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CXOs Overestimating DevOps and Continuous Testing Maturity

More work is needed to achieve continuous testing, Forrester report shows Forrester recently completed an interesting new research project exploring what separates DevOps leaders from DevOps laggards.

How to Hire for Values and Retain 87% of Your Employees

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Picture this. You have shortlisted 2 stellar candidates running for a position in your company. On paper, both have a great deal of relevant experience, solid education, and some praiseful references to back things up. One of them will soon become an A+ player introducing all sorts of initiatives making a tangible impact on the company’s bottom line. The other will join the company’s ranks, do an OK job and leave soon after they hit the 12-month mark. And that will manifest in attrition.

Engage Everyone in Making Sense of Profound Challenges

In this turbulent Age of “fake news” and increasing divisions between groups and communities, the format of the Conversation Café offers a refreshing alternative.


Fail Fast: How Shifting Security Left Speeds Development

How DevSecOps can help organizations increase security, move faster and save money With developers under constant pressure to create more software in less time, the last thing you need is for your code to fail at the end of the development lifecycle.

How To Take Action on Customer Discovery

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

We all want to build successful products - and that means satisfied customers. Before anything else, you must understand what problems you can solve. The best way to do that is to get out of the building and start asking questions. But how can you make the most of those conversations, and ensure that you walk away with productive insights? Join Nick Noreña, educator, entrepreneur, and currently Innovation Coach and Advisor at Kromatic, as he covers how we can effectively action our findings from customer discovery conversations.

Making the Turn: 10 Warning Signs You aren’t Shifting from Founder to Leader

N2Growth Blog

By Thomas Brattle Gannett and Dr. Greg Giuliano. You came up with an awesome idea. Your singular focus has been to make it real. You started a company. You got funding. Maybe you’re looking for Series B or C funding now. Maybe you’re prepping for the IPO. Congratulations!

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Error'd: Quite Powerful Errors Indeed

The Daily WTF

"I was considering this recorder for my son, but I think 120W might be a bit over the top," writes Peter B. . "Yep, "Yep, looks like the test works to me," writes Stefan S. . Lincoln K. wrote, "Hertz may have Ultimate Choice(tm) but apparently not Ultimate QA."

Reasons why every IoT development company is using.NET?


We have been speculating that more and more Internet of Things companies are coming on the scene and the best thing is that they are using.NET as the foundational framework of the most of the IoT mobile apps being created these days.

IoT 71

Girl Scouts join global push to 'plant a seed' for women in tech


A new cybersecurity program teaches girls online safety, while giving them tech confidence. Security

How Portworx Solves the Problem of Running Stateful Workloads in Containers

The New Stack

When containers were introduced, they were not ready to run stateful workloads such as databases and content management systems. Docker eventually added abilities like volumes that attempted to solve the problem by exposing the filesystem of the host to the container.

Build Product Progress with a Strong Data Culture

Speaker: Nima Gardideh, CTO, Pearmill

Have you ever thought your product's progress was headed in one direction, and been shocked to see a different story reflected in big picture KPIs like revenue? It can be confusing when customer feedback or metrics like registration or retention are painting a different picture. No matter how sophisticated your analytics are, if you're asking the wrong questions - or looking at the wrong metrics - you're going to have trouble getting answers that can help you. Join Nima Gardideh, CTO of Pearmill, as he demonstrates how to build a strong data culture within your team, so everyone understands which metrics they should actually focus on - and why. Then, he'll explain how you can use your analytics to regularly review progress and successes. Finally, he'll discuss what you should keep in mind when instrumenting your analytics.

The most useful Postgres extension: pg_stat_statements

The Citus Data

Extensions are capable of extending, changing, and advancing the behavior of Postgres. By hooking into low level Postgres API hooks. The open source Citus database that scales out Postgres horizontally is itself implemented as a PostgreSQL extension , which allows Citus to stay current with Postgres releases without lagging behind like other Postgres forks.

DevOps Maturity and the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

The New Stack

This week on The New Stack Context podcast, we speak with Rob Zuber , chief technology officer of CircleCI about what it means for an organization to reach DevOps maturity.

Don’t Assume the Worst

Next Level Blog

When I asked communications expert, Dr. Nick Morgan , for his one best piece of advice for anyone who wants to be a more effective virtual communicator, his answer was quick, simple and powerful, “Don’t assume the worst.” Here’s the back story on why Nick offered that advice and how you can apply it for positive outcomes.

Q&A: How LinkedIn Uses Data Science To Reveal the Way Forward

The New Stack

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s use mine,” former Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale reputedly once said.

What Is (and Isn’t) Product Management?

Speaker: Steve Johnson, VP of Products, Pragmatic Institute

Product Management is one of the most exciting - and most misunderstood - functions in technical organizations. Is it strategic or tactical? Is it a planning role or a support role? Many product professionals are unclear about what is (and isn't) product management. After all, product management spans many activities from business planning to market readiness. In this session, we’ll examine many product activities and artifacts for product strategy, planning, and growth, and introduce a simple tool that you can use in your organization to clarify the roles of product management and others. Steve Johnson explores the many roles of Product Management in this fun talk focused on why product managers should obsess on problems instead of solutions.

