6 Defining Values of a Leadership Culture

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Twelve years after launching culture change consulting services, I am finally sitting down to write about six defining values of a leadership culture. No surprise that all six values rise and fall on leadership. The client would outwardly applaud the mountain-sized strategic planning document full of analysis, logic, and recommendations. Here are six leadership values that impact culture: Leadership Cares. Leadership Alignment. Leadership Listens.

How Communities of Practice and Leadership Build Your Workforce Leadership Skills


Communities of Practice and Leadership. Now the question is, how does CoP help in developing leadership skills among your employees? Is it possible to integrate leadership training in a CoP even if the centre of conversation of its members is all about their respective domains?

Social Media for Better Leadership and Learning


Leadership in a connected world is a complex sport. When the complexity around us increases, we need more connected leadership that is constantly making sense of evolving patterns, thinking and mindset. 12 Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future.

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Management Observation Program Best Practice 12 – Documented Management Observation Program

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Documenting the business performance assessment process provides the framework necessary to achieve this level of focused execution consistency. The post Management Observation Program Best Practice 12 – Documented Management Observation Program appeared first on StrategyDriven.

Leadership vs. Management


I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately. This first edition comes from my observations about different styles of both leadership and management that I’ve experienced over the last 15 years of my career in software development. Styles of Leadership.

Leadership & The Expectation Gap

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When it comes to leadership, I can share the issue of expectations is no small matter. Let me make this as simple as I can; managing expectations is gamesmanship – aligning them is leadership. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

Leadership and Knowledge Management

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Develop a mantra of “document, document and when in doubt, document&# and make this as painless as possible. Leadership Operations & Strategy Talent Management KM knowledge Knowledge Management Leadership and knowledge management Mike Myatt N2growth

What Does Your Email Reveal About Your Leadership Style?

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“I don’t know that there’s necessarily a correlation between leadership style and their email writing. My mission: To describe their leadership style and general attitudes about their work as reflected in their emails. 4 Ways Your Leadership Style Is on Display in Your Email.

Leadership – What’s Love Got To Do With it?

Terry Starbucker

These posts go to the core of my principles of More Human leadership, as well as take a peek into my heart and soul. That’s been the nature of this blog – documenting a personal journey that has revealed itself little by little, and week after week. Leadership

Enterprise Change is Leadership Change

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ERP, CRM, document management and other key systems started life as COTS products but have been configured beyond recognition to a point where they can't be upgraded, and they're so ancient they've been disavowed by their vendors. To change an enterprise requires a change in leadership, not process. Cultural change is a leadership problem, not a process problem. Leadership is not asking one group of people to make good on another's bad choices.

Decision-Making Best Practice 13 – Document the Decision-Making Process

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Decision-Making Premium business decision making business leadership business management decision making process decision management strategydrivenEvery decision made represents a risk to the organization; some large, others small; some immediate, others latent; some positive, others adverse.

A Leadership Manifesto: 10 Keys To Living Courageously

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In other words, a document that an organization or person writes that declares what they value. As you read through the following leadership manifesto, I encourage you to think about the things you value and write down your own personal manifesto. Leadership Manifesto. Uncategorized 10 Keys Courageously Leadership Living Manifesto By Grant Wattie. President, N2Growth Australia. You will never do anything in this world without courage.

Corporate Cultures – Individual Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment

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The following characteristics, benefits, risks, and risk mitigators are representative of the Individual Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment. You just finished reading Corporate Cultures - Individual Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment ! Corporate Cultures Premium business leadership business management corporate culture how work gets done strategydriven

Corporate Cultures – Supervisor Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment

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The Supervisor Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment represents move toward standardized, centralized control. Subsequently, organizations where work activities are supervisor initiated and controlled by documented processes tend to exhibit a very limited degree of creativity and flexibility. The following characteristics, benefits, risks, and risk mitigators are representative of the Supervisor Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment.

Three Leadership Lessons from La La Land’s Jordan Horowitz

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It was an awkward, bizarre and, ultimately, inspiring moment that was handled with as much grace as possible because of the leadership exhibited by Jordan Horowitz. If you replaced the word “producer” with “leader”, you’d have a pretty good working definition of leadership. Document the Truth : And, for good measure, he made sure that the true results were documented. That’s leadership presence in action. Leadership lalaland leadership Oscars

Corporate Cultures – Leader Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment

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The Leader Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment is one of two anchor points on the Culture-based Work Performance Model. The following characteristics, benefits, risks, and risk mitigators are representative of the Leader Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment. You just finished reading Corporate Cultures - Leader Initiated, Documented Processes Controlled Environment !

Leadership Lessons

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As I pondered what to share, I decided to share the leadership lessons I have learned along the way. In Leadership-people will do amazing things for people they like. Back then, we used to pull copies of our documents off of microfilm and manually print each image out. Kevin was funny and engaging, but had a habit of forgetting to document information on his files. Jenna Grafton has been in a leadership role for 20+ years. Guest Posts Leadership Lessons

Accountability & Metrics: My Journey To The Heart Of Great Leadership (Part 2)

Terry Starbucker

This is Part 2 of my journey (in three parts in 3 weeks) to what I consider to be the heart of great More Human leadership – the success trifecta: A successful company, A happy team, And a fulfilled YOU. They must be thought through, and documented. Leadership

Getting to Know You – The Key to Successful Leadership

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

Good leadership looks like a flock of birds. That doesn’t mean everyone on the team has to dress in feathers, rather it means leadership is dynamic, shifting, and also tight knit. In this episode of Programming Leadership, Marcus talks about what it takes to be a good leader and provides real solutions on how to build trust and gain feedback from your team. Followership is not inferior to leadership. Marcus: Welcome to the Programming Leadership Podcast.

