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What Are Microservices And How To Best Leverage Them


What Are Microservices And How To Best Leverage Them. The tech industry is a landscape of constant progress, adaptation, and change to fit an evolving market.

DevOps at scale: How to build your software factory


If you want to succeed at enterprise DevOps, take a software factory approach to software development. Many enterprises that want to scale DevOps struggle because, unlike Spotify's or Facebook's, their systems weren't designed from the ground up for it.

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AI Ethics: Building Trust by Following Ethical Practices


As machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it seems like everyone wants to get in on the action. And who can blame them? AI promises improved accuracy, speed, scalability, personalization, consistency, and clarity in every area of business.

Scrum Has a Messaging Problem

You Are not Doing Scrum. You are not doing Scrum." How many times have you heard that? Scrum Police are a legion. If you are not doing , you are not doing Scrum.


From Build to Buy: The Path to Better Analytics for Your Application

Speaker: Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Logi Analytics

Making the transition from building your analytics in-house to investing in a third-party embedded solution can be complicated.Watch this webinar with Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Logi Analytics, for tips on making the transition as smooth as possible, and getting on the right path to better analytics for your app!

The Next AI in Government Events is 25 July 2019 at George Washington University


Join the next AI in Government event Thursday, July 25, 2019 from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM at GWU. Note it’s in the morning this month! Our speaker is Adam Murray from the U.S. Department of State in the Office of International Communications and Information Policy.

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Using Automation to Control Cloud Costs

By building in cost control automation from the very beginning, you can keep your cloud costs low while encouraging innovation. Infrastructure automation has become vital for every modern sys admin and operations team.

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eCh0raix — New Ransomware Targets QNAP NAS Devices


A new ransomware family has been found targeting Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices made by Taiwan-based QNAP Systems and holding users’ data hostage until a ransom is paid.

HashiCorp Tools Bridge DevOps, Legacy IT Environments

At its HashiConf EU 2019 conference this week, HashiCorp extended the reach of its Terraform Enterprise tools for automating the management of IT infrastructure beyond the realm of DevOps into legacy IT environments.

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Good Governance: Do Boards Need Cyber Security Experts?


In Forbes: In today’s digital world, with near-instantaneous conveyance of information and data, cyber-events could (and routinely do) rapidly impact brand and shareholder value. While opinions differ on the need for cybersecurity experts on certain boards, there is a general consensus among management, boards, and investors alike that this need is growing. Given this trend, […].

Data Analytics in the Cloud for Developers and Founders

Speaker: Javier Ramírez, Senior AWS Developer Advocate, AWS

You have lots of data, and you are probably thinking of using the cloud to analyze it. But how will you move data into the cloud? In which format? How will you validate and prepare the data? What about streaming data? Can data scientists discover and use the data? Can business people create reports via drag and drop? Can operations monitor what’s going on? Will the data lake scale when you have twice as much data? Is your data secure? In this session, we address common pitfalls of building data lakes and show how AWS can help you manage data and analytics more efficiently.

Enhancements and Improvements and Bug Fixes, Oh My! – FlexDeploy


Continuous Improvements In the spirit of “continuous”, Flexagon has released a bunch of enhancements, usability improvements, and bug fixes over the past two month. FlexDeploy is our DevOps platform for CI/CD and release automation which automates and orchestrates the entire build, deploy, and release lifecycle. FlexDeploy is an open and extensible platform with lots of plugins for commercial and open source. Read more. The post Enhancements and Improvements and Bug Fixes, Oh My!

Five Ways CEOs Can Take A More Personal Approach To Cybersecurity


Read why Don Scales says that CEOs need to take a more personal approach to cybersecurity on Forbes : Cyber threats are one of the top concerns facing CEOs in 2019. But not enough CEOs are acting on those concerns. They’re relying on their IT departments to handle security, as they should, but CEOs need […].


Narratives to Drive Exponential Learning

Edge Perspectives

In our Big Shift world, the imperative of scalable learning is becoming increasingly urgent. If we’re smart about it, we have the potential to unleash the potential of exponential learning.

