Mon.Jan 13, 2020

Product Mindset: Encouraging Ownership in a Scrum Team

TL; DR: Product Mindset and OWnership in Scrum Teams. There is one product, one Product Owner, one Product Backlog — a simple rule.


How to manage a program in a product-mode organization

Martin Fowler

My colleagues often talk about the important advantages of organizing a software development organization using products rather than projects. While this is an effective organizational approach, it does have its downsides.

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Collaboration by Examples

Collaboration is key to solve complex problems. I’ve always suffered from the evident lack of collaboration between people. It’s professionally frustrating when you’ve experienced effective teamwork. ???? Article en français sur notre site web ????.

DevSecOps: 10 Best Practices to Embed Security into DevOps

For companies that employ the agile approach, DevOps seems like a natural extension. Traditionally, enterprises started with integration, development and test automation early in the product lifecycle.

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Koos Coach comic: We need Scrum

A comic series featuring Koos Coach, the silly Scrum Master struggling to understand and master Scrum. In this episode: Adopting Scrum involves a deep change in the mindset of people and cannot be taken lightheartedly.

Where programming languages are headed in 2020

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

As we enter a new decade, we asked programming experts?—including including several of our own O’Reilly authors and instructors?—for for their thoughts on what’s in store for some established players and fast-growing languages. Python.

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Increasing business value by embracing Domain-Driven Design


By Paul de Raaij & Evelyn van Kelle Software development is at the core of most companies. We’re all digital enterprises that need to understand how technology is heavily influencing our core business and can make or break our competitive advantage. Making the right decisions when it comes to investing in technology has become a […]. The post Increasing business value by embracing Domain-Driven Design appeared first on Xebia Blog. Domain Driven Design socio-technical Socio-technical

How to Help Your Team Navigate the Chaos

Let's Grow Leaders

How do you help your team navigate the chaos, particularly when you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed (and maybe even a bit frightened)? In this article, I share three ways to help your team navigate the chaos of reorganization, shifts in direction or toxic […].

Get Promoted at Work | Your 10-Point Plan

Career Advancement

“When there are hiring decisions and promotion decisions to be made, people are hungry for data.” Oren Etzioni. Gary had been with his media company for a little less than a year. He recently had a very positive performance review in which he’d voiced his ability to handle greater responsibility.

It’s Almost Here: Predict 2020 Virtual Summit

We’re a little less than two weeks away from Predict 2020 Virtual Summit, our annual online event during which we ponder the future of DevOps, serverless, cybersecurity, digital transformation and IT. This year’s event will be held Jan.

Real Data for a Proper Kubernetes Security Review

The New Stack

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) sponsored this post. Container security has always been a concern — especially now in the wake of recent highly publicized vulnerabilities and breaches.

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Perfect Sense Open Sources Gyro to Automate Cloud Provisioning

Perfect Sense has launched an open source project dubbed Gyro that provides an alternative approach to automating cloud infrastructure provisioning and management. Gyro was developed as an alternative to other open source projects such as Terraform and Pulumi, said CTO Jeremy Collins.

The best cloud and IT Ops conferences of 2020


Maintaining and transforming data center operations is a tough job. Whether you've got public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure and services, each case presents unique challenges.

DevOps Chat: Is the Software We Create More Secure? Veracode’s 10th Report

Application security is top of mind now more than ever. For more than a decade, Veracode examined increasing amounts of code as it passes through their source code vulnerability scanning service.

Divide and Conquer: Distributed Deep Learning Exponentially More Efficient in Search

The New Stack

For many, shopping online has become a preferred alternative to hopping from store to store, spending hours looking for a certain size or for the best price.

Representative Line: Gormless and Gone

The Daily WTF

There’s always a hope that in the future, our code will be better. Eventually, we won’t be dealing with piles of krufty legacy code and unprepared programmers and business users who don’t understand how clicking works. It’s 2020: we officially live in the future. Things aren’t better. Duane works in Go, and has a piping hot “Representative Line” written in 2020. If, like me, you don’t quite know Go, it still looks pretty terrible at first glance: db.Raw("update backlog set id = ?

