Sat.Jul 04, 2020

How to become a Software Engineer in India?

The Crazy Programmer

Engineer. One of the most respected words in the dictionary of an Indian parent.

What Numbers Say about Challenges and opportunities for SHE-Successors in Superclans’ businesses

CEO Insider

The world has changed, and the gender gap has become a key topic not only at the societal level, but in corporate boards as well. According to Pew Research, 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs were women in 2018, up from 0% in 1995. Based on the same source, the share of women sitting on the […].

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This Week in Programming: Rust Rejiggers Internal Ownership of Its Standard Library

The New Stack

Like many programming languages, Rust consists of a core specification, a standard library, a compiler, and the documentation. And as you might expect, the skills and focus necessary for building each of these things differ, so there are usually different teams dedicated to each task.

Opaque Boxes

The Programmer's Paradox

The idea is to create an opaque box. You can use it to do a few well-specified things, but you need to stay within its tolerances. The box has some finite set of entry-points. One or more points may allow some dynamic behavior or statefulness as represented by a question and answer paradigm. If the box can do X, there is a way of testing whether X has been done, or not.