. This article is part of a multipart series on cloud native storage.

Kaseya Enters Cybersecurity Unicorn Club Valued at $1.75 Billion


The year-on-year growth in cybersecurity investment can also be attributed to the increase in compliance requirements that are now standard parts of industry regulations where data protection has become highly crucial. . Cybersecurity challenges have been on the rise for the past few years.

Domains of Cybersecurity : A Brief Overview | Hacking into Cybersecurity

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This domain of cybersecurity focuses on restoring business operations after a catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster. This includes disaster recovery and business continuity plans and procedures. Domain 5: Compliance. As you can probably imagine, the compliance domain centers on making sure the organization has the appropriate security controls in place necessary to meet compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to the organization.

Improve Security for Your Student Data with PowerSchool?


With daily data backup and full disaster recovery, cloud-based hosting helps safeguard schools and districts against unplanned events. Unlimited number of automated or on-demand updates of application, database, compliance, SIF, operating system, and anti-virus releases. 21st-Century Threats Require 21st-Century Security. In 2017, 33.4 million education data records were lost or stolen—which proves how real 21st-century threats are to your students’ private data.

15 Books by leading software architects


The authors address cross-cutting concerns that link multiple functions, offering practical insights into compliance, performance, reliability, repeatability, and security.