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DevSecOps Implementation Process and Road Map – Security at Every Step

DevSecOps is changing our perspective toward security and is equipping us to deal with its challenges in an intelligible manner. The systematic approach of DevSecOps helps us add value to our business processes while ensuring security.

How Robots are Replacing Reporters

The New Stack

As AI advances, there’s one question that haunts our society: Are we building the technologies that will one day replace us? We may already have passed one crucial milestone: when automated systems start performing those creative jobs which had previously been reserved for white-collar workers.

Speedy Delivery

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Leadership and Trust: 3 Elements


I see many business leaders who excessively focus of creating a grand vision, have a compelling strategy, run great communication programs and have innovative ideas but still fail to engage people and get desired results. That’s because they don’t focus enough on the foundation of leadership – building trust. In absence of trust, results don’t happen. In absence of results, people trust the leader even less. And it becomes a downward spiral.

Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

Innovation is both a process and an outcome. The place to begin innovating your products and services is by first bringing innovation to your internal process. We'll explore the innovation process including the challenges, solutions, and hands-on techniques for becoming a successful "agent of change" within a well-established product culture. We'll examine the importance of UX and user-centric feature analysis, the adaptation of Agile Methodologies to the creative process as well as a way to drive successful culture change for setting expectations and winning approvals with cross-functional stakeholders. Innovation and Leadership go hand in hand. Join Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies, as we assess some case studies and see how to lead with a clear strategy, well-defined tactics, and an unbiased 360 understanding of perhaps the most fundamental question of all; "why are you innovating?"

OODA LLC: Helping clients identify, manage, and respond to global risks and uncertainties


CTOvision is now part of OODA LLC. If you have a background in cybersecurity or the military or are a student of decision theory you can probably tell our company name is meant to honor one of the greatest warrior thinkers of the modern age, Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Boyd was an Air Force […]. Company Managed Services, Outsourced Security Services Companies

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Are the U.S. and China Still Destined for War?

The Cipher Brief

A lot has happened since China expert and Harvard Professor Graham Allison’s best-selling book on China, Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides Trap was published in 2017. Thucydides was a Greek historian who chronicled close to three decades of war between Athens and Sparta and documented patterns of behavior between ruling and rising powers.

How to Install Joomla 3 on Web Hosting – A Complete Guide

The Crazy Programmer

Joomla is among the most popular free Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. It helps in creating and managing dynamic websites with its intuitive management interface. In short, it is a collection of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) scripts.

PHP 30

Learning New Framework for Programmers

I'm Programmer

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