Wed.Jul 29, 2020

Experiment: Make the Cost of Low Autonomy Transparent with Permission Tokens

In our book?—? the Zombie Scrum Survival Guide ?—?we we dive deep into what causes Zombie Scrum; something that looks like Scrum from a distance, but lacks a beating heart. We also offer 40+ experiments to recover from Zombie Scrum.


What are AI and machine learning adding to threat intelligence – brains, brawn or both?


Read Ariadna Miret take a look at what artificial intelligence and machine learning bring to threat intelligence on Security Boulevard : Too much information and not enough time. This, and […].

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A Developer’s Guide to CCPA, GDPR Compliance

Experts: Devastating ransomware attack on Garmin highlights danger of haphazard breach responses


GPS titan Garmin is still recovering from the fallout of the devastating ransomware attack that has crippled its website, disrupted customer support, disabled apps, and paused communications since late July […].


Delivery Experiences Supported by Agile

Agile Alliance

I had the pleasure to interview Diego Garagorry from Montevideo, Uruguay. Diego is a prominent member of the Agile Community in South America and was one of the organizers of the Agiles 2015 Conference in Uruguay.

Agile 141

Why are Artificial Intelligence systems biased?


Read Subbarao Kambhapati take a look at why artificial intelligence technology is biased on The Hill: A machine-learned AI system used to assess recidivism risks in Broward County, Fla., often […].

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Insider Threat: The Biggest Contributor to Cyber Attacks


Read why Pallavi Datta says that insider threat is the biggest contributor to cyberattacks on Security Boulevard : In 2019, a renowned cloud hosting company fell victim to a data […].

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How to reduce your reactivity and work more proactively

CEO Insider

Many of us feel like we are working under the constant pressure of urgent issues and deadlines. We feel like we have little control over our time and our priorities, and that we must work reactively to stay in the game. But if we stop and examine what is really happening with our work when […].

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Google launches its Recommendations AI tool for online retailers


Google LLC said today that its Recommendations AI tool is now publicly available in public beta test mode. Recommendations AI was first announced in private beta in April 2019, and relies […].

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How to Build the Most Effective Information Security Framework


Build a comprehensive defense of against cyberattacks with a strong information security framework that leverages the world's best standards and infosec tools. .

Autonomous IT: Less Reacting, More Securing


Read Greg Jensen explains what autonomous IT is on Dark Reading : Artificial intelligence (AI) is a game changer in fighting cybercrime and defending data, and it can be decisive […].

Stop Monday-itis by changing the way you work

CEO Insider

Monday morning strikes fear (or at least a flat mood) into the minds of many. If you are suffering from a case of Monday-itis, browsing employment websites might be overtaking the time spent doing your actual job.

Artificial Intelligence Loses Some Of Its Edginess, But Is Poised To Take Off


Read why Joe McKendrick says that artificial intelligence is poised to take off in a big way on Forbes : More than a decade ago, Nicholas Carr, in his work […].

3 Observability Strategies to Reduce Debugging Cycles

These observability tips can help developers uncover issues that impede performance and derail customer experience Modern technologies and methodologies such as cloud services, containers, DevOps, microservices and serverless have made it easier for organizations to deploy application code to production.

Insights from an Intern: One Month at Modus Create

Modus Create

A lot has changed since I wrote my last blog post. I officially graduated from high school, attained my first AWS certification (hopefully first of many more to come!) and I’ve recently finished one month at Modus.

New Relic Changes Business Model, Open Sources Agents and Instrumentation

The New Stack

Observability platform provider New Relic is changing much of its proprietary business model as it open sources a number of agents in its product catalog.

IBM: Compromised credentials led to higher data breach costs


The average cost of a data breach has fallen slightly, according to new research from IBM and the Ponemon Institute, but there are concerning — and costly — trends for […].

Survey: DevOps Haves Benefiting Over Have-Nots

Remote Work Raises New Cybersecurity Challenges: Steps to Reshape Your Approach


Read why Jason Dettbarn says that work from home raises new cybersecurity challenges and how to overcome them on Infosec Magazine: Is your organization among the 84 percent of businesses […].

React Test-driven Development: From User Stories to Production


Employing a test-driven development (TDD) approach in React projects tends to be straightforward, especially with the aid of Jest and Enzyme. However, there are a few things to look out for.

The InfoSec Barrier to AI


Read why Praful Krishna says that information security challenges are proving to be a huge barrier for the artificial intelligence ecosystem on Dark Reading: Information security is all about keeping […].

CodeSOD: A Variation on Nulls

The Daily WTF

Submitter “NotAThingThatHappens” stumbled across a “unique” way to check for nulls in C#. Now, there are already a few perfectly good ways to check for nulls. variable is null , for example, or use nullable types specifically.

Juniper Networks Brings AI to SD-WANs

Juniper Networks today announced it can now apply the same artificial intelligence (AI) engine it uses to automate the management of wireless local area networks (LANs) to software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs).

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The Evolving Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Dell EMC

Executives and industry experts have given their views on new cybersecurity threats that have appeared in the wake of the global crisis – and shared their best strategies for defeating them.

Data analytics 101: What it means, and why it matters


Incorporating analytics into the enterprise toolkit can be straightforward or complex, relatively inexpensive or a multimillion-dollar initiative. It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Enterprise IT, Data Management, Data Warehouse, Analytics, Lookbook, Big Data

Achieving a Self-Securing Infrastructure in Public Clouds

Aqua Security

One thing that most researchers look for when investigating security breaches is whether or not there’s a common element.

Applitools Announces Winners of Ultrafast Cross Browser Testing Hackathon

Global competition showcases ability for dev teams to execute cross browser tests 30x faster than traditional cloud testing solutions SAN MATEO, Calif.,

How Online Grocery App Comes As Headturner In The Online Marketplace?


Waves Of Opportunity For Online Grocery Apps. DID YOU KNOW! Food sites climbed 33% in search volumes, with big winners like Dominos and Subway seeing 41% to 60% increase respectively. Searches for “online pharmacy” raised to 238 per cent whereas “pharmacy delivery” searches upsurge by 184 per cent.

ScaleOut Software Announces the Release of ScaleOut StateServer® Pro

Is this the one use case where a multi-cloud architecture actually makes sense?


There’s a lot of talk about multi-cloud architecture – and apparently, a lot of disagreement about whether there is actually any logical use case to use multiple public clouds. How many use multi-cloud already? First question: are companies actually using a multi-cloud architecture?

OpenJS Keynote: JavaScript, the First 20 Years of the Web Stack

The New Stack

The first 20 years of JavaScript marked the dawn of the web stack, ushering in a new generation of Web developers who had to deal with a community of traditional technologists.