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Survey Finds CI/CD Adoption Has Long Way to Go

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Self-serve data platform

Martin Fowler

One of the main concerns of distributing the ownership of data to the domains is the duplicated effort and skills required to operate the data pipelines technology stack and infrastructure in each domain.

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One Skill to Build Trust

In this post I'd like to discuss "Empathy - why it is important in teams and what you can do if you struggle with it". First, we all know what the role of the Scrum Master is, right? The role of the Scrum Master is to "ensure that everyone understands and enacts Scrum". Scrum Guide November 2017.


Security: Are You Doing DevOps Right?

Phil Kernick, co-founder and CTO of cybersecurity specialist CQR Consulting, has no fundamental problem with DevOps, but asks, from a security perspective, “How many people do it right?”

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Organizing for Customer Centricity

Speaker: Tatyana Mamut, Head of Product, Nextdoor

Most companies today say they are “customer centric.” Yet many still make decisions primarily based on competitor threats, technical architecture, or executive opinions. So what sets apart those that talk the talk, and those that walk the walk? Join Nextdoor's Head of Product Tatyana Mamut, PhD as she outlines the 7 habits of truly customer-centric companies.

Invitation for Scrum Day India 2019

The 2019 edition of Scrum Day India is happening on Saturday 20 July 2019, in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR). Sanjay Saini, owner of Agile WOW ("Agile Ways of Working"), kindly invited me, as an independent Scrum Caretaker, to open and close the event.


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Open Innovation Labs: How Lockheed Brought Better Security to Fighter Jets

How Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs have helped accelerate Lockheed’s software development for the F-22 Raptor As the key government contractor charged with helping the U.S.

Reducing UI Bugs with Automated Visual Testing

Gorilla Logic

Current software development emphasizes the delivery of value and quality to customers as quickly as possible. However, in order to accomplish this, quality must be ensured on many levels.

AWS Lambda Pricing: Low, But Unpredictable


Today’s entry into our exploration of public cloud prices focuses on AWS Lambda pricing. Low costs are often cited as a benefit of using serverless.

How One IT Professional Supports a Faith-Based Nonprofit in the Pacific Northwest


A variety of factors can impact a nonprofit's ability to optimize its IT setup. However, as the world hurtles ever more rapidly into a cloud-first, tech-centric reality, it's more important than ever to make IT needs a central part of a nonprofit's planning strategy — not an afterthought.

Contact Center Cloud Migration Done Right

Speaker: Sheila McGee-Smith, Founder and Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics

Many companies are in the midst of migrating their contact center to the cloud. Understanding how best to execute the transition of premises to cloud is part of that process. Join contact center industry analyst and No Jitter blogger Sheila McGee-Smith as she discussed tried and true best practices for avoiding the potential pitfalls of CX migration.

3 Things that Will Make You the Top Franchise in Your Brand

Women on Business

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How to Prevent Training From Wasting Time and Money

Let's Grow Leaders

A Manager’s Guide to Reinforcing Training When People Get Back to Work Your employees go to training. Hopefully, they come back fired up and excited about what they’ve learned and what they can do with it. Two weeks later though, they’re back […].

GitLab Deploys the Crossplane Control Plane to Offer Multicloud Deployments

The New Stack

Code repository GitLab is using the Crossplane universal control plane to provide its users with a way to easily deploy their application code across multiple clouds.

How MSPs Can Succeed in the Cloud Security Market


If you own or work for an MSP, you’ll likely understand the struggles of developing the perfect solution for your clients. Besides all the difficulties that go along with pricing your services, deciding which services will sell well and should be bundled together can be a real challenge.

Walk a Mile in Your Customer's Shoes

Speaker: Steven Haines, Founder and CEO, Sequent Learning Networks

Product professionals use phrases like "voice of the customer," and "user experience" so often that it can be easy to lose sight of their actual meanings. How can we, as product professionals, learn to keep customers and users at the heart of our work? Join Steven Haines, globally recognized thought leader and author, as he guides us through a memorable journey demonstrating how you can walk a mile in their customer's shoes. He'll explore how, by developing true empathy for your users, you can ensure you're creating the features and products they actually want.

WordPress Co-Founder Mike Little on the Importance of Open Source

The New Stack

At the end of 2002, b2/cafelog, or simply B2, an open source web news and blogging tool, which generated pages dynamically from the contents of its MySQL database, was abandoned by its creator.

