Tue.Jul 20, 2021

Patterns of Legacy Displacement

Martin Fowler

My colleagues do a lot of work that involves replacing legacy software systems. Three of my colleagues - Ian Cartwright, Rob Horn, and James Lewis - have started to capture their experience and advice for this is a collection of patterns.

System 162

Mommy, What is Software Quality?


So, what is software quality anyways? Let’s shed some light on some schools of thought. Three Perspectives on Quality Conformance to specifications Suppose we have a predefined list of requirements for a product, and all of these requirements are verified and validated throughout the process of constructing that product. When we are approaching a release, […]. The post Mommy, What is Software Quality? appeared first on Xebia Blog


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Gestión Basada en Evidencia de Scrum.org


La Gestión basada en evidencia de Scrum.org es un marco de trabajo que provee un enfoque empírico para mejorar continuamente el valor entregado a los clientes, las capacidades organizacionales para entregar ese valor y los resultados de negocio en un entorno de alta incertidumbre. link].


3 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Stalled


The more a company modernizes, the more value it gets from the cloud, but not all digital transformation efforts are created—and executed—equally.

Cloud 80

How to Empower Your Users So You Can Create a Great Product

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Join Johanna Rothman, Author and Consultant, for her session that will discuss why instead of designing for the users, CTOs and their teams should collaborate with empowered users to create a great product together.

[VLOG] How To Shift From Self-Defeating Pseudo Agility to Authentic Evidence Based Agility


More than 10 years of helping organizations travel on the path to Agility have taught me some hard lessons about what differentiates the organizations that practice self-defeating pseudo agility from those who practice authentic, evidence based agility. Here is the essence.

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How to Successfully Migrate from Oracle EBS to Microsoft Azure


So you’ve weighed your options and decided that you want to migrate Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Microsoft Azure. The good news is, you’re in good company. According to RightScale’s 2019 “State of the Cloud” report, 94% of companies now use cloud computing in some form or fashion.

Azure 83

Puppet Survey Suggests DevOps Adoption is Stagnant


Puppet today published an annual State of DevOps report that suggests overall adoption of DevOps practices has stagnated. The survey of 2,650 IT, development and information security professionals finds 83% are implementing DevOps practices, to a degree.

Embedding AI Into Every Aspect of Your Business


Most businesses, whether you are in Retail, Manufacturing, Specialty Chemicals, Telecommunications, consider a 10% market capitalization increase from 2020 to 2021 outstanding. But what would you say to your shareholders when they found out your competitors’ market capitalization grew 35%?

Swinging the Pendulum of IT Back to QA


I was reading Nuria Manuel’s excellent article about quality assurance (QA), and it got me thinking about the wide variety of ‘pendulums’ that impact IT.

Address the Challenges of Siloed Monitoring Tools

Companies frequently experience monitoring tool sprawl. Find out why monitoring tool sprawl occurs, why it’s a problem for businesses, and the positive business impacts of monitoring tool consolidation.

Interop·Labs for DOCSIS® 4.0 Technology


On behalf of CableLabs, Kyrio will be hosting upcoming DOCSIS 4.0 interoperability events! . DOCSIS 4.0 technology is the next evolution of the HFC network, moving the industry towards the 10G vision and offering multigigabit symmetric services as well as low latencies over the network. .

Building Data Science & AI Awareness in Nonprofit Organizations


Tom Brown, also known as @tgb417 , is one of the most active users in the Dataiku Community (with fellow ambassador users, the Dataiku Neurons ).

Communal Computing’s Many Problems

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

In the first article of this series, we discussed communal computing devices and the problems they create–or, more precisely, the problems that arise because we don’t really understand what “communal” means. Communal devices are intended to be used by groups of people in homes and offices.

Threat Research with Snowflake & VirusTotal


There is no shortage of threat intelligence. Between numerous vendors and open sources, the amount of data can be overwhelming. The challenge then becomes curating what you already have and tailoring to your needs whether that’s for research, net defense, or both.

A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform

Training companies have an opportunity to embrace the change and create meaningful change in their organizations by moving online. Discover the advantages of a digital-first approach, using an eLearning platform.

