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What Should You Avoid When Doing DevOps?

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The goal of the DevOps practice is an enabling technology that allows developers (Dev) and operations teams (Ops) members to work together more efficiently by automating deployment processes — all while keeping the customers' data safe. But along this journey, companies face many common challenges and traps when implementing these principles, which we'll explore here.

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Travel Insurance: Coverage, API Integration and Major Providers Explored


According to the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal , only about 20 percent of travelers in the USA used to purchase travel insurance before the Covid-19 pandemic, but at present this number has increased to more than 60 percent. That is why travelers become more concerned about the benefits of the insurance plan they want to buy. Undoubtedly, OTAs and other travel companies should be aware of it to make sure their clients get the best travel insurance options available on the m

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Why Data Protection Is So Vital for Any Business

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