Medicare Fraud Detection Tutorial


Insurance fraud is a major issue that drives up healthcare costs for insurers, providers, taxpayers, and patients. The risk of unnecessary or nonexistent medical services due to misrepresentations by patients or providers is a costly one; in the U.S.

How to Choose the Best Embedded Analytics Solution to Modernize Your Application

If you are looking to modernize your application to improve competitiveness, then one of the quickest wins you can have is to embed sophisticated analytics that will wow your existing and prospective customers.

Our Commitment to Open Source Software


Open source has been core to the missions of both Hortonworks and Cloudera and central to our values and culture. With more than 700 engineers in the new Cloudera, our company writes a prodigious amount of open source code each year that’s contributed to more than 30 different open source projects. We’re also a very innovative open source company, having collectively launched more than a dozen new open source projects since the founding of the two companies. .

Android Agent Smith mobile malware hits millions of devices


Mobile malware dubbed Agent Smith has infected about 25 million devices, mainly in India and other Asian countries, but other countries have also been affected, including the UK and US, according to security researchers at Check Point Software Technologies. Disguised as a Google-related application, the malware exploits known Android vulnerabilities and automatically replaces installed apps […].

The Continuous Delivery Foundation Gets a Reality Check

The New Stack

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation sponsored this podcast.

Another GDPR Fine: Marriott fined $123m for 2018 data breach that hit 339m customers


Hot on the heels of British Airways, international hotel group Marriott is set to face the wrath of the UK‘s data privacy regulator. The country’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said it plans to fine the US-based chain £99 million ($123 million) under EU GDPR laws for a data breach that exposed personal details of over 339 […]. Cyber Security News The Boardroom

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Hashicorp’s Consul Adds Layer 7 to Become a Full-Fledged Service Mesh

The New Stack

Hashicorp , the company behind multicloud infrastructure automation software such as Terraform, Vault, Nomad and Consul, is working to meet the expectations set by other service meshes and expand those same expectations at the same time.

Japenese Translation Service Can Help You Break into New Markets in Japan

Women on Business

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The Box Way to Microservices: Kubernetes, DevOps, GitOps and the Desired State

The New Stack

Cloud storage service Box is one of the older legends of startups that have made it. Now a publicly-traded company, Box is an organization that once had its own antiquated infrastructure and processes that hampered all attempts to build out a microservices architecture.

Deploying A New Surveillance System?

Dell EMC

Deploying a new surveillance system? Test for the “what-ifs” of system-wide integration. Accelerate time to deployment, minimize risks, and overcome complexities of surveillance system integration with the most comprehensive lab validation services in the industry.

Nine Developer Enablement Practices to Achieve DevOps at Enterprise Scale

In this eBook, Christian Oestreich, a senior software engineering leader with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, shares how a metrics-driven mindset can dramatically improve software quality and enable DevOps at enterprise scale.

Simplify Storage for Kubernetes with Rook and Ceph

The New Stack

Sagar Nangare. Sagar Nangare is technology blogger, focusing on data center technologies (Networking, Telecom, Cloud, Storage) and emerging domains like Edge Computing, IoT, Machine Learning, AI). He is currently serving Calsoft Inc. as Digital Strategist. He is based in Pune.

Plant Power – A Look at Beyond Meat and Its Competitors


One of the most notable developments of recent years has been the boom in veganism. The Beyond Meat Company’s IPO in May 2019 captured this zeitgeist and is one of the stand-out financial events of the year. Can the company live up to the hype and satisfy its investors

The Linux Foundation Breathes New Life into Osquery

Facebook’s useful but neglected DevOps tool Osquery has gotten a new lease on life, thanks to The Linux Foundation. Anyone who has been tasked with monitoring the security of server instances in a data center or cloud knows how laborious and time-consuming it can be.

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Six Ways To Prepare Your Team For A Digital Transformation


The digital age has been here for quite some time now and will only continue to grow and become more advanced, so making sure your team is ready for a digital change is key. Today’s post is by Maureen Metcalf, a thoughtLEADERS principle.

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Homegrown Analytics

If you built your analytics in house, chances are your basic features are no longer enough for your end users. Is it time to move on to a more robust analytics solution with more advanced capabilities? Follow this free guide for tips on making the build to buy transition.