Fri.Jul 03, 2020

What EARN IT and LAED mean for encryption

The Parallax

Is encryption the biggest impediment to law enforcement’s ability to stop sexual predators of children? For the advocates of the EARN IT Act, which would loosen the rules protecting Internet services’ use of encryption, it most certainly is.

[2 Mins FAQ] Can One Person Be Both The Scrum Master And The Product Owner?

What’s up awesome people. I hope you had a great week and ready for the weekend. Starting from today, I am going to start a new series on my channel which I will call the 2 minutes FAQ series.


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How Alegion uses ML to help with data labeling


Tired of boring presentations and powerpoint slides? So were we! So, Cognilytica recently launched our AI Demo Showcase to give companies an opportunity to demo their products in an interactive […]. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Companies

Financial Services: Future Proofing Your Digital Transformation Strategy

The Financial Services: Future Proofing Your Digital Transformation Strategy virtual event will explore the state of development and DevOps in the finance industry, and how organizations can digitally transform their strategy in order to release new, compliant applications and safely adapt to change at any speed demanded by the business.

Seeing People Through – Interview with Nate Regier

Let's Grow Leaders

How can understanding yourself help you be more influential with your team? In this episode, Dr. Nate Regier will help you understand, connect with, and lead your team members more effectively by understanding yourself. They may seem different, but look a […].


How Do Gradient Boosting Algorithms Handle Categorical Variables?


Previously , we investigated the differences between versions of the gradient boosting algorithm regarding tree-building strategies. We’ll now have a closer look at the way categorical variables are handled by LightGBM [ 2 ] and CatBoost [ 3 ]. Tech Blog

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Compressed air and the IoT

Beyond B2B

The paint job on your car is beautiful; it turns heads and reflects your personality. Integration & APIs IoT

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The New Stack Context: Tanzu, the VMware Kubernetes Distro for Developers

The New Stack

Welcome to The New Stack Context , a podcast where we discuss the latest news and perspectives in the world of cloud native computing. For this week’s episode, we spoke with Craig McLuckie , who is the VMware chief of Tanzu development, as well as one of the creators of Kubernetes.

How Your Personal Debt is Holding You Back

Women on Business

Brought to you by Creditfix: We all have debts, from credit cards to loans and even student debt. However, when your debts begin to take over your life, it’s not just your finances that start to feel the strain.


HTNG: What Hospitality Technology Next Generation Is and How It Works


Comfort, safety, cleanliness, rest, food, and drinks — these are the things we expect under the broad umbrella of lodging. And we often get them.

Fitness Goes Digital With Mobile Apps In 2020 And Ahead


With the COVID-19 outbreak, fitness studios across the country are closing their doors and adapting to the new reality. The unexpected shift has motivated creativity and affability for gyms and health studios, which significantly rely on the physical location and on-site staff.

Linux Lesson: Copy Files Over Your Network with scp

The New Stack

I occasionally need to copy files between computers on my local network. It might be sound files for my robotic skull’s voice (on a Raspberry Pi), screenshot graphics captured for a tech article or any number of text configuration files.

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Developing a Mobile App with a Better User Interface


The terms client experience (UX) and (UI) have gotten coincidentally abused in the versatile application advancement community.UX includes everything influencing a client’s observation and connection with an item.

Fight Climate Change with Open Source

The New Stack

The Linux Foundation sponsored this post. Arjan Stam. Arjan Stam is Director of System Operations at Alliander, an energy network company, and a member of the LF Energy governing board.

Darktrace email finds: Siemens impersonation costs an academic institution $60,000


The story of an academic institution that turned to Darktrace after an email attack slipped through their existing security stack and cost them over $60,000


[Webinars] Static analysis best practices, remote security testing and training


In this week’s webinars, we’ll share how to get the most out of your static analysis tool and how to make the transition from on-site to remote testing. The post [Webinars] Static analysis best practices, remote security testing and training appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.

Ways Monitoring Your Competition Can Drive Your SEO and Business

Strategy Driven

What would it feel like to have a competitor beat you to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) after all your effort and hard work in search engine optimisation (SEO)? What if you’ve applied all the SEO tactics you know, yet a competitor’s web page keeps ranking higher than yours?

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Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property

Strategy Driven

Protecting your intellectual property can be harder now more than ever, especially since the avid use of the internet. Intellectual property includes anything from your original ideas, designs, discoveries, inventions and creative work produced by you or a group of people with you in it.