Sun.Jan 19, 2020

5 practices that help with agile software development

Often we work harder in Scrum teams, but not necessarily smarter. Therefore the way we work has to change. Five tips for more effective agile work. As a technical Scrum Master and technical Agile Coach, I travel a lot with teams and accompany them on their adventures.

Looking Back on 20 Years of Enterprise Java

It is hard to believe, but enterprise Java has existed as we know it for more than 20 years. In December of 1999, the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (formerly J2EE, now called Java EE or Jakarta EE) was introduced.

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Help them with the Why

How many times a day are you walking into the conversation where people jump into discussing solutions that lead nowhere, lack a clear purpose for the people involved in the conversation, don’t make sense altogether without the additional “why” discussion?


Painful Self-Development

The Daily WTF

Daniel didn't believe the rumor at first. Whenever his company chased after the hottest new business trends, they usually pursued the worst trends imaginable. But word was that this time, they'd seen fit to mimic Google’s fabled "20% Time."

How AI Can Radically Change Your Business

AI is quickly becoming mainstream, thanks to its value-driving capabilities. Yet, even with such widespread attention, it still is one of the most misunderstood technologies out there. Here's how to make the most out of it and bring a positive change to your company.

The Scrum Master Role and The Four Agreements

I recently read the book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. And I noticed strong correlations with what it takes to be an effective Scrum Master. I also see how some of these concepts show up throughout my Scrum Master: Grow 6-week online video course.


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Interview Tips for Executives

N2Growth Blog

Job interviews: these two words conjure a range of emotions and reactions. Whether those sentiments are anxiety, dread, excitement, or something else entirely, the fact is that job interviews are an indispensable part of professional life, especially for executives. . Even so, there is still an incredible amount of ambiguity and conflicting advice when it comes to interviewing. .

How the ‘Y2K’ Bug Returned on Jan. 1, 2020

The New Stack

It’s a truism among programmers — that dates are difficult. Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent preparing humankind for the transition from the year 1999 to the year 2000 (“Y2K”), in a legendary and largely unsung effort by the world’s programmers and sysadmins.

RapidValue Wins the “Best Cloud Engineering Services Provider 2019” in the 2019 US Technology Elite Awards


RapidValue has emerged as the winner for the best cloud engineering services provider at the US Technology Elite Awards 2019. US Business News accepted nominations from the best companies, offering their technical expertise, services and products, to the vast array of markets and sectors that rely upon these advancements technologies to make their own operations run more efficiently and competitively.

Core Domain Patterns

Strategic Tech

Time and resources are limited. How we spend our time and apply our resources when developing software systems is possibly the most fundamental and difficult challenge. Of all the things we could be doing, what should we do and how much quality and rigour should we invest?

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life with Nir Eyal

Speaker: Nir Eyal

Ever get the feeling the world is full of too many distractions? Research shows the ability to stay focused is a competitive advantage, in work and in life. However, in an age of ever-increasing demands on our attention how do we stay productive and stay sane? In this webinar, Nir provides research-backed, practical advice, and memorable strategies for managing distraction and our time. Nir Eyal shares findings of his five years of research into how to master what he calls, "the skill of the century," the power to be "Indistractable."

A Deep Dive into Log Monitoring Using Elastic Stack


It is very hard to monitor logs of large environments using manual log monitoring. In such situations, we need to use centralized and near real-time log monitoring systems. This will help in detecting and resolving anomalies as soon as they occur.

More Good Programming Quotes, Part 4

Henrik Warne

Here are more good programming quotes I have found since my last post. Microservices. “Microservices are just dynamic linking over HTTP” via @mononcqc. “kubernetes – turning things off and on again, at scale” @decimalator. Full stack.