Make Your Life Easier: Expand the Use of Item Templates on Oracle SCM to Improve Efficiency

Apps Associates

What if I told you there was a way to make the most out of using those Oracle templates for all those attributes you manage in Oracle SCM. Let me show you how you can get the most out of them that will reduce manual error and improve efficiency.


Programming in 2039: How Persistent Memory Will Change Databases

The New Stack

Kyle J. Davis, Technical Marketing Manager, Redis Labs. Kyle J. Davis is the technical marketing manager at Redis Labs. Kyle is an enthusiastic full-stack developer and works frequently with Node.js and Redis, documented in his long-running blog series on the pair.

Suite on HANA Migration Guide


Suite on HANA isn’t just a step on the way to S/4HANA — it’s also an important journey in itself, and one that can provide excellent ROI with the proper planning and follow-through. Our Suite on HANA migration guide can help illuminate your path. Define the Case for Suite on HANA Migration.

5 Steps to Prep for Successful K-12 Teacher Evaluations


There are many ways to approach the K-12 teacher evaluation process. This continuous, year-long evaluation cycle often includes goal setting, mid-year reviews, end-of-year reviews, and informal conversations in between. But ultimately, these evaluations must be valuable to teachers, beneficial to students, and efficient for busy evaluators like you. This isn’t easy to pull off. .

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

Basic dashboards used to be enough to thrill end users. But over time, modern capabilities have emerged—and bare-minimum features are no longer cutting it. How have analytics changed? And where do your BI offerings fall short? Find out sophisticated ways to future-proof your application. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Friday Fun: 2019 Samanage Celebrity Doppelgängers


It’s National Doppelganger week! In the past three years since our last doppelgänger post , the Samanage team has grown substantially. Here’s another round of “Hey! Aren’t you from…. ?” with some new, yet still familiar faces. Samanage: Andrew Reinhardt, Manager, Web Development.

AI Algorithm Automatically ‘Tunes’ Prosthetics Within Minutes

The New Stack

Prosthetics have been around for thousands of years, with some of the earliest recorded examples of iron legs and wooden feet being found in ancient India and Greece.

Challenge Accepted: An Adventure in Linux Part 2

Linux Academy

Day One- I already cheated. I am 24 hours into the first day of the challenge, and I may have already cheated. Jason’s challenge says to: “ Explore the curated AppCenter and the bundled software to get all of your working and playing done.

Linux 52

Four short links: 8 February 2019

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Data Explorer, PDP-1 in FPGA, Google's Fuzzer, and Preventing Neophilia. Blazer -- Explore your data with SQL. Easily create charts and dashboards, and share them with your team. FPG-1 -- PDP-1 FPGA implementation in Verilog, with CRT, Teletype, and Console. The PDP-1 was groundbreaking: serial number 0 was delivered to the BBN offices where Licklider would see it as a way forward to his timesharing vision.

Make an Impact with Analytics and Journey Maps

Speaker: Kirui K. K., Co-founder and CEO of Tanasuk Africa

If you want to offer a better user experience, it can be tempting to track each and every data point in your product. However, this can quickly get complicated and overwhelming as you collect more and more data. How do you know which metrics will help you improve? Kirui K. K., Co-founder & CEO Tanasuk Africa, wants you to know that analytics don't have to be complicated to make an impact - no matter the size of your company. Join him as he explains how to create a customer journey map, then use that map to figure out the metrics you need to know - and how to use them.

NPM Package Delivery

I'm Programmer

The post NPM Package Delivery appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Jokes deliver - npm NPM Delivery NPM package delivery

3 ways to put predictive analytics to work in IT Ops


Predictive analytics can benefit your IT team in many ways, but one that's particularly attractive is the ability to monitor the health or status of an application so that you can predict and respond to application outages. Enterprise IT, IT Ops, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning

Successful Hardware Strategies for a Software-Dominated World

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a massive transformation in the telecom industry with a shift away from proprietary, expensive IT equipment in favour of standard, cost-efficient computing blocks.

6 Qualities of a Good Boss

Strategy Driven

It is easy to distinguish what makes a bad boss, but describing what makes a good one can be difficult, with many bosses being mediocre. Why is it important that you be a good boss, though?

The Magic of Intent: Start Knowing The Goals of Your Users

Speaker: Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, Zalando, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher, Zalando

It's important to know your users - what are their preferences, pain points, ultimate goals? With user research and usage data, you can get a great idea of how your users act. The tricky part is, very few users reliably act the same way every time they use your product. Join Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher at Zalando, as they explain how they were able to reach a new level of user understanding - by taking their user research and segmenting their users by point-in-time intent. You'll leave with a strategy to change how your product team, and organization at large, understands your users.