Sun.Apr 04, 2021

Hierholzer’s Algorithm with Implementation in Java

The Crazy Programmer

In this article, will look at an interesting algorithm related to Graph Theory: Hierholzer’s Algorithm. We will discuss a problem and solve it using this Algorithm with examples. We will also discuss the approach and analyze the complexities for the solution.


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NASA is so Much More than “Rockets”, April 8, 2021, 11:00 AM (EST)

Dots and Bridges

Background. The public and private sectors share a symbiotic relationship; one that requires continuous dialogue in order to effect mission enablement, workforce development, and technology optimization.

Low-Code Makes API Testing More Accessible

APIs are rising both in quantity and business value. But with that growth comes an increasing number of vulnerabilities, which could affect cloud service dependencies and internal APIs. Functionality and uptime could also suffer as cloud services evolve their APIs with new versions.

Cassandra Data Modeling Guide to Best Practices

Are you a developer, database architect, or database administrator that's new to Cassandra but have been tasked with developing a Cassandra schema design? Learn the basic rules to keep in mind when designing your schema for Cassandra.

The Danger of Success: CEO Syndrome

CEO Insider

The biggest danger facing an accomplished CEO isn’t another lockdown, competition or technological obsolescence.

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CodeSOD: Switching Your Template

The Daily WTF

Many years ago, Kari got a job at one of those small companies that lives in the shadow of a university. It was founded by graduates of that university, mostly recruited from that university, and the CEO was a fixture at alumni events.

March Patch Tuesday 2021


There was an interesting start to March, with four Exchange Server exploits and an out of band update. There is an additional Zero Day vulnerability being exploited in Internet Explorer and three publicly disclosed vulnerabilities to discuss this month.

Azure 70

The Myth of NoOps

Dzone - DevOps

2009 has a special place in the history of software and technology as it is the year that formally saw the birth of DevOps. In June of that year, John Allspaw and Paul Hammond presented their talk, 10 Deploys a Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flicker , at the O’Reilly Velocity conference.

Back Again: The Mobile Endpoint Is Now the Policy Enforcement Point in the Everywhere Workplace!


Several years back before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the work-from-home shift took hold, we wrote a blog about how the mobile-centric zero trust framework removed the traditional perimeter security controls to protect the corporate enterprise network and all connected endpoints from cybercriminals.

Achieve Manufacturing Digital Transformation

Survival of the fittest is linked not to size or strength, but to the ability to change, adapt, and seize opportunities. Factories are increasingly being relied upon to handle more complex operations to serve a broader range of products. To perform this effectively, smart manufacturing is key.

Meet the New Analytics Superhero - The CFO


The CFO’s broad remit & natural ownership of core financial data can provide the foundation for an enhanced role that leverages data analytics to enable new value opportunities

Acquisition with Intent and The Rise of The Everywhere Workplace: Why Ivanti Is Moving Faster Than Ever During a Global Pandemic


It's easy for businesses to drop into reactive survival mode during a crisis like COVID-19. Navigating rapidly changing conditions can make it difficult to think beyond immediate challenges.

Dark mode fans - Take these steps to set it up in the Netlify app


Any Netlify customer can now turn on dark mode, giving you more options to fit your preferences. It’s easy: Log in to your Netlify account. Click on your avatar and select Netlify Labs. Enable the appearance settings card. This will allow you to specify a theme.

From Virtual Reality to Improved Work Life Balance, Here’s Why UEM Cloud R76 and UEM Core 11.1 are so Cool


We are excited to announce the availability of the new MobileIron UEM Cloud R76 and UEM Core 11.1, our on-premises offering.

VR 60

Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

Top Tips For Starting A Courier Business

Strategy Driven

There is a lot of business available for couriers, especially at the moment, when demand for online delivery is even higher. Despite this demand, a lot of people are unsure about whether or not they ought to venture into setting up a courier company or business.

What's New with Ivanti Workspace Control 2021.1?


The past 12 months have seen significant changes and upheaval in the way we live our lives and also in terms of our work environment. Many organizations moved to remote working almost overnight, leaving IT with significant challenges in terms of ensuring users continue to remain productive and secure. Organizations have been increasingly looking to cloud technologies to provide solutions to these challenges.

Azure 56

Are You Prepared For The Future?

Strategy Driven

The future is something that most people do not want to think about. The unforeseen can sometimes be quite overwhelming, but the pace at which the future is approaching us is even more so.

