Why Sports Builds Leadership

Lead on Purpose

Leaders also foster social change, and most of our cultural, social and economic progress is the result of leadership. However, there seems to be something of a consensus regarding the relationship between sports and leadership, at least as acknowledged by governments and industry. Not just any sport will do, however. Team participation is often cited as an important aspect in using sports to develop leadership skills. Guest post by Jordan Spindler.

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How the University of Evansville Uses Texting to Sell More Sporting Event Tickets


This small school in Indiana is doing big things when it comes to communicating with their sports fans. This small school in Indiana is doing big things when it comes to communicating with their sports fans. We offer 17 varsity sports, just football is not one of those.

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Nice Teams Don’t Win in Sports or Business

Women on Business

Of course, these concepts would need to be tweaked based on the experience of the team members, the organizational culture, and the mandates the team is expected to live up to. The post Nice Teams Don’t Win in Sports or Business appeared first on Women on Business. Conflict can be good. That’s according to an insightful email message that I received this week on behalf of Dr. Robyn Odegaard, CEO of Champion Performance Development , founder of the Stop The Drama!

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Do You Have a Royal Culture?

Nathan Magnuson

But people close to the team highlight an additional factor: the organizational culture carefully crafted by General Manager Dayton Moore upon joining the team back in 2006. You may not work in the front office of a professional sports team.

3 steps to creating a culture that retains your best employees

Strategy Driven

The key to overcoming all of the above issues is culture, because as Peter Drucker famously said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This simple fact, disheartening as it might seem, is exactly the information we need to change our company culture.

What is the difference between community managers and sports referees? #cmgr

Rapid BI

Business collaboration Management #cmgr community management community manager culture moderation referee About $200,000… Some of the readers of my blog know that I also moderate and manage a small number of communities. This week has culminated in me reluctantly removing some members from one group. This action, along with the run-up of events has caused me to reflect on the role, and how group members perceive […].

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The Alchemy of Culture: 4 Key Ingredients from the Founder of Qor

Steve Farber

And that’s a good thing to keep in mind if you want to help build an innovative culture. ” But this much we know: As president of Athleta , the women’s athletic wear company, Teno helped build an organization known for its collaborative, heart-led culture. (My

Digital Transformation Drives C-Suite Discord


In the sport of rowing, each crew member has to row in synchrony or the boat risks undesired turns and even potential tipping. Blogs DevOps Culture DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps Leadership Suite agile c-suite digital transformation IT department technology leaders

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Building a Business Culture That Works for Everyone: An Interview with Diane K. Adams


Chief executives of smaller companies and international and national organizations and leaders also regularly tap her expertise as coach, consultant, and/or lecturer to help them hone their positive cultures. How can organizations be more deliberate about their culture? Diane K.

10 Exceptional Strategies For Extraordinary Executives

N2Growth Blog

I want them to have experiences that will lead them to achieve their goals: increased sales, better performance, healthy growth, stronger culture and ultimately a better organization. In the world of sports, botched plays are typically a result of miscommunication.

When hackers target a conference code of conduct

The Parallax

READ MORE ON TRENDS IN HACKER CULTURE. ” And conference attendee William Gillis, an organizer at the antigovernment group Center for a Stateless Society , says he saw three men sporting confrontational messages “physically intimidating” conference attendees.

At Chaos, a chaotic response to assault allegations

The Parallax

As public allegations of sexual harassment and assault proliferate across tech and cybersecurity , politics , sports , academia , entertainment , and the media , many organizations are learning the hard way that they need to do more than establish a code of conduct.

Forget Win-Lose and Win-Win. How About Simply ‘Win’

Steve Farber

For one thing, sports are good, right? You should learn from losing, you should be a good sport, and it should be a growth opportunity. Audacity Business Change the World Coaching Culture Extreme Leadership Greater Than Yourself Leadership Development Professional Development

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Cloud Foundry’s CTO on What Partnerships Mean Today for Open Source

The New Stack

But it also equally applies to the end users, Because the whole reason why companies like American Airlines or Charles Schwab or Comcast or DICK’S Sporting Goods … are really focused on cloud native platforms,” Childers said. Culture Technology Podcast Sponsored The New Stack Makers

We’re Never Alone

Steve Farber

For 3 years, he drove his 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar single cylinder dual-sport motorcycle 63,000 miles over 5 continents and 35 countries. Part adventure story, part photo essay, part recipe book, and all gorgeous, Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection lives in a category by itself.

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Social Media for Better Leadership and Learning


Leadership in a connected world is a complex sport. Company Culture Leadership Leading Change Leading Organization Learning Sketchnotes #SocialNow learning Learning Leaders Learning Organization Social Leadership Social Media

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Put a Little Love In Your Business, and, According to This Study, You’ll Be Repaid With Loyalty and Productivity

Steve Farber

Do they have a favorite sports team that did well (or bombed) over the weekend that you could celebrate or commiserate with them during a couple of minutes on Monday morning? Business Culture Extreme Leadership INC Articles Leadership Leadership Development Professional Development

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Humanity vs. Clippy: Lessons from Microsoft’s Failed Virtual Assistant

The New Stack

The French Fencing Federation officially recognizes a new modern sport: lightsaber dueling. CultureClippy shimmered back into view last month, a forgotten ghost from the 1990s.