The state of app sec testing: DevOps drives evolution


Application security testing (AST) is evolving to meet the speed demands of DevOps and the growing complexity of modern software programs. Security, Application Security, Application Testing

CodeSOD: Validate Freely

The Daily WTF

Validation highlights the evolution of a programmer as they gain experience. A novice programmer, when given a validation problem, will tend to treat the string like an array or use substrings and attempt to verify that the input is the correct format.

Create Your Own Little Shop With Depop App


One’s Trash Is Another One’s Treasure! Of course, this truism is clearly portrayed in our present shopping habits. Last year, when traditional retail witnessed a free fall, the second-hand market observed unprecedented growth.

5G campus networks: Opening new doors to innovation

Beyond B2B

The 5G campus network is positioned to be the future of industrial communications. manufacturing telecommunications

Does Your Company Need Help Solving These 4 Common eLearning Challenges?

If you want to know how to get ahead of the game and avoid the common mishaps in selling your eLearning courses, you’ve come to the right place! Lambda Solutions has identified the most common and costly challenges faced by eLearning providers today.

Ivanti Workspace Control 2021.1 – Service Update 1 is Now Available!


Our latest release of Workspace Control is a service update for IWC 2021.1 containing a number of bug fixes and compatibility updates. But it has so much more than that! We’ve also included a number of User Voice requests which were submitted via the Product Ideas page on the Ivanti Community.

Four Ways to Create the Best Digital Product Pages


If you have just launched your first eCommerce website or you are planning to launch one in the near future that sells digital products, then you must be wondering how to create the best digital product pages for your site.

Using Collaborative Data Collection to Combat Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is one of the world's fastest-growing crimes. It spans continents and industries, and it is often extremely difficult to identify and prosecute perpetrators.

The Best Way to Use Automation Platforms to Optimize Your Business Processes


Every business owner knows that there are too many things to do every day. It is easy to get distracted or bogged down by the sheer number of tasks that you have to do to keep everything running smoothly. Fortunately, automation platforms are available to help you get things done with minimal effort.

Cloud-Scale Monitoring With AWS and Datadog

In this eBook, find out the benefits and complexities of migrating workloads to AWS, and services that AWS offers for containers and serverless computing.

Pattern Reading in Visual Discovery and Modelling

Strategic Tech

There is a long list of things I love about visual discovery and modelling techniques like Event Storming and Example Mapping. But there is one benefit of visual techniques which I find so valuable and yet doesn’t get the recognition it deserves: pattern reading.

The Product Strategy That Works For You


When any successful company or proactive team detects a new approach to satisfying a customer segment they automatically start to think about and envision the best product to fit this need.

Planbox Selected by Kearney to Support Employee-Driven Innovation


Planbox is a pivotal platform in Kearney’s mission to create a healthier and more sustainable work environment.

Direct Booking Success: How Hilton, Marriott, La Quinta, and More Hotels Boost Direct Sales

AltexSoft Travel

Hotels have been experiencing a surge of direct bookings during the pandemic. Yes, while the overall number of bookings dropped due to COVID-19, hotels’ brand.com websites became the third most popular booking channel , in some cases even surpassing Expedia traffic. Why is that?

Deliver Effective Online Education and Events Your Members Will Love

This guide identifies the biggest challenges for associations moving their training online and provides practical solutions so that you can hit the ground running. Download now to keep your members engaged and growing even in times of COVID-19.

What Metrics Should IT Companies Track To Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness?


Read other Exadel content marketing tips for IT companies. Content marketing is a valuable resource for bringing new leads and customers to your organization. Clear marketing and business goals help build a successful strategy for converting website visitors into paying customers.

The Person Who Designs a Ferrari’s Engine is Not the Person Who Designs the Seat


The first time I ever sat in a luxury sports car, I was about 11 years old. It belonged to my friend’s dad who was part of a car club. A couple of times a year, the club would rent out a racetrack and drive their sports cars at ridiculous speeds.

Sport 52

How to Implement Effective A/B Testing for Progressive Web Apps


If you wonder why your company must invest in progressive web apps, here are some of the best features that make PWAs a worthy candidate. Application Development Web Development Article