Thu.Jul 22, 2021

How to Make a Game App – 6 Steps You Need to Take

The Crazy Programmer

There is no denying the fact that building your own gaming app creates a lot of potential revenue for the app developers. We have a lot of examples to cite this fact, starting from Angry Birds to Candy Crush and many more.

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What is the right level of specialization? For data teams and anyone else.

Erik Bernhardsson

This isn't as much of a blog post as an elaboration of a tweet I posted the other day: I think this specialization of data teams into 99 different roles (data scientist, data engineer, analytics engineer, ML engineer etc) is generally a bad thing driven by the fact that tools are bad and too hard to use — Erik Bernhardsson (@fulhack) July 21, 2021. This seem to have resonated with a lot of people, but for whatever reason, it ended up being a lot more polarizing than I thought!

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Programmability is Key to Agile Transformation

Enterprise agility has rapidly become one of the most crucial variables for a business’s long-term resiliency.

Agile 114

Linking Strategy to Everyday Work — John Cutler at the Agile Camp Berlin 2021

TL; DR: Linking Strategy to Everyday Work w/ John Cutler — ACB21.

How to Reach Peak Performance With the Product Management Organizational Health Checklist

Speaker: Rina Vernovskaya, CEO, 280 Group; and Roger Snyder, VP of Marketing, 280 Group

The degree of maturity of your product management organization can directly drive your ability to satisfy customers and become more profitable. Our Product Management Organizational Health Checklist and on-demand webinar can help.

Why Your Company’s Culture Should Go Far Beyond a Mission Statement

CEO Insider

During my company’s first six years, my only exposure to culture was a boring session on the subject at a minor conference. To me, culture seemed like so much marketing fluff. I didn’t see the point—my people and I were all grown adults, after all. I thought we were mature enough to self-manage.

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CloudTruth Acquires Tuono to Advance Configuration Management

CloudTruth, a provider of a unified configuration management platform, today revealed it has acquired Tuono, a provider of a cloud secrets management platform, as part of an effort to make it simpler to secure infrastructure provisioned using code. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

CTOs vs. Attrition: Tips To Keep Tech Employee Churn Low

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

This article from Forbes is slightly dated. The reason I mention it here is because it’s a fellow manager in the tech world talking about attrition in their team (oh how I hate the word).

CTO 141

Beginner’s Guide to Cloudera Operational Database


My name is Shanmukha Kota and I am a recent graduate from University at Buffalo. I interned with Cloudera last summer and joined Cloudera as a software engineer a couple of weeks ago and this is my first experience with CDP and CDP Operational Database.

Higher Mobile App Stability Begets Higher User Ratings

In the competitive mobile market, application stability is imperative. Downtime leads to poor user experiences, which stunts growth and revenue. Apps that have poor stability suffer the consequences.

Bridging the Online and Offline: How to Apply Product Thinking to Expanding Your eCommerce Business

Speaker: John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude

In a post-COVID world, online retailers are forced to reevaluate their position and address the challenge of adopting new customer experiences. Even brick and mortar businesses are integrating more digital approaches to CX -- testing out loyalty programs and subscription-based models. Join John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude, for this enlightening discussion on the current state of the ecommerce landscape.

Understanding Node.js and it’s Business Benefits


In this article, we have dived deep into the concept of Node.js, its architecture and understand whether it is worth the investment, time, and resources in an upcoming project. Web Development Article

PowerScale: Storage Optimized for HPC in Semiconductor Design Environments

Dell EMC

See how your organization can take advantage of Dell EMC PowerScale to achieve optimal performance for HPC workload in semiconductor design environments

How can we create coupon or discount codes programmatically in magento 2 ?


As we know coupon codes are the combination of letters and digits which are given to the customer to avail a special discount offer at the checkout page of an online store. Nowadays it’s the basic technique to attract customers to online stores.

Building Design Systems with CSS Variables

Gorilla Logic

For organizations that have to design for multiple platforms, establishing a set of design standards and repeatable components (what we call Design Systems) is becoming increasingly important.

