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Inside Out: The New-Age Data Warehouse

The New Stack

John Dillon. John Dillon is the Chief Executive Officer of Aerospike. John has more than 30 years of experience building high-growth technology companies and a passion for empowering developers creating next-gen applications in the cloud.

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Building a Security Feedback Process for DevOps

The last few years have seen some major slip-ups in the security space among all major cloud providers, resulting in uncertainty and speculation.

Open-Convergence v. Hyper-Convergence: Where Should You Place Your Bet?


Research firm Forrester predicts that hyper-converged systems will “become ubiquitous” as a common platform for deploying on-premises infrastructure. Compared to legacy infrastructure approaches, converged infrastructures promise lower costs, more scalability, and more flexible management.

Nexus Daily Scrum no Scrum of Scrum

En Nexus no se requiere una reunión “Scrum of Scrums” ya que se usa el Nexus Daily Scrum. El Nexus Integration Team tiene la responsabilidad de gestionar las dependencias de un Nexus y es un equipo dedicado a esta labor entre otras responsabilidades.


Design and Run Experiments That Actually Progress Your Business

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

Experimenting as a way to explore new products, services, and business models can help eliminate the guesswork involved in building something your customers actually value. That said, it's often quite tricky to take your vision and figure out the first experiment to run. How do you get started? How can you ensure your experiments are well-designed? Join Nick Noreña, educator, entrepreneur, and currently an Innovation Coach at Kromatic, as he walks us through how we can figure out the right experiments to run for any product or service, and in organizations of all sizes.

Is AI and Machine learning impacting Enterprise Mobility?

OTS Solutions

Is AI and Machine learning impacting Enterprise Mobility? With the advancement in new trends and technology, tech trends are growing every day. Already websites and mobiles apps have taken over everything in the world of business.

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Dreams and Realities in the SDLC

The post Dreams and Realities in the SDLC appeared first on Blogs ROELBOB

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Enabling end-to-end machine learning pipelines in real-world applications

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Nick Pentreath on overcoming challenges in productionizing machine learning models. In this episode of the Data Show , I spoke with Nick Pentreath , principal engineer at IBM.

4 Traits of High-Performance Digital Leaders

Businesses that have retooled their culture, their hierarchy and their business mindset toward the use of technology are consistently outperforming their more traditional peers.

How to hire the best developer talent at your next career fair

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

For the past nine years, software engineers have been at the top of the ‘hardest to fill jobs’ in the US. Over 120,000 tech jobs open in the US each year, with only close to 60,000 computer science graduates. It’s no different in European countries, where tech talent shortage is hitting the market.

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How to Design Strong Experiments

Speaker: Franziska Beeler, Head of Cloud Academy, and Tendayi Viki, Associate Partner, Strategyzer

When testing new business and product ideas, choosing the right experiment is just the beginning. After we have chosen our experiment, it’s important that we spend some time designing it well. Join Tendayi Viki, corporate innovation expert and associate partner at Strategyzer, and Franziska Beeler, Head of Cloud Academy at Strategyzer, as they walk us through the three key elements that help you design stronger experiments and come away with the evidence you need to advance your idea.

GitLab Expands Scope of DevOps Ambitions

GitLab, with the release of its 12.0 update, is extending the reach of its namesake continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform to include both cybersecurity professionals and traditional IT operations staff.

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Innovation Journeys: 10G is new. We have been working on it for years.


You may have noticed that CableLabs is focused on innovation. One of our goals it to be recognized as the leading industry innovation lab in the world but talking about our innovation can be a bit tricky.

Java Keeps Pace With Software Developments To Ensure Enduring Popularity

The Crazy Programmer

Java’s Community Process chair, Heather VanCura, has recently demonstrated how successfully Java is keeping up with software development.

Comparing Database Management Systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL Server, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and others


So you are building a software application. One of the first questions you face is how to store your data. Which database will you choose? Database Management System or DBMS is a software which communicates with the database itself, applications, and user interfaces to obtain and parse data.

Get Better User Insights With Wasteless Validation

Speaker: Tim Herbig, Product Management Coach and Consultant

Product teams tend to get ahead of themselves by rushing from idea straight to building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). How can a product manager slow their team down and prevent them from wasting valuable resources? Join Tim Herbig, Product Management Coach and Consultant, as he introduces a new way of understanding MVPs and explores how you can approach validation without wasting the resources of your development team.

