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How to Achieve AWS Security in 10 Steps

Looking to lock down your AWS cloud service? Here are the 10 steps to take for AWS security As more companies embrace the cloud, security is becoming a more significant challenge.

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Secure SDLC 101


Learn about the phases of a software development life cycle, plus how to build security in or take an existing SDLC to the next level: the secure SDLC. The post Secure SDLC 101 appeared first on Software Integrity Blog. Agile, CI/CD & DevOps Software Security Program


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Where are you on the Cloud Spend Optimization Maturity Curve?


Cloud spend optimization is always top of mind for public cloud users.

Noticing Inequity and Exploring the Problem in Open Space

Agile Alliance

A recap of our July 10th event In order to explore Growing Racial Equity in the Agile Community for Black Lives, it felt natural to use a design thinking approach. When faced with a compelling problem, it’s instinctive to want to offer a solution as quickly as we can.

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2 - Fondations de Scrum

Pour bien comprendre les fondations de Scrum, nous partons du postulat que nous créons et maintenons des systèmes complexes : un système informatique, une campagne marketing, une stratégie de vente, etc. Les fondations de Scrum sont : les Valeurs Scrum et l’empirisme. Valeurs Scrum.


3 Key Issues With Hybrid Cloud Transformation

The cloud has fractured. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to scale a cloud-agnostic digital transformation initiative. The reality is that most enterprises adopt a hybrid cloud arrangement.

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Agile Project Management

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Supply Chain With Big Data


Customer preference drives demand trends, and in the face of COVID-19, it is imperative to use crowd wisdom in order to remain competitive. In the digital age, consumer feedback is […].

Agile Alliance Members Meeting 2020

Agile Alliance

The Alliance

How to Achieve AWS Security in 10 Steps


Read Manish Mistry list 10 steps to ensure Amazon AWS security on DevOps: As more companies embrace the cloud, security is becoming a more significant challenge. Irrespective of size, organizations […].

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The Magic Framework

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times : Bruce Lee. This morning, at the close of my metabolic conditioning workout, my Coach Arvind said " Hey, I have a magic training plan, that would get you closer to your goals ". It will give you the bare-bones structure, will empower you to self organize and chart out your own course to get closer to your strength and endurance goals.

What Organizations Need to Know About IoT Supply Chain Risk


Read Daniel dos Santos explain the Internet of Things supply chain risks on Dark Reading : As organizations let billions of connected devices into their corporate networks, do they really […].

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Why Courageous Cultures are More Important Now than Ever (and more)

Let's Grow Leaders

No more safe silence – build courageous cultures for a brighter, bolder future We’ve spent the past three years researching, interviewing, and working with leaders of big and fast-growing companies, nonprofits, and government organizations around the globe to bring you Courageous Cultures: […].

5G Security in an IoT Architecture


Read Roland Atoui take a look at the security of 5G in an Internet of Things architecture on IoT for All : 5G is in its early stages (available in […].

Does Your Organization Need an Open Source Program Office?

The New Stack

Every modern enterprise uses some open source software, or at the very least uses software that has open-source components.

Gearset Officially Launches Backup Solution for Salesforce

London, UK — July 27, 2020 — Gearset, the leading DevOps solution provider for Salesforce, announced today the official launch of its newest product for the Salesforce ecosystem: Data Backup.

Blockchain & the Retail Industry: Product Safety and Counterfeiting Use Cases


Read Michelle Ann Gitlitz, Cheryl A. Falvey and Justin Porter explain the use of blockchain technology in the retail sector on Lexology: Blockchain is a digital, decentralized, distributed ledger that […].

Why Digital Transformation in the New Normal Is Essential

The New Stack

Dynatrace sponsored this post. Alois Reitbauer. Alois is the Vice President and Chief Technology Strategist at Dynatrace.

Enabling high-speed Spark direct reader for Apache Hive ACID tables


Apache Hive supports transactional tables which provide ACID guarantees. There has been a significant amount of work that has gone into hive to make these transactional tables highly performant.

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The Next Frontier for AIOps – Application Optimization

The New Stack

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) holds great promise for enterprise IT teams. Intelligently automating formerly manual IT tasks, such as resource provisioning, and monitoring and managing network and application performance, are game-changers for these teams.

Tenable Earns SC Media’s Highest Rating for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management


SC Media recently conducted comprehensive product reviews of and Tenable Lumin, assessing them based on SC Labs’ standards of overall performance, ease of use, features, documentation, support and value for the money. We’re proud to announce that SC Media awarded

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Cloudflare’s Network Shutdown Shows Why DNS Is a DevOps Problem

The New Stack

Cloudflare’s widespread outage a few weeks ago underscored both the inherent fragility in DNS connections and the importance of building in redundancies to help ensure that such a worst-case scenario does not ever happen.

Telemedicine Platform Development How to Start a Telemedicine Business

Cabot Solutions

Telemedicine platform development has become the need of the hour due to the pandemic In this article we discuss how to start a telemedicine business

Automate Productivity Using OpenManage Integrations for Microsoft

Dell EMC

Data centers require consistent maintenance to ensure the bios, firmware, and drivers remain secure and run efficiently.

Creating Galaxies Not Pyramids


The top-down hierarchical structure of organizations is limited and outdated. Here are four tips for leaders to adjust their strategic planning process to support a networked model. Today’s post is by Chris Yates, author of Share (CLICK HERE to get your copy).

How Online Alumni Eric Somogyi Went From Admin to Engineer

Coding Dojo

Pre-Dojo : Worked as a Windows System Administrator. Felt his job was a dead end. Desired learning how to develop. … Read more >>. The post How Online Alumni Eric Somogyi Went From Admin to Engineer appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog.

CodeSOD: Underscoring the Comma

The Daily WTF

Andrea writes to confess some sins, though I'm not sure who the real sinner is. To understand the sins, we have to talk a little bit about C/C++ macros. Andrea was working on some software to control a dot-matrix display from an embedded device.

Continuous delivery: What it is, and why it matters


Continuous delivery (CD) "is the ability to get changes of all types—including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments—into production, or into the hands of users, safely, and quickly in a sustainable way.". DevOps, DevOps Transformation, Continuous Delivery (CD

How Agile Metrics can Boost your Product Development Process


A report by the Harvard Business Review states that companies that adopt Agile processes, experience 60% in revenue and profit growth. The statistics surrounding Agile Methodology thus points to the simple fact that this methodology has grown legs.

Remote Learning and Ransomware: 8 Way Schools Can Protect Their Data Now


More than 284 schools were hit by successful ransomware attacks between January 1 and April 18 of this year. That was before schools shut down across the country due to COVID-19.

RudderStack Launches New SaaS Version of its Customer Data Platform, Becomes First Open-Source CDP Vendor to Offer Multiple Hosting Options: SaaS or On-Prem in Virtual Private Cloud

New SaaS option makes RudderStack a fit for any size enterprise San Francisco, Calif.