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Faking Agile Metrics or Cooking the Agile Books

TL; DR: Faking Agile Metrics — An Eye-Opening Exercise. Imagine you’re a Scrum Master and the line manager of your team believes that the best sign for a successful agile transformation is a steady increase in the Scrum Team’s velocity.

Building Effective Digital Transformations

Enterprises have reportedly spent upwards of $5 trillion on their digital transformation efforts, yet they’re also not hitting their objectives.

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Mind your language (if you want to be Agile)

There are four key words in the first value of the Agile Manifesto: “ Individuals and their interactions over processes and tools ”. Most of us can spend countless hours debating the value of focusing on people and the dangers related to focusing on processes and tools.

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Apple May Have Acquired Motion Capture Company IKinema


Apple may have recently acquired UK-based motion capture company IKinema, based on evidence from company filings and information shared by a MacRumors reader. IKinema offers animation technology that’s used for games, virtual reality, and more. Earlier this year, for example, IKinema partnered with Ubisoft for IKinema’s RunTime software for character creation. IKinema specialized in technology that […].

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Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

How Developers Can Make It Past Kubernetes’ Infrastructure Hump 

The New Stack

One can assume most developers would prefer to spend their talents and creativity designing great code. The rest of the work involved during deployment and post-deployment stages can be less … less fulfilling.

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Two Peas in a Pod: Orchestrate Your Cloud Analytics Stack with Open Source

The New Stack

There’s no arguing the rise of containers in real-world deployments over the past few years. Containers simplify running applications in any environment and Kubernetes further transforms the way software and applications are deployed and scaled agnostic of environments.

The Building Blocks for Zero Trust


With Zero Trust emerging as the next generation of cyber security, federal managers must understand how to make their agencies “Zero Trust protected

AEM Experience Fragments: An Introduction


What Is XF? It’s the experience fragment feature in Adobe Experience Manager unveiled in version 6.3. Such a fragment is a group of one or more components containing both content and how to display the content.

Resilience: From Corporate America to the Bobsled Track

Experience to Lead

Lauren Gibbs seems fearless. When you watch her TEDx talk, it’s easy to think she’s effortlessly courageous and resilient. Hearing her reflect back on her experience of becoming an Olympic silver medalist in bobsled, it sounds like she took the huge leap from her 6-figure corporate job to the U.S.

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Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Four Lessons in Employee Engagement We Can Learn from Nature


Taking a few lessons from Nature about how to keep and engage employees. Today’s post is by Dr. Kathleen E. Allen, author of Leading from the Roots (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Most organizations struggle with generating authentic employee engagement. There is an unlikely teacher, however, that can provide some interesting strategies on creating […]. This is only the beginning of the thought. Please click the article headline above or go to [link] for more. Books Guest Blogger Leadershi

Article: Liberating Structures - an Antidote to Zombie Scrum

InfoQ Culture Methods

Although many organizations use Scrum, the majority struggle to grasp both the purpose of Scrum as well as its benefits. They do Zombie Scrum; it looks like Scrum from a distance, but you see that things are amiss when moving closer. This article describes what Zombie Scrum is about and gives you tangible examples of how to recognize, treat and prevent Zombie Scrum by using Liberating Structures. By Barry Overeem, Johannes Schartau, Christiaan Verwijs.


Don’t Let SREs Leave Cybersecurity Behind

The New Stack

VMware sponsored this podcast. Alex Delgado , a security engineer at the Gremlin chaos testing service, points to the disconnect many enterprises have. It’s not that the developers aren’t building with the newest technologies like Kubernetes and microservices.

KISS Clean Architecture With Domain-Driven Design

Dzone - DevOps

Pucker up. My original title was The Perfect Clean Architecture with Domain-Driven Design. Provocative? Egotistical? Yeah, maybe. But I am an idealistic, problem-solving organizer, and I have not yet seen a software architecture that lights my fire.

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Homegrown Analytics

If you built your analytics in house, chances are your basic features are no longer enough for your end users. Is it time to move on to a more robust analytics solution with more advanced capabilities? Follow this free guide for tips on making the build to buy transition.