Silicon Genesis: Stanford’s Oral Histories of the Semiconductor Industry

The New Stack

Starting in 1995, Walker began working with the Silicon Valley Archives in the Stanford University Libraries to record oral histories — but he’d already become active in cultural preservation. The world’s first sport generated by an AI. Culture Feature

Why Do Contestants Keep Underbidding on ‘The Price Is Right’? A Behavioral Economist’s View

The New Stack

On his web page , Hartley describes himself as “an economics writer and researcher with interests in macroeconomics, finance, and sports analytics,” and with an MBA from Wharton and a B.A. Culture Data Feature

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Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Super Simple App For The Yard Sensor

The New Stack

That one sports eight relays. Culture Edge / IoT Programming Languages Off-The-Shelf Hacker The New Stack TutorialsWe’ve worked on the passive infrared (PIR) yard sensor for a while now, mostly on the hardware and software side.

Why Our Employees Asked Us To Stop Giving Away Cars

Strategy Driven

Easy-to-implement ideas to improve your corporate culture and drive employee engagement. If you haven’t determined your precise list of values, you can still implement the following ideas based on values you want your company to embrace in order to improve your corporate culture.

Work Performance and the Perils of Comparison

N2Growth Blog

Corporate Culture Human Capital Management ProductivityLet me take you back in time. You’re in 8th grade. You’ve signed up for your first guitar lesson and the teacher plays Led Zeppelin’s “ Stairway to Heaven.”

The BIG Secrets of Enthusiastic Emotional Engagement.

Strategy Driven

Relate Articles: The Four Cornerstones of a High Performance Culture, part 4. Corporate Cultures – Why Policies Don’t Match Actions. Corporate Cultures Management Personal Performance Improvement corporate cultures Engagement Jeffrey Gitomer motivation strategydriven

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Seven Traits of Elite Team Captains


Walker discovered that the most successful sports teams that ever existed all shared one single element: they all had a team captain that was the main driver behind this success. In my previous blog I presented the result of an interesting research study from Sam Walker.

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Networking: The Most Important Thing Women Should Do for Their Careers — But Aren’t

Battery Ventures

Begin identifying commonalities: sports, alma maters, passions, favorite vacation destinations, business interests, which are the things deeper connections are built on. Leadership and Culture— Nancy Ham, CEO of WebPT . Of all the lessons I learned early in my career, the ability to network strategically stands out as one of the most important — and one I continue to find value in and practice to this day.

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Nearshoring to Uruguay and Colombia: What are they like?


Two South American software outsourcing headquarters, two amazing cultures, thousands of questions. One of the perks of this experience is having the opportunity to learn more about other cultures. To add to this cultural diversity, I’m from yet another country, Brazil.

Will You Leave a Mrk?

Mills Scofield

On the other end of the spectrum, there are cases on the market that offer great protection, from your waterproof cases to your extreme sports enthusiast cases, but took away from the aesthetics of the iPhone. I love my iPhone case! Do you? How many cases have you gone through?

The Five Obsessions of Winning Teams

N2Growth Blog

A Culture of Leadership: Successful teams obsess over leadership. Those that win, create a culture of leadership where they perform better than their opponents at the point of decision and in the heat of the moment. Basketball is a sport where the most talented teams don’t always win but those that create a culture of leadership almost always do. By Brian Layer. Chief Executive Officer, N2Growth.

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ODE to Innovation

Mills Scofield

At other times our competence is simply the unintended consequence of doing what needs to be done…” We’ve been hiring for skills first and maybe culture and passion. Skills can be taught – enhancing a culture and bringing passion to work?

Someone = Us!

Mills Scofield

Let me highlight 3 companies, separated by 162 years: NBA Math Hoops : What do you do when you’re 19, in college, and have a burning passion to help underprivileged kids learn math using their passion for sports? When you see a need or issue, what do you do?

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Member of the Band – Kyle Maurer Senior Consultant in Services

Gorilla Logic

Kyle loves gaming and pretty much every sport. Blog Culture Social agile band of gorillas business intelligence Meet the Team member of the band Senior Consultant software consultantMuch like a pod of whales or a pack of wolves, did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band?

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What Does it Mean When We Talk About the “Future of Work”?

BrainStation Technology

The percent of people who were a good culture fit was a lot higher,” he said, adding that while sharing salary information might scare some people away, “it scares the right people away.”. These companies are tapping into a cultural shift, where younger employees are increasingly attracted by jobs – and forward-thinking companies – that have a purpose.

Leadership reading list

Dan Pupius

I’m loathe to use sports analogies, but I think this one’s worth it: Do you want to be more of a golf team or a basketball team? Culture Code. An Everyone Culture. A collection of essential books that meaningfully affected our team.

How Leaders Can Quickly Take A Team From Worst To First

Terry Starbucker

It’s September, and for sports fans that means the NFL season is starting, and the Major League Baseball pennant races are heating up as they head to the postseason.

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Getting Our Geek On—How Our Gorillas Leverage New Technology for Our Clients

Gorilla Logic

Our commitment to providing Gorillas with a rich training curriculum is deeply embedded in our culture,” notes Gorilla Logic Technology Manager Mariana Santamaria.

Announcements: Come Work at Inedo, the Most Non-WTF Company You Know

The Daily WTF

This means not only eschewing buzzword-driven development and hacking-till-it-works, but we really focus on making a smart work/life balance a big part of our culture. Some call our work/life culture a "Midwest thing", which makes sense because we're based in Cleveland, Ohio. We boast three professional sports teams (yes, the Browns are professionals), and have had appearances in both the NBA finals and MLB world series in the last year.

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