August, 2021

10 Different Types of Servers in Networking

The Crazy Programmer

The servers are the devices that work as the data processing systems in the public and the private sector. Whether you want to work in an IT company or any other firm related to digital technologies, you must have sound knowledge about servers.

Is your team “pretending” to be agile?

According to the 15th annual State of Agile report, there has been a tremendous increase in the adoption of agile frameworks over the last year. Within software teams, agile adoption grew from 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021. . Agile beneath the Ice. .

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The shift left fallacy


I am done with the whole shift left storyline. When I started computer science in 1999 the professors stated that a lot of money and failure are spared with a good design. In 2000 the professors told us that starting early with the requirement elicitation would reduce costs.

Gateway Pattern

Martin Fowler

We often need to access APIs from foreign codebases, and these foreign codebases usually have different vocabularies to ours. I've found it useful to encapsulate this interaction with a gateway that translates between our code and foreign code.


How to Reach Peak Performance With the Product Management Organizational Health Checklist

Speaker: Rina Vernovskaya, CEO, 280 Group; and Roger Snyder, VP of Marketing, 280 Group

The degree of maturity of your product management organization can directly drive your ability to satisfy customers and become more profitable. Our Product Management Organizational Health Checklist and on-demand webinar can help.

Stretch Your Leadership Muscles: Leading Up, Down, and Across!

Agile Alliance

Agile leaders need a variety of tools in their toolbox that allows them to respond to the people and situations at hand. The post Stretch Your Leadership Muscles: Leading Up, Down, and Across! first appeared on Agile Alliance. Framework People Process Featured

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Top 5 JavaScript Trends in 2021

The Crazy Programmer

What are the most vital characteristics that developers seek in a JavaScript framework? There is no definitive answer, but there might be some insight to glean from exploring performance, speed, and popularity.

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The Dogmatic Scrum Master Anti-Pattern — Making Your Scrum Work #20

TL; DR: The Dogmatic Scrum Master Anti-Pattern. There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Since Scrum is an intentionally incomplete framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone.


Thoughts on organizing architecture


When being part of an enterprise, you will meet different architects on any given day. The first one introduces itself as a solution architect, the other calls itself the enterprise architect, and they both mention a domain architect.

What I'm up to now

Martin Fowler

A couple of months ago I announced that I was stepping back from speaking. A few people wondered whether I would still be writing. I did indicate in that article that I am, but I felt it may be worth saying a bit more about what I’m concentrating on these days.


Bridging the Online and Offline: How to Apply Product Thinking to Expanding Your eCommerce Business

Speaker: John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude

In a post-COVID world, online retailers are forced to reevaluate their position and address the challenge of adopting new customer experiences. Even brick and mortar businesses are integrating more digital approaches to CX -- testing out loyalty programs and subscription-based models. Join John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude, for this enlightening discussion on the current state of the ecommerce landscape.

Amended and Restated Bylaws Approved by Board of Directors

Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance Board of Directors approved changes to the organization’s bylaws on Aug 7.

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How to deploy an Elasticsearch cluster on Ubuntu Server 20.04


Read Jack Wallen explain how you can deploy Elastic NV’s Elasticsearch cluster on Ubuntu Server 20.04 on the Tech Republic: Elasticsearch is a very powerful search and analysis engine that can scale extremely well. With this tool, you have the foundation for visualizing massive amounts of data.

7 Effective Tips on Hiring Remote Software Developers

The Crazy Programmer

Getting more for less – these four words describe the main reason why companies opt for hiring remote developers. But since you’re here, you don’t need convincing – you’ve already made up your mind. Now, it’s time for the tricky part: choosing the right people to get the work done.

Making the Most of the Sprint Review

The Sprint Review is one of the most valuable events for the Product Owner, because it is an opportunity for the Scrum team as well as stakeholders/customers to inspect what was delivered, discuss what progress has been made towards the Product Goal, and adapt accordingly.