Meet Pascal Egberts: Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2021 Pro to Know Award Winner


At the turn of the 21 st century, Pascal began his career in the AutoID industry. Today, he has over 20 years of experience implementing and consulting on wireless and mobile computing solutions for the supply chain. He’s worked for hardware vendors, solution partners and software suppliers. In May 2013, he joined Ivanti Wavelink, the supply chain business unit of Ivanti.

5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

Just as the tech industry revolves around innovation, so does technical recruiting. To advance their career by attracting top candidates in a competitive landscape, modern recruiters must commit to actively adapting and advancing their hiring strategies. This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.

Employee Engagement Is The Key To Competitive Advantage

Strategy Driven

Employee engagement is often confused with the satisfaction or happiness of an employee. This is not the case. Employee engagement is when an employee genuinely cares about a business – it is their emotional commitment to the organisation in question. They genuinely want the company to succeed.

Product Newsletter March 2021


Product updates and releases covered in this blog: Endpoint Security. Enterprise Service Management. User Workspace Management. Unified Endpoint Management. ENDPOINT SECURITY. Ivanti Security Controls 2021.1 Release. The Security Controls 2021.1 release launched the end of February with highly requested enhancements that help to keep devices and environments patched in an efficient matter.

Ivanti Insights Episode 4: Security Nirvana for Users and IT


I sat down with Chris Goettl, Sr. Director, Product Management and Phil Richards, VP and Chief Security Officer at Ivanti and we put on our IT security caps for episode four of the Ivanti Insights podcast as we looked ahead to the post pandemic world of security within the Everywhere Workplace. We have a lot to unpack in this episode so buckle up! Let’s start out by asking ourselves what is the Everywhere Workplace?

Not Another Blog about SolarWinds – 3 Ways Ivanti can Help Protect You


The SolarWinds exploits have been widely reported, fully covered, and basically as we would say in Aussie – Done to Death Mate.

Deliver Effective Online Education and Events Your Members Will Love

This guide identifies the biggest challenges for associations moving their training online and provides practical solutions so that you can hit the ground running. Download now to keep your members engaged and growing even in times of COVID-19.

A Warranted Response to Inaccurate Optiv Research


On March 22, 2021, Optiv published a blog , which claims to detail how our authentication workflow could be leveraged to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA) in MobileIron Core.

Why We’re Embracing Password 3.0…And You Should Too


Password 1.0 was your cat’s name and your birth year and you used it across every endpoint for a decade. We see you, Sprinkles1979. Password 2.0 was SSO and MFA and WTF because literally everyone used Facebook for authentication. We all saw how well that went. It’s time for Password 3.0.

Find Out What’s New with Ivanti’s Extended Product Group


Check out the video below to hear from Andy Byrne, Vice President and General Manager of the Extended Product Group at Ivanti. Andy will share how Ivanti is adding engineering resources to make advancements to our products and enabling organizations through the launch of Ivanti Neurons. Connect with us to find out how Ivanti can add value to your organization today. Extended Products Group

Five Key Identity Governance Features That Your Identity and Access Management Solution Does NOT Support


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, identity management has taken center stage as the key enterprise security practice for enabling remote workforces while protecting company data and IT services.

Open Source & Open Standards: Navigating the Intricacies of a Symbiotic Partnership

Speaker: Guy Martin, Executive Director of OASIS Open

The COVID-19 global pandemic has raised the already bright visibility of technology to an even higher level. Join Guy Martin, Executive Director at OASIS Open, as he presents this webinar that will discuss how we can make open source and open standards even more effective by helping them recapture their strong partnership.

Automated Patch Management and Team Swarming are Key Security Practices


In the blink of an eye, you can miss a new business disrupting security incident. We all recognize that cybersecurity breaches are increasing in volume and sophistication. How we respond to them is critical. Security vulnerabilities force organizations to go outside of their daily activities to execute out-of-band responses. We face numerous challenges in managing security risk.

Statement on Qualys Data Breach


This week Ivanti became aware of a breach impacting Qualys customers. At this time, we are not aware of any impact to Ivanti’s customers or systems due to the Qualys data breach. A previously disclosed vulnerability in Accellion’s File Transfer Appliance has been identified as the vector for the Qualys data breach. We do not use Accellion’s File Transfer Appliance anywhere within Ivanti’s operations.

Data 40

What's New with Ivanti Device and Application Control 5.3


What’s New in Ivanti Device & Application Control 5.3. Nearly every company in the world incorporates a Mac endpoint into the organization. Without a device control solution to manage these stations we see a real possibility for data leakage risk. This loss happens mainly because of insider threats: Unintentional loss – careless insider. Intentional loss – the malicious insider who is trying to steal confidential information.