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Pros And Cons Of Hiring Full-Stack Developers Over Front Or Back-End Developers

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Experienced front-end, back-end, or a full-stack software engineer are in high demand. According to stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , by 2029, software engineers’ employment will surge by 22%.


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Software Developer Life Cycle

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How To Build Safe And ‘PROUD’ Workplaces – A Personal Story

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

“Alignment begins with a constituency of one. These are the individuals whose substance is real, pure and nonnegotiable. They share their vulnerabilities and fears in complement to their strengths. They are comfortable weaving all parts of their lives together in an integrated way.

How to Empower Your Users So You Can Create a Great Product

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Join Johanna Rothman, Author and Consultant, for her session that will discuss why instead of designing for the users, CTOs and their teams should collaborate with empowered users to create a great product together.

Majority of Orgs Lack Visibility Into Container Vulnerabilities

Today’s blend of third-party application dependencies and polyglot software development often makes assessing risk difficult. With many new cloud-native deployment models, it can be tricky to discover potential vulnerabilities.

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CodeSOD: Experience is Integral

The Daily WTF

Behind every code WTF is a process WTF. For example, Charles W was recently tasked with updating some file-handling code to match changes in the underlying file-format it parses.

Lessons from Walmart on IoT data

Beyond B2B

Imagine you are a large retailer with over 10,000 stores in dozens of countries and multiple ecommerce sites. Retail IoT

Marcusoft - Untitled Article


From time to time I find myself in the position where I ask “stupid” questions. I’ve found that it’s often the case that the question is not that “stupid” after all and if it is you get to learn a lot in the process.

.Net 52

Does Observability Throw You for a Loop?

Dzone - DevOps

Our new mantra for managing and maintaining the health and functionality of our apps and environments is observability. Observability is the quality of software, services, platforms, or products that allows us to understand how systems are behaving.

Address the Challenges of Siloed Monitoring Tools

Companies frequently experience monitoring tool sprawl. Find out why monitoring tool sprawl occurs, why it’s a problem for businesses, and the positive business impacts of monitoring tool consolidation.

Some thoughts on scaled agile


I indirectly got a question that I thought would make a good blog post. The question came from the brilliant Emer on this LinkedIn post. That post in itself is a great read on the US Air Force’s thoughts on agile in general - great stuff in there. Anyhow - Emer asked me: Yes! I have read many posts by Allen Holub and our friend Woody Zuil on this. I do struggle though to find a way to practice “true” agility at a large scale. Do you have any good resources on this?

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How Next.js Became a Top Jamstack Framework


This is an excerpt from our new e-book, How to Deploy Next.js on the Jamstack: The Definitive Guide. Next.js has become one of the most popular frameworks for building React apps. It’s no surprise, then, that we’re seeing more and more Jamstack applications built on Next.js.

Creating a Successful Fleet Operation Means Investing in Employees

Strategy Driven

Coconino County has enhanced its Public Works fleet operations by focusing on employee development and establishing new business practices.


The Programmer's Paradox

In software development, ‘friction’ is any and everything that keeps you from moving swiftly to getting your work ‘fully completed’. It’s worth understanding that the job is not done until it’s out there, being used smoothly by a bunch of people. Coding it is a start. Testing it is better. Releasing it is great, but it’s still not done until it’s been running correctly for long enough that it won’t end up showing up back in the shop needing repairs.

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A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform

Training companies have an opportunity to embrace the change and create meaningful change in their organizations by moving online. Discover the advantages of a digital-first approach, using an eLearning platform.