Sat.Sep 12, 2020

Competencias de un Product Owner

. Aunque la lista de competencias puede ser amplia y variar según el tipo de producto y el escenario a enfrentar las siguientes áreas de competencia pueden ser tomadas en cuenta para ser un gran Product Owner. Experto en Agilidad y Scrum.


Humanize Your Leadership Brand to Impact, Influence and Inspire Others

CEO Insider

These are the days of branding and marketing whether you are a spiritual leader, religious leader, business leader, political leader or an academic leader. With the advent of social media, people started using technology aggressively to build their credibility and enhance visibility.

Film 83

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This Week in Programming: Ignore the Rumors of C++’s Meteoric Rise

The New Stack

Well, this month’s TIOBE Index is out, and there’s headline after headline after headline touting the revival of C++, and sounding the death knell for Java. If this seems like a bit of grasping for an attention-grabbing conclusion, that’s because it mostly likely is just that.

The top three immigration issues impacting workforce strategy

CEO Insider

With the business toll from the pandemic continuing to mount, CEOs have shifted strategies to meet the new market. In some cases, this means a total reinvention – but in many, it means assessing the workforce and adapting to the new reality. Foreign workers make up a sizable percentage of the U.S.

Facebook Causes Continue to Show Little Promise as Fundraising Tools

How E-Learning Improves Sales and Marketing Teams In Real-Time


Sales and marketing training can be a rough hurdle for companies. After all, constantly changing product schemes and continuous new recruitment can make it challenging to train employees effectively and quickly.