Sat.Oct 05, 2019

5 Reasons to Get Your Programming Homework Done by Experts

The Crazy Programmer

Can’t find the optimal solution to the programming problem? Are you tired from the need to deal with complex assignments in programming daily? There is an effective way out – delegate the part of your programming homework to professionals. Have you never paid for custom writing services before?

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Portable Atmospheric Readings with a Sparkfun Breakout Board

The New Stack

The postman delivered a BME280 atmospheric breakout board , last week from Sparkfun. It measures local barometric pressure, humidity, altitude and temperature.

The due diligence of a deal


Technology due diligence may turn up surprises, but it’s better to find them sooner rather than later. Third-party audits can help you assess your risk. The post The due diligence of a deal appeared first on Software Integrity Blog. Mergers & Acquisitions

Every “bad developer” story has 2 sides

I'm Programmer

Coding Humor. 1 of 3. programmer when new ide is realese programmer when new ide is realese. the joy of programming the joy of programming. Hard coding Hard coding. The post Every “bad developer” story has 2 sides appeared first on I'm Programmer.

Design and Run Experiments That Actually Progress Your Business

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

Experimenting as a way to explore new products, services, and business models can help eliminate the guesswork involved in building something your customers actually value. That said, it's often quite tricky to take your vision and figure out the first experiment to run. How do you get started? How can you ensure your experiments are well-designed? Join Nick Noreña, educator, entrepreneur, and currently an Innovation Coach at Kromatic, as he walks us through how we can figure out the right experiments to run for any product or service, and in organizations of all sizes.

Introducing Demisto v5.0: SOAR Just Got Better

Palo Alto Networks

By Abhishek Iyer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Demisto. We are excited to announce new enhancements to our comprehensive security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform, Demisto. This new release redefines the limits of SOAR customizability, enabling security analysts to visualize incident and indicator flows in a completely tailored manner, making it easier than ever to manage and automate incident response. Demisto v5.0