The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

How DevOps Can Address CX Challenges

Delivering a seamless customer experience (CX) has become a top priority for companies undergoing digital transformation initiatives, as 85% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

DevOps 113

Top 5 KPIs to keep in mind for excellent customer experience

CEO Insider

You’ve put customer experience at the core of your contact center strategy, and you want to be sure that what you’re doing is on the correct track?

AnaElsa Aviles and Mimi LaRaque

Agile Alliance

AnaElsa Aviles and Mimi LaRaque talk about race and culture. The post AnaElsa Aviles and Mimi LaRaque first appeared on Agile Alliance. BIPOC Video webcast

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Another view: What Is the Metaverse?


Read Toin Villar take an elaborate look at The Metaverse and how it will operate on Make Use Of : Although some might have heard the term “metaverse” only recently, it’s been in use for a couple of decades. It was first used in the 1990s in a work of fiction, and it usually describes […].


How to Scale a Data Literacy Program at Your Organization

Speaker: Megan Brown, Director, Data Literacy at Starbucks; Mariska Veenhof-Bulten, Business Intelligence Lead at; and Jennifer Wheeler, Director, IT Data and Analytics at Cardinal Health

Join data & analytics leaders from Starbucks, Cardinal Health, and for a webinar panel discussion on scaling data literacy skills across your organization with a clear strategy, a pragmatic roadmap, and executive buy-in.

Why Do You Need Third Party Git Backup Software?

The Crazy Programmer

Nowadays, intellectual property is a very important aspect of companies. Even more than ever. Therefore, we must protect it at all costs. Of course, all contracts written by a team of lawyers are important, but this is only one side of the coin.

Backup 151

Fixing Your Agile Coaching: Writing User Stories that are Sliced for Value

Edge Computing: Tech’s Next Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Even as technology continues to move into the cloud, a simultaneous shift is already underway in the opposite direction as computing increasingly moves to the edge. One key reason: by 2025, the number of connected devices in use is expected to exceed 56 billion units, according to IDC.

What’s the Link Between AI Governance, MLOps, and Responsible AI? Scaling AI


We are taking a break on the AI regulation series to take a step back and clarify the connection between AI Governance, MLOps, and Responsible AI.

Assess and Advance Your Organization’s DevSecOps Practices

In this white paper, a DevSecOps maturity model is laid out for technical leaders to use to enable their organizations to stay competitive in the digital economy.

Ashanti Gardner

Agile Alliance

Ashanti Gardner Shares experience as a BIPOC Graphic Recorder. The post Ashanti Gardner first appeared on Agile Alliance. BIPOC Video webcast

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Palantir Is About Data And Data Is The Future


Read why Bill Zettler says that data is the future of technology and Palantir Technologies, Inc. is right in the middle of it on Seeking Alpha : Palantir (NYSE:PLTR) is one of the more controversial stocks on Seeking Alpha right now with 25 articles being published just in June.

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Types of Secondary Memory

The Crazy Programmer

You will come across two kinds of memory, primary memory, and secondary memory. Primary memory has got limited storage capacity & is quite volatile. But, secondary memory overcomes such limitations by offering permanent data storage and in quantity.

Velocity is a made-up number ??

Velocity has become a word specifically associated with measuring how well a Scrum team is doing. This metric is often associated with negative feeling new Scrum Teams are feeling towards Agile in general. However, the issue with velocity is not the metric itself, but rather how we use it.


Boost Your IT Success by Making the Move From Project-Driven to Product-Led

According to Gartner, 85% of organizations have adopted, or plan to adopt, a transition from being project-driven to product-led. Learn how to shape and accelerate digital innovation through a fundamental shift to a product-centric organization.

Low-Code is Table Stakes for Enterprises

Enterprises across all industries are facing mounting pressure to deliver business value with speed and agility. In the digital age, companies that can’t keep pace often fall to the wayside, especially in light of increasing customer expectations and dynamic regulatory requirements.

React usePrevious Hook

David Walsh

Hooks are essential for the functional component pattern in React. One frequent logic comparison with class components was comparing a previous prop value with a current prop value via lifecycle methods.

A Talk with Jenny Tarwater

Agile Alliance

BIPOC Video webcast

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