Wed.May 12, 2021

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

The Crazy Programmer

Companies everywhere are handling more data than ever and all these terabytes of data need to be stored somewhere. Should you store the data in a database, a data warehouse, or a data lake? How do you know what is best for your company?

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The Intersection of Change Management and Design Thinking

Change Starts Here

I’ve recently partnered with DesignThinkers Group, USA to explore how the disciplines of Design Thinking and Change Management can expand the impact of both. This Venn diagram highlights some of the similarities and differences between Design Thinking and Change Management.


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Using Attack, Detect and Respond Tools To Mature Cybersecurity


Security can be enhanced and major risks mitigated by realistic threat emulation. This is needed now more than ever. Professionals in the security community except it as a given that we should all raise defenses, but prepare for breach.

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(Part 2) Essential Questions To Ask When Interviewing Developers In 2021

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

The first part of this blog stresses the importance of asking the right technical interview questions to assess a candidate’s coding skills. But that alone is not enough. If you want to hire the crème de la crème of the developer talent out there, you have to look for a well-rounded candidate. .

A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform

Training companies have an opportunity to embrace the change and create meaningful change in their organizations by moving online. Discover the advantages of a digital-first approach, using an eLearning platform.

Dogecoin to Mars? Palantir Co-Founder Joe Lonsdale Thinks So


There’s a good chance Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) is going to be around for a while, Palantir Technologies Inc (NYSE:PLTR) co-founder Joe Lonsdale said Thursday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

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Hack the Capitol: Doing more for infrastructure security than any other activity out there


Hack the Capitol is the yearly stand-alone event from ICS Village, a touring industrial security education group most often seen bringing hands-on control systems demonstrations to security conferences. The annual event returns on Tuesday for a virtual presentation, including keynotes from Reps.

When will an employer need to consider settlement agreements?

General Leadership

Bonus Method of Accounting: The assets used to pay off the exiting partner are valued at their fair value. Any differences between their fair value and their book value are shared among the remaining partners in the new profit and loss sharing ratio.

Can IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna make the elephant dance again


Critics of IBM say the American tech icon went the hybrid cloud way because it lost the fight to become a public cloud hyper-scaler to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Hybrid clouds are a combination of privately-owned computer servers and networks and machines and services rented off the internet.

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Solving Bottlenecks With SQL Indexes and Partitions


Indexes and partitioning can help with SQL performance, but they're not cure-alls. Through everyday examples of date range and LIKE queries, find out how to "think like an RDBMS" to make yours run faster

Insiders' Guide to Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics are vital for how your users interact and engage with your application. As you explore analytics solutions for your application, see why self-service analytics can prove critical to the adoption and stickiness of your application.

Decentralized trading platform integrates Chainlink to deliver real-time prices on Polygon


A DeFi platform says its decentralized approach to leveraged trading offers crucial advantages over centralized rivals.

The Role of APIs In Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is increasingly propelled by rapidly changing user expectations. Release frequency is increasing, as is the need to connect a growing number of applications and digital experiences.

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Aerospike Turbocharges Spark ML Training with Pushdown Processing


Read Alex Woodie explain how Aerospike is pushing Spark machine learning training with pushdown processing on Datanami : Companies that need to access a lot of data in a hurry, such as retraining a machine learning model in Spark, have traditionally had to move that data from the edge to a central repository, such as […]. News Aerospike

Announcing the 2021 Data Impact Awards


2020 saw us hosting our first ever fully digital Data Impact Awards ceremony, and it certainly was one of the highlights of our year. We saw a record number of entries and incredible examples of how customers were using Cloudera’s platform and services to unlock the power of data.

The History of the Word "Hacker"

According to one of the best English etymological dictionaries available, the word "hacker", with the sense of evil/good and brilliant computer programmer, was born in the halls of MIT. This fact alone reminds us that culture and words begin in actual places. At that time, to hack code, or hack out code, had a negative connotation. Where did this come from? Read this eBook to learn how the word "hacker" has evolved.

