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Accessible Developer Experience

Agile Alliance

Conway’s Law states an organization will design systems that reflect that organization’s communication structure. In other words, how we make a product manifests in the product itself. Is it any surprise that overall our industry is terrible at accessibility?

Difference between Client Side Scripting and Server Side Scripting

The Crazy Programmer

Server-side and client-side scripting are the two types of scripting types used for developing a website. The server-side scripting needs the server to process the script codes. In contrast, client-side scripting requires browsers to run or show the scripts on the client device.

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The Scrum Guide - A Leader’s Perspective

Scrum - The Leader’s Perspective. If you’re leading Scrum Teams or generally are a leader in an organization that’s leveraging Scrum? Are you feeling a bit left out after reading the Scrum Guide ?


Five Simple Rules About Problems

Agile Alliance

Problem solving is central to a product team. But how do you know which problems to solve? More importantly, how can you tell which problems you shouldn't? Lean product management is all about reducing waste and maximizing value. But waste still abounds.

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The Practical Guide to Using a Semantic Layer for Data & Analytics

Read about real-life examples and see quantifiable results by leveraging a semantic layer to unlock data for AI & BI at scale.

How Do I Know If My Measures Are The Best Ones?

In this Unstuck Careers Leadership Moment, PST Mark Wavle explores the question, "How do I know if my measures are the best ones?".

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Why Distributed Cloud Is the Future of Cloud Computing

A distributed cloud is a public cloud service that allows you to run public cloud infrastructure in multiple physical locations while being centrally managed for performance and compliance. The most innovative companies are moving all their assets to a distributed cloud structure.

Cloud 89

How to Move From Brick and Mortar to Online With Dataiku


During the 2021 Dataiku Product Days , Mark Sucrese, VP of Marketing Sciences at Epsilon , shared some insights on a very common challenge that businesses are facing today: moving from brick and mortar to online stores. Use Cases & Projects Scaling AI Featured

Trust in Cloud Providers is a Developer Issue

Earlier this summer, we worked with ClearPath Strategies to ask developers about the level of trust they have in their various cloud service providers.

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A Workload-Centric View of Public Cloud Services Spend


Cloud infrastructure services are critical to enterprise growth across different workload types. Explore the public cloud workload breakdown with IDC's Andrew Smith. Markets and Trends cloud services featured public cloud workloads

Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

Turn your data into a competitive advantage. This playbook contains: Exclusive stats, research & insights on how the pandemic affected businesses. A comprehensive “Request For Proposal” (RFP) checklist and an interactive quiz to test your data knowledge.

How a Customized Platform Built on Salesforce Made a World of Difference For This Financial…

Robots and Pencils

How a Customized Platform Built on Salesforce Made a World of Difference For This Financial Institution A private portfolio lender, Level Capital needed to create an improved loan management system to support ongoing nationwide growth.

Apache Ozone – A High Performance Object Store for CDP Private Cloud


As organizations wrangle with the explosive growth in data volume they are presented with today, efficiency and scalability of storage become pivotal to operating a successful data platform for driving business insight and value.

The Role of AI in Combating Climate Change


Climate Change presents a global problem for our generation and the generations that will follow us. The Earth’s abundance has limits and Mother Nature will bend and stretch to provide for her inhabitants, but it may come at a cost.

Two Key Focuses (And a Checklist) For New Engineering Managers

Dzone - DevOps

There is very little formal guidance for new engineering managers. When I first moved from an individual contributor (IC) to an engineering manager (EM), I found myself struggling to find training resources.

Building Product to Enhance Customer Support: The Key to Customer Retention in an E-commerce Business

Speaker: Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch (Demand & Growth) | Former Product Manager at Bigbasket

Join Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch, as she details the best way to increase customer retention.

Building a network worth having

CEO Insider

We have heard it a hundred times or more, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” that matters, but how true is it? Surely career advancement or success in business comes down to credibility and authenticity, not simply the power of our professional network.

How to Package Icons for Delivery


Icons are an amazing tool to use when creating user interfaces. They speed up recognition, cross language barriers, and add visual interest to a page or interactive component.

Best Guide To Mobile App Engagement And User Retention


Mobile app engagement is the most important key performance metric for mobile app companies. More engagement means better experiences for users and revenue for your company. Establishing strong engagement is not enough for success.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Similar To GoJak – Cost, Functionalities & Technologies


Back in the days, stepping out to shop daily itineraries was an unskippable part of everyone’s everyday life. However, with the world inclining towards the online era, everything gets delivered at the comfort of your home.


The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

4 core software security problems—and what to do about them


In 2020, in the US alone, more than 37 billion records were exposed in nearly 4,000 reported data breaches. What’s worse, recent research from Stanford University Professor Jeff Hancock and security firm Tessian found that 88% of breaches are caused by human error.

More Tips For Happier Employees

Strategy Driven

Taking care of your employees is the quickest way to future-proof your business. Satisfied employees are more productive. They are motivated to achieve great results and not afraid to work hard to get there. Additionally, they are more likely to stay with the company.

Dynamically rendering config templates for secrets management


It’s often necessary to inject secrets into your build or deployment process so that the deployed service can interact with other services. This can be straightforward if you’re only deploying to a single environment.

Top Tips For Starting A Construction Business

Strategy Driven

Starting a construction company can be a smart move. There is always a need for skilled construction companies and it can be work that is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable, plus you will find that every project is different so it can be varied too.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Strong and Effective Value Proposition

Speaker: Robin Zaragoza, Product Coach and CEO of The Product Refinery

Join Robin Zaragoza, product coach and CEO of The Product Refinery, as she shares tips on how to create a powerful Value Proposition that keeps your customer at the heart of your product development process.

The state of mergers and acquisitions wheeling and dealing


What’s the state of mergers and acquisitions? Get insights from the Transaction Advisors M&A Strategy Forum. The post The state of mergers and acquisitions wheeling and dealing appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.

5 Proactive Cybersecurity Practices for Identity Programs


Take these 5 proactive steps to build a more robust identity system that will thwart security attacks and keep your organization secure. The post 5 Proactive Cybersecurity Practices for Identity Programs appeared first on Intelligent Identity and Smarter Security - Saviynt

Exadel is Taking Part in Hacktoberfest


At Exadel, we believe in the power of community and actively support open-source projects. By helping developers participate in real-life projects, we keep them interested in their industry and open doors to a vast number of opportunities.