How to Use Google Ads to Grow Your Business

Women on Business

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5 Themes from the EGG NYC Conference Morning Sessions


The human-centered AI conference, EGG NYC, is off to a great start! We've brought data enthusiasts and practitioners together to talk about the future of AI and how to keep humanity and empathy at the center as we drive the technology forward.

Druva Raises $130 Million to Power Data Protection for the Cloud Era

The investment enables rapid global expansion and continued innovation of the industry’s first and most complete data protection technology built for the cloud SUNNYVALE, Calif. June 20, 2019 – Druva, Inc.,

From Engineer to Executive: An Interview with Eric Muntz of MailChimp

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

Episode 8. If you’ve ever wondered about what it could look like to go from being an engineer to the senior executive level of your company, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Walk a Mile in Your Customer's Shoes

Speaker: Steven Haines, Founder and CEO, Sequent Learning Networks

Product professionals use phrases like "voice of the customer," and "user experience" so often that it can be easy to lose sight of their actual meanings. How can we, as product professionals, learn to keep customers and users at the heart of our work? Join Steven Haines, globally recognized thought leader and author, as he guides us through a memorable journey demonstrating how you can walk a mile in their customer's shoes. He'll explore how, by developing true empathy for your users, you can ensure you're creating the features and products they actually want.

Developing Ownership and Commitment: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Welcome to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival! This month, our contributors share their thoughts about developing ownership and commitment (and a few shared things they were most proud of.) Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic […]. The post Developing Ownership and Commitment: A Frontline Festival appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Frontline Festival Winning Well employee engagement ownership

Data Management: Design Principals

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

In the recent blog “Redefining Data Protection,” Sharad Rastogi discusses unlocking the value of data capital by evolving data protection to that of a leverageable service to help drive business outcomes. In this context, data protection transitions to data management.

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Which Jira Product is Best for You: Software, Portfolio, or Align?

Modus Create

As an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, Modus supports clients in all stages of the Atlassian lifecycle, from licensing, to enabling, to scaling, to training. Learn more about we can do with Atlassian and talk to an expert on our partner page.

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Azure AKS Overview: Azure’s Managed Kubernetes Service


In today’s entry in our exploration of container services , we’ll look at Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Azure 80

How User Acceptance Testing Can Save You Time and Money

Speaker: J.B. Siegel, VP of Client Services, Seamgen

Before a new product or feature goes into development, you have to gauge whether it will be a worthwhile investment. But what’s the best way to do so - and how can you get honest insights from your end users? Join J.B. Siegel, VP of Client Services at Seamgen, as he explores how to use wireframes and clickable prototypes to validate your product. He’ll discuss how user testing allows you to really understand your users - and how to use the insights to inform your product strategy.

Integrate Ansible With FlexDeploy Workflows


Ansible is an open-source automation tool that provides a simple way to automate applications and IT infrastructure. It allows you to manage configurations, deploy applications, start and stop middleware, and much more. Ansible works by running modules on remote hosts.

‘Microservices for the Enterprise’: A Book about Real-World Challenges

The New Stack

WSO2 sponsored this post. Kasun Indrasiri. Kasun is the director of integration architecture at WSO2 and is an author/evangelist on Microservices Architecture and Enterprise Integration Architecture. He has authored Microservices for Enterprise and Beginning WSO2 ESB.

JET Application Build and Deployment Made Easy Using FlexDeploy


JET Made Easy Developing new enterprise applications? Building JavaScript based user interfaces that need deployment? Then Flexagon’s new JET Plugin (FlexDeploy may be for you. With the evolution of technology, companies such as Oracle and Flexagon have been transitioning to the cloud.

Grover AI Detects Machine-Generated ‘Neural’ Fake News — By Also Generating It

The New Stack

How To Take Action on Customer Discovery

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

We all want to build successful products - and that means satisfied customers. Before anything else, you must understand what problems you can solve. The best way to do that is to get out of the building and start asking questions. But how can you make the most of those conversations, and ensure that you walk away with productive insights? Join Nick Noreña, educator, entrepreneur, and currently Innovation Coach and Advisor at Kromatic, as he covers how we can effectively action our findings from customer discovery conversations.

Navigate 2019: My Five Lessons Learned and Key Takeaways


The job of identity governance is never done.

HAProxy 2.0 Adds Kubernetes, Pushes ‘Polyglot Extensibility’

The New Stack

Four short links: 20 June 2019

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Model Governance, Content Moderators, Interactive Fiction, and End-User Probabilistic Programming. Model Governance and Model Operations -- models built or tuned for specific applications (in reality, this means models + data) will need to be managed and protected.