Converging Technologies Driving Billion-scale Elasticsearch


Read Mark Wright explains how converging technologies are driving up usage of Elasticsearch on EE Times. Digital convergence is happening all around us as technologies that were originally unrelated come together in exciting new ways.

State of play: APIs, integration and microservices

Beyond B2B

A connected enterprise is now essential to win in the market; you must have fast and efficient integration between different systems, applications, departments and individuals

Our Generation’s Thomas Edison: Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin becomes the world’s youngest crypto billionaire


The price of Ether surged past $3,000 on May 4 making its creator, Vitalik Buterin, the world’s youngest crypto billionaire at the age of 27.


The Path to Zero Trust: Is it Time to Rethink What We're Calling a Vulnerability?


Reconsidering how we define "vulnerability" is more than a thought exercise. It could represent a sea change in how organizations manage risk.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.

JSX – JavaScript XML


JSX stands for JavaScript Extension or JavaScript XML. JSX stands for JavaScript Extension or JavaScript XML. JSX is the HTML-like syntax that is used by React components to render in the browser.


How data integration helps you thrive in a hybrid world

Beyond B2B

How do you get a complete view of data across all your platforms? Integration & APIs

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Detecting Malicious Activity in CI/CD Pipeline with Tracee

Aqua Security

With the growing popularity of CI platforms to build software, bad actors are increasingly looking to exploit these environments to target organizations. In our post about the recent Codecov breach, we explored how an attacker was able to get access to credentials from within the CI/CD pipeline.

Computer Vision in Healthcare: Creating an AI Diagnostic Tool for Medical Image Analysis


Our lungs are the only body organs that constantly interact with the external environment, through the air we breathe. This exposure makes the respiratory system extremely susceptible to a wide range of diseases, from long-familiar asthma to novel COVID-19.

Cloud-Scale Monitoring With AWS and Datadog

In this eBook, find out the benefits and complexities of migrating workloads to AWS, and services that AWS offers for containers and serverless computing.

Strategic Planning: How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis


When strategic planning, a SWOT helps you define your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A useful tool you can use to assess the environment you’re competing in is called the SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

News Roundup: Getting Real Phoney

The Daily WTF

Basecamp Management Somehow Less Self-Aware Than Andrew Yang. In the lead-up to the Chappelle Show sketch ‘ When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong ’, Dave Chappelle gives the following pretty great advice: “It’s good to be real sometimes. It’s good to be phony sometimes. Yes, I said it. Phony!

The Solution That Shouldn’t Wait - AP Automation


The past year has demonstrated that radical changes to your business can be swift and unexpected. Making rapid financial adjustments has become the new normal, and it’s more important than ever for your accounts payable department to be as efficient and accurate as possible.


HPC Springs Eternal at Dell Technologies HPC Community Meeting

Dell EMC

The Dell Technologies HPC Community held its first online-only conference, producing great discussions and recommendations to advance HPC, as well as helping professionals and colleagues connect virtually

Building Evolvable Architectures

Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO of ThoughtWorks

The software development ecosystem exists in a state of dynamic equilibrium, where any new tool, framework, or technique leads to disruption and the establishment of a new equilibrium. Predictability is impossible when the foundation architects plan against is constantly changing in unexpected ways. It’s no surprise many CIOs and CTOs are struggling to adapt, in part because their architecture isn’t equipped to evolve. This webinar will discuss what’s at stake if companies continue to use long term architecture plans.

The Denodo Platform is the Conductor’s Baton

Data Virtualization

After my first few days working here at Denodo, I realized that the Denodo Platform is like the conductor’s baton in the orchestra. Let me explain. If you think about it, the baton is the most powerful instrument in the.

Modernizing IT at the Edge Helps Save Lives

Dell EMC

Dell Technologies helped Sentara modernize IT at the edge and in the data center, improving healthcare outcomes and efficiency

WannA/B by the Stats Girls: How to Use A/B Testing for Event Promotion


The Stats Girls, a popular girl group founded in the 90s, are about to reunite for an exclusive concert. To make sure their fan base will be there, they asked their marketing analyst, Victoria, to run an online campaign.