Fri.Nov 25, 2022

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7 facilitation tips to get your Scrum Team started

Properly setting up your new Scrum Team is an absolute necessity if you want them to be successful. 97% of employees, executives , and educators believe that a lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a project or a task, Salesforce found a while ago.

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VMware Brings Java 17 Support to Spring Boot Framework

VMware this week made a Spring Boot 3.0 update for building microservices-based Java applications that is based on the latest long-term support release for the Java Standard Edition (SE) platform.


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Why Fintech Will Be Different In the Metaverse?


The Metaverse is expected to change a lot of things, especially fintech. The ways in which people use and interact with financial technology will need to fundamentally change if those interactions are within the Metaverse. But what is it about the Metaverse that is supposed to cause so much change?

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Next-generation data cleanrooms with Delta Sharing

Perficient Digital Transformation

Data-driven companies are finding more and more use cases where their internal data could be supplemented with external datasets to deliver more business value.

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Fail Well, Pivot Fast: Product Experimentation for Continuous Discovery

Speaker: William Haas Evans - Principal Consultant, Head of Product Strategy & Design Practice, Kuroshio Consulting

This presentation will explore the basics of the scientific method and examine how proper experimental design, multiple hypothesis testing, cohort analysis, and split testing can effectively reduce batch size and lead to validated insights. You'll leave the webinar with a new understanding of how to experiment in a way that generates real insights, not just noise.

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Article: Extinguishing IT Team Burnout Through Mindfulness and Unstructured Time

InfoQ Articles

Burnout is taking a toll on IT and creating serious skill shortages. How can you keep your IT team engaged, productive, and happy? Mindfulness and unstructured time are delivering tangible business benefits that positively impact the bottom line, all while driving worker satisfaction and well-being.

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Coforge | Blog | Event Monitoring in Salesforce


Importance of Event Log analysis: One of the many tools Salesforce offers to keep our data secure is 'Event Monitoring'. Event monitoring enables us to see precise information on specific user activities within your company.

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Custom and variant licenses: What’s in the fine print?


See examples of custom and variant licenses and how Black Duck Audits flag these licenses to help legal teams evaluate software risk. Open source and software supply chain risks M&A and OSS license compliance Mergers and acquisitions due diligence Open source license compliance

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5 Reasons Why Predictive Maintenance Is Overhyped


There are some very good reasons to be interested in predictive maintenance. Think of the time saved! The costs cut! The resources better allocated! The more efficient you become at identifying which part, machine, or process is likely to break down and when, the more reliably you can reap the benefits. Use Cases & Projects Scaling AI Featured

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelance Full Stack Developer


A good app idea is only half the battle. The next task is to find a top-notch development team to make any app idea a reality. Consider hiring freelance full stack developer who can handle anything following your needs and budget.

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Subsurface: The Ultimate Data Lakehouse Conference

Speaker: Panel Speakers

We’ve just opened registration for Subsurface LIVE 2023! Learn how to innovate with open source technologies such as Apache Arrow, Delta Lake, and more. Register now to secure your spot at Subsurface LIVE being held March 1-2, 2023.

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What Is Remote Access and How Does It Work?


Remote access eliminates the need for users to be present in the office to access a network or file or for IT technicians to add new systems to the company network. It allows employees to work from anywhere and enables IT staff to monitor and manage endpoints remotely.

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Prototyping, Explained: Why and How to Build a Sample Version of a Product


In 2001, in Edinburgh, three friends gathered to present their business ideas to each other. They wanted to build something successful together, so everyone had a few pitches for the others to vote on and pick the best one. Only one of the friends brought a prototype.