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9 Pillars of Continuous Security Best Practices


Without proper consideration given to security best practices, the continuous delivery of software changes facilitated by DevOps is risky.

7 data trends on our radar

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From infrastructure to tools to training, Ben Lorica looks at what’s ahead for data. Whether you’re a business leader or a practitioner, here are key data trends to watch and explore in the months ahead. Increasing focus on building data culture, organization, and training.

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1 Million Engineers Can’t Be Wrong: The Top Stories You Liked in 2018


We’re taking a walk down memory lane to see which topics, trends and posts interested you in 2018. As part of our 2019 resolutions, we’ve decided we want to write more about the topics that interest you, our beloved audience.

Types of Queues in Data Structure

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Queue is an important structure for storing and retrieving data and hence is used extensively among all the data structures. Queue, just like any queue (queues for bus or tickets etc.)

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The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

Basic dashboards used to be enough to thrill end users. But over time, modern capabilities have emerged—and bare-minimum features are no longer cutting it. How have analytics changed? And where do your BI offerings fall? Find out sophisticated ways to future-proof your application. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Leadership for the Knowledge Work Era


In working in today’s knowledge work economy, it surprises me that many leaders still use traditional ways of leading their people. Leaders still put most of the focus on the work to be done instead of focusing on the people to create an environment where great work can be done.

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CSS (Under)Performance

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Ah, WordPress. If you hadn't heard of it by reputation, it sounds pretty good: one platform where you can build a blog, an e-commerce site, an app, or some combination of all of the above.

Always-on Development: Why Continuous Delivery Relies on Security by Design


How continuous delivery can help organizations in their application security efforts The old model of developing secure applications followed a structured, siloed, step-by-step process—build, check, release.

How do we attract new IT talent to IBM i?


What would it take to attract and keep IT professionals to the IBM i platform? The post How do we attract new IT talent to IBM i? appeared first on The Zend Blog. Open Source Uncategorized IBM i

Beyond Code Control: Git for Everything!

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Arthur Schmunk. Arthur Schmunk is co-founder and CEO of datree.io, a code policy enforcement solution. He's committed helping developers code confidently in this brave new world of software-defined everything. Arthur is a technical evangelist with a particular interest in Cloud Computing and GitOps.

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Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Think your customers will pay more for data visualizations in your application? Five years ago they may have. But today, dashboards and visualizations have become table stakes. Discover which features will differentiate your application and maximize the ROI of your embedded analytics. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Slow MySQL Start Time in GTID mode? Binary Log File Size May Be The Issue

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Have you been experiencing slow MySQL startup times in GTID mode? We recently ran into this issue on one of our MySQL hosting deployments and set out to solve the problem. In this blog, we break down the issue that could be slowing down your MySQL restart times, how to debug for your deployment, and what you can do to decrease your start time and improve your understanding of GTID-based replication. How We Found The Problem.

Nullable Types


The post Nullable Types appeared first on DevOps.com. Continuous Delivery ROELBOB

Sponsored Post: InMemory.Net, Triplebyte, Etleap, Stream, Scalyr

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Who's Hiring? Triplebyte lets exceptional software engineers skip screening steps at hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart. Make your job search O (1), not O ( n ). Apply here. Need excellent people? Advertise your job here! Fun and Informative Events. Advertise your event here! Cool Products and Services. InMemory.Net provides a Dot Net native in memory database for analysing large amounts of data.

How to Secure Your Cloud Environment Beyond Your Cloud Vendor’s Tools

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Twistlock sponsored this post. Ever since the cloud became a thing about a decade ago, we’ve been inundated with warnings (such as here , here and here ) about how the cloud can pose security risks. In reality, the cloud is not inherently insecure, despite what some people may imply.

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5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

Many application teams leave embedded analytics to languish until something—an unhappy customer, plummeting revenue, a spike in customer churn—demands change. But by then, it may be too late. In this White Paper, Logi Analytics has identified 5 tell-tale signs your project is moving from “nice to have” to “needed yesterday.". Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part II

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In Part I, we introduced a High Availability (HA) framework for MySQL hosting and discussed various components and their functionality. Now in Part II, we will discuss the details of MySQL semisynchronous replication and the related configuration settings that help us ensure redundancy and consistency of the data in our HA setup.

Facial Recognition System – the new future of Biometrics Identification


Year 2017, at KFC in Hangzhou, China, a customer comes to buy food, look at the camera and in order to pay just smiles and walk away happy with the order. No, it’s not a scene from some movie. It’s Alibaba’s “Smile to Pay” service, Facial Recognition, launched by Ant Financial affiliate. Year 2018, an imposter held down at a Washington, DC Airport for stealing someone’s identity and carrying a fake French Passport. Now, the correlation between these two scenarios lies between the question: How?