How to tap the power of an operating model in your enterprise


Many enterprises struggle to bring operating silos together into a cohesive unit that can power the business forward. It doesn't matter whether the operating silos are different service providers in the enterprise—IT, HR, legal, accounting, or office and services—or silos solely within IT.

When TDD Is Not a Good Fit

Dzone - DevOps

Without knowing the solution, is TDD worth it? I like to use Test-Driven Development (TDD) when coding. However, in some circumstances, TDD is more of a hinderance than a help. This happens when how to solve the problem is not clear.

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What Is a Data Hub and Why Should You Care?


If you are still using point-to-point integrations to move data through your IT environment, then you are spending too much money and missing the opportunities a modern data hub can provide. A data hub is a centralized service that connects all of your IT systems, whether they be Web applications, IoT devices, SaaS solutions, or core business platforms, such as CRM or ERP. A data hub manages the connections to each of the systems and orchestrates the data flow amongst them.

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5 Reasons to Model During QA, Part 4/5: Faster QA Reaction Times

Dzone - DevOps

Model based testing links scripts to help QA move faster. Welcome to part 4/5 of 5 Reasons to Model During QA !

Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive. How can conventional organizations succeed in this transformation? In this webinar, Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided. It will be a guide towards a decentralized and management style that offers more successful decision making through collaboration.

Practice Your Agile Transformation with a Kata (Whitepaper)

Imagine for a moment what frequently asked questions around agile transformations look like. Which questions do you hear most often as it seems agile transformation has been a hot topic lately? Here are a few FAQ’s which we encounter quite often: .


Sorry, But Your Bots Are Stupid


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s Forbes article about how dumb software bots are starting to spread in enterprises: One of the reasons why we are so infatuated with the idea of the intelligent machine is so that we can have machines do the work and bidding of people without the downsides of having humans do that work. […].

Creating an Open Standard: Machine Learning Governance using Apache Atlas

Cloudera Engineering

Machine learning (ML) has become one of the most critical capabilities for modern businesses to grow and stay competitive today.

Making The Internet Of Things (IoT) More Intelligent With AI


Read Ron Schmelzer explain how to make the Internet of Things connected devices more intelligent with artificial intelligence on Forbes : According IoT Analytics, there are over 17 Billion connected devices in the world as of 2018, with over 7 Billion of these “internet of things” (IoT) devices.

3 Challenges of Building Complex Dashboards with Open Source Components

Speaker: Ryan MacCarrigan, Founding Principal, LeanStudio

Many product teams use charting components and open source code libraries to get dashboards and reporting functionality quickly. But what happens when you have a growing user base and additional feature requests? Watch this webinar with Ryan MacCarrigan, Founding Principal of Lean Studio, to learn about key considerations for launching your next analytics project.

The Principles of Agile Planning

Strategy Driven

Agile methodology has taken the IT industry by the storm, and now it’s spreading to other sectors. Many companies have managed to gain an edge tapping into its transformative power. The benefits linked to adoption are indeed many, but there’s just one problem.

Red Hat Streamlines Operating System Update Cycle

Red Hat is looking to make it easier for DevOps teams to absorb leading-edge innovations as they are slipstreamed into a new distribution of CentOS. CentOS is a distribution of Linux based on a fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The team that oversees CentOS operates independently of Red Hat.

Inside Microsoft and Google Cloud’s battle for the enterprise


Read Adam Mansfield take a look at the rivalry between Microsoft and Google for the cloud business on CIO : For years, Microsoft has enjoyed a comfortable position in large enterprises, as the only truly viable productivity suite option. More than ever before, especially as companies continue to get over the hurdle of moving to […].

DevOps Chat: Value Stream Management With HCL UrbanCode

Value stream management (VSM) is a term we hear with higher frequency. DevOps, Agile, Lean and contemporary application development are very dynamic. These rapid, dynamic approaches can make the software development process opaque to the broader organization.

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More Effective Agile Leadership

Speaker: Steve McConnell, CEO, Construx Software

In this talk, Steve McConnell, CEO of Construx Software, distills hundreds of companies’-worth of real-world experience into the proven Agile leadership practices that work best. Steve will seamlessly thread together traditional approaches, early Agile approaches, modern Agile approaches, and the principles and context that underlie them all—creating an invaluable resource for Agile leaders, their teams, and their organizations.