The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

Simplifying SaaS Data Protection on AWS Marketplace

Dell EMC

PowerProtect Backup Service on AWS simplifies deployment and acquisition for SaaS-based protection, built on AWS

6 Steps for Developing a Business Continuity Plan


Every minute that your business is offline is expensive. While every business is different, you’ll find some guidelines for projecting your downtime costs in this post. But there are other costs beyond dollars.

Deliver RPA performance with process mining

Beyond B2B

If you cannot measure ROI, you cannot manage RPA projects (to paraphrase Peter Drucker ). After all, how can you know if your robotic process automation project is delivering results if you don’t measure return on investment? ARIS Business Transformation

How good of a negotiator are you?


Our reader poll today asks: How good of a negotiator are you?

How to Scale a Data Literacy Program at Your Organization

Speaker: Megan Brown, Director, Data Literacy at Starbucks; Mariska Veenhof-Bulten, Business Intelligence Lead at; and Jennifer Wheeler, Director, IT Data and Analytics at Cardinal Health

Join data & analytics leaders from Starbucks, Cardinal Health, and for a webinar panel discussion on scaling data literacy skills across your organization with a clear strategy, a pragmatic roadmap, and executive buy-in.

5 CI/CD challenges—and how to solve them


While the practice of CI/CD (or continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment) is not new, the ways to implement it continue to evolve along with cloud-native architecture, site reliability engineering, and DevOps.

How Forum Engineering Secures its AI Solution with Aqua

Aqua Security

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how organizations compete and engage with customers, even redefining traditional labor-intensive industries.

How to Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team for your Product The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Cabot Solutions

This ultimate guide will help you understand how to find vet and choose the perfect Dedicated Software Development Team for your Product Hire a dedicated developer

Top 25 DevOps Tools for 2021

Dzone - DevOps

DevOps is transforming the state of software development worldwide. Over 80% of respondents from the software industry said in a survey that DevOps is effectively adding value to their work in some form or another.

Tools 87

Assess and Advance Your Organization’s DevSecOps Practices

In this white paper, a DevSecOps maturity model is laid out for technical leaders to use to enable their organizations to stay competitive in the digital economy.

Team Leader Mentoring (Management Mentoring)

Rapid BI

Training managers is difficult and expensive, but it does not have to be that way.

3 Tactics for Modernizing Your Legacy Applications


Modernizing legacy applications is one of the most rewarding ways for your organization to enact digital transformation.

Cycle Time Breakdown: Tactics For Reducing Coding Time

Dzone - DevOps

The Issue: My Coding Time Feels Too High. Cycle Time is the Dev Manager’s Super Metric. So naturally, the conscientious Dev Manager will want to pay close attention to Coding Time, the very first segment of a project’s journey along the Cycle Time path.

Rough Order of Magnitude: Making Initial Project Estimates with High Uncertainty


One of the most important aspects of project management is estimation. All projects require a budget and stakeholders want to know it before the project is started. So, project estimation must be done prior to the project launching.

Boost Your IT Success by Making the Move From Project-Driven to Product-Led

According to Gartner, 85% of organizations have adopted, or plan to adopt, a transition from being project-driven to product-led. Learn how to shape and accelerate digital innovation through a fundamental shift to a product-centric organization.

Build a modern shopping site with Astro and serverless functions


Hello! So many new technologies to play with, so little time! When we saw that Shopify expanded their Storefront API , the Developer Experience team at Netlify jumped ON it to play around with all of the different ways we could build a shopping site.

American Airlines and DXC: Mainstreaming the mainframe for modernization


Mainframe systems have been a staple of the enterprise data center for decades. With solid reliability and outstanding processing speeds, the mainframe continues to oversee high-volume transactions for most of the world’s largest companies.

Error'd: By The Clicking On My Thumbs

The Daily WTF

Music fan Erina leads off this week with a double contraction! "Who "Who knew Tom Waits was such a gravelly-voiced Relational Database poet?" " she Mused. "You'd've "You'd've thought that SQL modes was more of an indy garage esthetic."

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