Four short links: 20 May 2019

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Account Hygiene, Conversational AI Playbook, Unix Time Falsehoods, and Testing/Debugging Machine Learning. Basic Account Hygiene to Prevent Hijacking (Google) -- SMS 2FA blocked 100% of automated bots, 96% of bulk phishing attacks, and 76% of targeted attacks.

Applitools: AI to Make Visual Testing Smarter

The New Stack

A new phone in a new size might delight consumers, but it’s a headache for organizations trying to standardize the look of their applications across devices.

AI-Backed Image Background Removal (Sponsored)

David Walsh

I’ve worked on dozens of eCommerce sites in my career and many of them were hamstrung by the same pain points: tax collection, payment customization, and image optimization.

How To Take Action on Customer Discovery

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

We all want to build successful products - and that means satisfied customers. Before anything else, you must understand what problems you can solve. The best way to do that is to get out of the building and start asking questions. But how can you make the most of those conversations, and ensure that you walk away with productive insights? Join Nick Noreña, educator, entrepreneur, and currently Innovation Coach and Advisor at Kromatic, as he covers how we can effectively action our findings from customer discovery conversations.

CRN Recognizes 22 Dell Technologies Leaders as 2019 Women of the Channel

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

In the Global Partner Summit general session during Dell Technologies World 2019, Joyce Mullen, President, Dell EMC Global Channel, OEM & IoT, spoke of the joint success Dell Technologies and our partners have achieved together. “… Nothing is holding us back, and nothing is holding us down.

IoT 98

Once Again, Symantec Recognized as a Leader in Email Security


Symantec Named a Leader in Email Security by Third-Party Evaluators


Kubernetes and CircleCI orbs: develop your project, not your deployment pipeline


While the rise of microservices architectures and containers has sped up development cycles for many, managing them in production has created a new level of complexity as teams are required to think about managing the load balancing and distribution of these services.

Azure 95

How to Manage 6 Challenging Personality Types in Meetings – Part 4: The Multitasker

Modus Create

Welcome back to our series about how to facilitate meetings with people who have challenging personalities. In this part of the series, we’re talking about multitaskers. Have you ever been talking in a meeting, only to realize that no one is actually listening to what you’re saying? I don’t believe you. In today’s fast moving world of digital transformation, distractions abound. You’re incredibly busy, just like everyone else on your team.

Make an Impact with Analytics and Journey Maps

Speaker: Kirui K. K., Co-founder and CEO of Tanasuk Africa

If you want to offer a better user experience, it can be tempting to track each and every data point in your product. However, this can quickly get complicated and overwhelming as you collect more and more data. How do you know which metrics will help you improve? Kirui K. K., Co-founder & CEO Tanasuk Africa, wants you to know that analytics don't have to be complicated to make an impact - no matter the size of your company. Join him as he explains how to create a customer journey map, then use that map to figure out the metrics you need to know - and how to use them.

DXC employee volunteers construct IT School in Colombia


The indigenous Wayuu children in the remote La Guajira region of northern Colombia now have a bright yellow, two-classroom, IT school — thanks to DXC Technology and hardworking employee volunteers in the North and Central Europe (NCE) region. The school — a first for DXC — was inaugurated February 22 as the successful finale of […]. Career Corporate Responsibility Leadership and Success DXC Cares

Siemplify Closes $30M in Series C Financing

Building IoT Applications with Containers

Aqua Security

Docker and Arm Announcement. At DockerCon earlier this month, Docker and Arm announced a joint venture in which new Docker-based solutions will be available to the Arm ecosystem.

IoT 58

pymetasploit3 – Metasploit Automation Library


Have a checklist of tasks you perform every penetration test, such as SSH bruteforcing or port mapping? Automate it with Python and Metasploit! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a working, full-featured Python library for making these tasks easy for many years now. This changes today

Your Post-Launch Toolkit for Understanding Your Users

Speaker: Brittney Gwynn, former Director of Product, Simple Health

If you've ever launched an MVP, you know that the journey has only just begun. How do you figure out what to do next? You know that you need to look at how different user segments react, but how do you quickly distinguish signal from noise so you can iterate and improve? Join Brittney Gwynn, former Director of Product at Simple Health, as she explains how you can use early customer feedback, usage data, and continuous experimentation to optimize your journey to product-market fit. Whether you're at a brand-new company, or looking to innovate within a more mature organization, or anywhere in between, you'll come away with a new skill set, ready to make the most of your launches.