How to Include Every Department in DevOps

The New Stack

GitLab sponsored this post. Bethan Vincent. Bethan is the marketing director at Netsells, a software and product development agency based in York, U.K.

CodeSignal Named Top Emerging Startup in HR Tech


Did you know there are over 16,000 solutions for HR teams? Which is why we’re thrilled to announce that CodeSignal was selected as a top HR tech startup in Tracxn’s annual list.

New Roles Aren’t Cause For Losing Old Skills


When leaders take on more responsibility it’s important not to lose all the skills and qualities that got them there. Today’s post is by Graeme Findlay, author of Evolve (CLICK HERE to get your copy). Ahmed, the Vice President for Manufacturing in a large pharmaceutical company could hardly sit still as frustration boiled over.

The Difference Between Black Box And White Box Testing

Dzone - DevOps

Do you know the difference? Software testing is an essential activity in the software development process. Without testing, you’ll end up with a buggy product that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do — a lemon.

Four short links: 14 January 2020

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

The 2019 Privacy Legislation Bomb Cyclone — I know from experience in edtech that the morass of states’ legislation doesn’t make life easy for startups. Brace for more, affecting everyone. We may have passed the days when you could do something online without needing an expert opinion from a lawyer.

Machine Learning Challenges and Trends for the Enterprise, 2020 and Beyond

The New Stack

As we look to 2020 and what it’s set to bring for machine learning (ML) in the enterprise, growth is a key observation. As ML applications steadily become more mainstream in small, medium and large companies, use cases continue to evolve and deployments increase.

Why Unit Tests Should Be Avoided For Web Applications

Dzone - DevOps

Here's why you may not want to use unit tests for your web apps. If you are a mid- or senior-level developer, by now you have already educated yourself enough about why you should write unit test cases and how it helps make your web application robust.

4 Common Skills That Could Make You Can Exceptional Data Scientist

Coding Dojo

There is probably no job title loaded with more intimidating terms than “data scientist.” In “data,” you have words like … Read more >>. The post 4 Common Skills That Could Make You Can Exceptional Data Scientist appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog. All Posts

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Debunking the Common Misconceptions Related To DevOps

Dzone - DevOps

Dispel some of the myths about DevOps. Any business today aims at achieving faster time to market with quality products or services. This is needed to stay competitive as rivals can threaten to lure away customers by offering better user experience.

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life (Book Review)


Ikigai is the Japanese art of living. I am a fan of Japanese way of thinking whether it is related to how they led the quality movement or how they exercise their craftsman spirit in day to day life.

Infrastructure as Code Automation To The Cloud With Terraform and Azure Pipelines

Dzone - DevOps

See how Infrastructure as Code automates with Terraform and Azure Pipelines. Infrastructure-as-Code is best applied when managing infrastructure within the cloud. Tools like Terraform are getting more and more standard because of their easy use and multi-cloud nature.

Azure 52

Article: Q&A on the Book Quantum Leadership

InfoQ Culture Methods

The book Quantum Leadership by Frederick Chavalit Tsao and Chris Laszlo brings to light the power of direct-intuitive practices – such as meditation, nature immersion, art, and exercise – to transform a leader’s consciousness to the highest point of leverage for entrepreneurial creativity that embeds social purpose.

Employee Training Tips for 2020

Strategy Driven

Employee training in many different industries follows a similar pattern. There’s book learning – we give our employees handbooks or guides so that they can read more about their jobs and learn more about our companies.

3 Ways a Digital Business Can Get Customer Experience Right

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

Reading Time: 3 mins 30 sec. There is a secret to success shared by top digital businesses today, and it has to do with providing a positive customer experience. Happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience.

Why Companies Hire an External Consultant to Help Them

Strategy Driven

Many companies hire consultants but how widespread is the practice? The consulting market across the world is valued at 262 billion dollars. Are you trying to figure out why companies hire an external consultant? Read on to learn how consulting professionals can help your business. Expert Advice.