Four short links: 8 January 2019

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Visual Attention, Git Server, Cryptocurrency Security, and Strategy vs. Tactics. Implicit Model of Other People’s Visual Attention as an Invisible, Force-Carrying Beam Projecting from the Eyes -- I wonder how that affects VR/AR interaction design. Here we report that people automatically and unconsciously treat other people’s eyes as if beams of force-carrying energy emanate from them, gently pushing on objects in the world. OneDev -- The opinionated but practical self-hosted git server.

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Accountant job offer in Barcelona


We are looking for an Accountant to be part of Apiumhub Team. The accountant will operate in a high-energy growth environment, and take on increasing levels of responsibility. He or she is a highly organized person who learns quickly, embraces technology and works effectively in fast-paced environments. The accountant will ensure an accurate accounting process in the company and requires the following skills: . Desired skills and experience of an Accountant.

Why “Build or Buy?” Is the Wrong Question for Analytics

Every time an application team gets caught up in the “build vs buy” debate, it stalls projects and delays time to revenue. There is a third option. Partnering with an analytics development platform gives you the freedom to customize a solution without the risks and long-term costs of building your own. Learn when and why it makes sense to build, buy, or take a combined approach to embedded BI. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

Windows Updating

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windows. The post Windows Updating appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes best programming jokes for windows Operating System Operating System Jokes windows updates Windows Updating

May 1st in Nashville, Tennessee: Scaling Agile Delivery (Talk)

James Shore

08 Jan 2019. James Shore/Calendar. I’ll be at the deliver:Agile conference in Nashville from April 29th to May 1st. On the final day, I’ll be talking about scaling Agile from a technical perspective: When multiple teams work on the same product or set of products, how can those teams work together effectively? How do we create a sustainable codebase, minimize cross-team dependencies, and divide up the work? Scaling isn't just a management problem; it's a technical problem too.

What’s New jQuery Use?

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jQuery , the world’s biggest JavaScript library to date, has been a windfall for a lot of us web developers out able. From the time of its basic release in 2006 till today, a lot of us web developers have contained this wonderful library in our enterprise to make our life easier. show() and hide().

IBM Earns Record 9,100 Patents in 2018, Tops U.S. Patent List


IBM’s inventions include use of AI to help people converse, protect the earth’s lakes and combat voice phishing ARMONK, N.Y. – 8 Jan 2019: IBM (NYSE: IBM) inventors received a record 9,100 patents in 2018, marking the company’s 26th consecutive year of U.S. patent leadership. IBM led the industry in the number of artificial intelligence […]. The post IBM Earns Record 9,100 Patents in 2018, Tops U.S. Patent List appeared first on DevOps.com.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Why do some embedded analytics projects succeed while others fail? We surveyed 500+ application teams embedding analytics to find out which analytics features actually move the needle. Read the 6th annual State of Embedded Analytics Report to discover new best practices. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

When you start reading new framework docs!

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The post When you start reading new framework docs! appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes framework docs Ionic Framework Jovo Framework Documentation Serverless Framework ZF Docs - Zend Framework

Long way before AI systems take over humans jobs: Study


Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have a long way to go before they can take over tasks and jobs traditionally performed by people, say scientists who highlighted the severe limitations of deep learning computer networks. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the US conducted various experiments which showed that it is easy to […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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How T-Mobile Deployed Portworx for Flexible Storage

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Portworx sponsored this podcast. T-Mobile knows a thing or two about how waves of traffic can put a strain on an e-commerce website.

The Dual-Use Dilemma Of Artificial Intelligence


Read why Jayshree Pandya says that there will always be the risk of dual-use of artificial intelligence on Forbes : The rapid progress and development in artificial intelligence (AI) is prompting desperate speculation about its dual use applications and security risks. From autonomous weapons systems (AWS) to facial recognition technology to decision-making algorithms, each emerging application […]. Artificial Intelligence News

The Complete Predictive Analytics Lifecycle for Application Teams

Speaker: Sriram Parthasarathy, Senior Director of Predictive Analytics, Logi Analytics

Applications with predictive analytics are able to deliver massive value to end users. But what steps should product managers take to add predictive analytics to their applications? In this webinar, we’ll walk through an end-to-end lifecycle of embedding predictive analytics inside an application. Find out how a real-world application decided what predictive questions to ask, sourced the right data, organized resources, built models, deployed predictive analytics in production, and monitored model performance over time.

With test automation, it's not the tool that matters


People often ask me about the best tool or language to learn when they are starting out or trying to advance their career in test automation. Should they learn Java? Do they need training in Selenium? What about tools such as Cucumber and SpecFlow? App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation

Finland’s grand AI experiment


Jaana Partanen is not your typical AI programming geek. Until a year ago, the 59-year-old dentist from the Finnish town of Mikkeli had no idea what to make of terms like “machine learning” or “neural networks.” ” Now, Partanen spends her evenings learning the basics of coding and she is thinking about how to apply artificial intelligence to […]. Artificial Intelligence News

The Agile Leaders class of 2019


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