Sun.Jan 17, 2021

How MLOps Can Help Get AI Projects to Deployment

Did you know that most AI projects never get fully deployed? In fact, a recent survey by NewVantage Partners revealed that only 15% of leading enterprises have gotten any AI into production at all.

Survey 110

Learning From Leaders: The OODA Loop Member Profile Series


One of my great joys of being the CTO at OODA is being able to continuously learn from a community that includes our own analysts and researchers but also a […].


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Finding digital transformation in high places – how a ski resort improved operational agility and customer experiences


Most blogs in my history are very focused on Industry 4.0’s s digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, which in itself is pretty remarkable. By 2025, Industry 4.0

Tales from the Interview: The Whiteboard Challenge

The Daily WTF

Like many of us, Igor F keeps his LinkedIn profile vaguely up to date with his career, and that means he inevitably gets messages from recruiters trying to find talent for the latest trendy startup, or the big stable company struggling to find developers happy to work in its code mines, or the contracting company trying to staff up.

The 7 Ways to Source and Attract Diverse Technology Talent

Just talking about diversity and inclusion won’t move the needle. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are at the forefront for organizations looking to recruit and retain top talent, but nowhere does this remain more of a challenge and opportunity than in the tech sector. In this guide, we provide seven strategies organizations can use to source and attract diverse tech talent.

How to Improve eCommerce Shopping Experiences with SEO


As many businesses have largely shifted online using eCommerce platforms, it is more important than ever to make sure that online shopping provides a good experience to customers.

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Key Trends in Big Data for E-Commerce


Collecting and analyzing data has always been part of businesses. The more data company has about its customers and its industry, the more effective it can be at forecasting and planning operations.

5 Benefits of Custom E-Learning Software for Companies


Custom e-learning software can be extremely beneficial for companies of all sizes, as it enables employees to learn during the onboarding process, as well as for professional development opportunities.