StrategyDriven Leadership Conversation Episode 7 – Sixteen Sources of Leadership

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StrategyDriven Leadership Conversations focus on the values and behaviors characteristic of highly effective leaders. Episode 7 – Sixteen Sources of Leadership examines the sixteen leadership practices and how these help individuals at all levels become more effective leaders.

6 Things George Washington And The American Revolution Taught Us About Leadership

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But in the end it was the superior strength of Washington’s leadership and character (as well as two other generals playing prominent roles, Nathanael Greene and Henry Knox) that was the deciding difference in this very true and very inspiring story. Leadership

Should You Have Separate Document, Time-Series, NoSQL and SQL Databases or Can a Single Database Support All of These Data Types and Requirements?


As most manual processes utilizing paper moved to digital records management, content management systems emerged as a means to manage all the unstructured documents from knowledge workers or which the expanded functionality within ERP and personal computing systems autogenerated. These systems contain semi-structured and unstructured document data stored in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formats.

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Leadership Tactics: New Meaning of FEMA

Women on Business

The title of my almost finished book about women and leadership keeps changing, while I continue to search for essential concepts about partnering with our male colleagues in new and highly productive ways. Here is my initial thought about women, oxytocin and leadership.

Change Leadership: Overcoming Change Fatigue and Organizational Burnout

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Conducting AARs creates the space and the forum to reflect, document, share and learn. You just finished reading Change Leadership: Overcoming Change Fatigue and Organizational Burnout ! Change Management business leadership business management Ellen R.

Why You Need To Add More Seats To Your Leadership Table

Terry Starbucker

LeadershipRecently a few good friends of mine have changed jobs, for reasons that were quite similar.

Three Things Every Leadership Offsite Needs - Next Level Blog

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In twenty plus years of management work and leadership coaching, I’ve been in the room for a few really great offsites and a lot of really awful ones. What do you think are the critical factors in conducting an effective leadership offsite?

Key Leadership Strategies to Identify, Manage, and Prevent Office Idiocy

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Importantly, an organization’s leadership plays a critical role not only in terms of identifying office idiocy, but also from the standpoint of taking corrective and preventive action. You just finished reading Key Leadership Strategies to Identify, Manage, and Prevent Office Idiocy !

Executive Order Underscores Need For Leadership Accountability In Reducing Digital Risk


It also makes it clear that government leadership is accountable for cyber security. Cybersecurity has always been a leadership issue, but something about human nature has made it incredibly hard for many leaders to get that. Bob Gourley.

Lessons That CIOs Can Learn From The Energy Business (a chief information officer needs an IT strategy to create IT alignment)

The Accidental Successful CIO

They believe that what needs to be done is that the IT department needs to develop a way to help the company do a better job of documenting its knowledge and once documented, find a way to store it in some electronic format. Just documenting what needs to be stored is not enough.

A Simple Lesson from the Declaration of Independence

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While the Continental Army had been at war for a year and relations with the crown were tenuous, the signing of that document signified a clean break, a moral purpose, and each leader’s commitment to the cause. This example teaches a special lesson in leadership.

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The Top 100 Java Libraries in 2018 – Based on 277,975 Source Files


Unfortunately, the documentation was in Chinese, so we can’t be sure as to what the exact purpose of this library is ¯_(?)_/¯. Java Thought LeadershipWhat are the most popular libraries Java developers use? 2018 edition.

5 Ideas To Ensure That Lessons are 'Really' Learned


You then document these lessons in a nice looking template and share it with all stakeholders before getting onto the next project. Lessons-Learned ” often end up being “ Lessons-Documented-In-Last-Project-That-Are-Going-To-Show-Up-Again ”.

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The Value of Value Chain Analysis in Transforming Your Business

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To close, once the value chains are defined for a business, each core business activity should be thoroughly documented. Once fully documented, the value chain represents the transformation team’s recommended work environment.

On Leadership, Opening Up and Being Prepared


Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer On Leadership, Opening Up and Being Prepared Leaders cannot afford to be confined. Being in a leadership position is more than being a box in the organization structure, or having a fancy title. Modern day leadership demands us to open up, engage in new ideas, new ways of doing things and experimenting with them. Writing a blog is a great way to document your lessons. Deciding and Acting: Leadership is all about results.

Native Java Debugging on Alpine Linux: GDB, OpenJDK and the Mysterious Unknown Signal


These signals and their functions in the JVM are described in the following Oracle Java documentation page. Developers Operations Other Thought Leadership Uncategorized

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3 Reasons Why Version Control is a Must for Every DevOps Team


By saving each version as a new “final” version, rather than overwriting the previous final version, you can not only distinguish between different versions of the same document, but ensure that previous versions aren’t lost forever. Industry Trends Thought Leadership

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My Alpine Desktop – Setting Up a Software Development Environment on Alpine Linux


Alpine comes with excellent documentation, but on the other hand, there are much less troubleshooting resources and discussions (think StackOverflow), so you may end up having to diagnose and solve problems on your own. Industry Trends Thought Leadership

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