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Why does the Scrum Team need Self-Organization?

To answer the question, let’s go through these two definitions of “Team” and “Self-Organization”. What is a team? Team is a group of people who work together, to finish a work or a destination. Somehow, it is a natural need, when the individuals feel, they can’t handle their work alone.

Smoothing Rough Edges

N2Growth Blog

How rough are your edges? Which aspects of your professional life need to be smoothed, polished, developed or refined? Do you understand what it takes to close the gap between success and true greatness as it applies to you?

Does Your Team Produce ‘Bugs’?

Sub-title: Not Every Defect is a ‘Bug’. Name It to Tame It.” Dr. Dan Siegal coined that phrase as a way of handling difficult emotional responses. Applying a name to an emotion can help a person manage or conquer it.


PHP Creator Rasmus Lerdorf Shares Lessons Learned from the Last 25 Years

The New Stack

This year’s annual phpDay Italian PHP conference in Verona ended with a surprisingly reflective talk from the original creator of PHP.

PHP 79

Production Excellence: Practical Lessons from Site Reliability Engineering

Speaker: Liz Fong-Jones, Principal Developer Advocate,

Modern software organizations build increasingly complex distributed systems with many moving parts. As senior software leaders, we often struggle with noisy alerts, grumbling between Dev and DevOps, slow incident resolution and many other related pain points. It’s hard to figure out what to do with this increasingly difficult problem, yet it’s clearly our responsibility to deliver features and production quality. We are excited to be joined by Liz Fong-Jones, who has a deep understanding of what it takes to implement SRE-type practices in many different kinds of organizations. She brings together a picture and set of practices under the umbrella of Production Excellence that provides a clear and practical plan for senior software leaders.

Tree Traversal – Inorder, Preorder and Postorder

The Crazy Programmer

Here you will learn about tree traversal with program example. Tree is a subset of Graph data structure where the number of edges are exactly one less than the number of vertices (nodes). We can call any graph a tree if it does not have any cycle (closed loop).

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CodeSOD: Making a Nest

The Daily WTF

Tiffany started the code review with an apology. "I "I only did this to stay in style with the existing code, because it's either that or we rewrite the whole thing from scratch." " Jim J , who was running the code review nodded. Before Tiffany, this application had been designed from the ground up by Armando.

A thought experiment to help you decide on an effective course of action

Net Objectives

Consider how your organization is currently developing products and/or services. As a thought experiment, consider how to make things worse. For example, have people work on too many things, don’t have a process where you resolve multiple requests, have product managers create requirements for the team and just hand them off in written form, have developers … Continue reading "A thought experiment to help you decide on an effective course of action". Lean Agile Adoption

Calm Before the Storm


The company behind the world's leading meditation app found itself in a decidedly non-calming situation when an outage revealed an immediate need for a new system

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Organizing for Customer Centricity

Speaker: Tatyana Mamut, Head of Product, Nextdoor

Most companies today say they are “customer centric.” Yet many still make decisions primarily based on competitor threats, technical architecture, or executive opinions. So what sets apart those that talk the talk, and those that walk the walk? Join Nextdoor's Head of Product Tatyana Mamut, PhD as she outlines the 7 habits of truly customer-centric companies.

Exciting News To Share With Every Vet Concerning Cloud Security Alliance


If you are a veteran eligible for the G.I Bill this may well be of personal interest (if you are not a veteran please share this with one). The Cloud Security Alliance has just announced that they received final approval from the VA that allows the G.I.

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Take the 2020 DevOps Institute Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Survey

Everyone is talking about upskilling but how do you know which skills are considered a must-have, nice to have and not as important these days? What are the hiring trends within the industry including the most sought after roles and plans?

How to Know Your Worth and Get Better Jobs

Women on Business

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Three Reasons Facebook Libra is a Bad Idea

Beyond B2B

Facebook wants to bring more affordable money transactions to the masses through a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

Basic dashboards used to be enough to thrill end users. But over time, modern capabilities have emerged—and bare-minimum features are no longer cutting it. How have analytics changed? And where do your BI offerings fall short? Find out sophisticated ways to future-proof your application. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.