August, 2022

Fixed Partitions

Martin Fowler

When partitioning data across a set of cluster nodes we need a uniform distribution and to be able add and remove nodes to the cluster without causing a lot of data to be moved around. Unmesh Joshi.

How to Give Your Boss Bad News: Avoid This Mistake and What to Do Instead

Let's Grow Leaders

Avoid This Mistake When Giving Your Boss Bad News. You’ve got to give your boss bad news. But the timing isn’t great–for you or for them. The restructure. The uncertainty. The promotion that’s right around the corner. Maybe it’s just not a great time to rock the boat.

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Role of AI In Hiring Software Engineers

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Artificial intelligence has generated a lot of buzz lately. Popular AI techniques like computer vision and object recognition have revolutionized the scope of working across healthcare, science, retail, and education to improve the accuracy of success.

Joy of Agility – Joshua Kerievsky

Agile Alliance

Joshua shares six essential agile mantras, plus unforgettable, real-world agile stories that will empower you to be quick, adaptable, and resourceful in the face of opportunities and challenges. The post Joy of Agility – Joshua Kerievsky first appeared on Agile Alliance. Framework

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The Executive's Guide to Empathy-Driven ROI

In this guide from UserTesting, learn why empathy is at the heart of your organization's success, and how to promote a more customer-centric culture that's constantly testing its products, services, and messaging to ensure a strong connection with customers.

Anders Hejlsberg Biography

The Crazy Programmer

Anders Hejlsberg is quite a famous personality, being a Technical Fellow in the Developer Division of Microsoft, Hejlsberg is popularly known as the influential creator of the development tools and various programming languages.

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How to solve canvas crash in Vitest with threads and jsdom


Vitest is the new Jest killer. It is fast, thanks to the stuff that also drives Vite , like esbuild.

Reflections on Agile2022

Agile Alliance

Profiles in Agility, courage, resilience and humility I am in awe of Agile2022–the world’s largest gathering of Agilists and all things Agile, which Agile Alliance hosted the week of July 18th in Nashville!

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7 Best Online Compilers 2022 – C, C++, Java, Python

The Crazy Programmer

An online IDE or compiler comes in quite useful especially when you are looking to compile and interpret programming code to & from different languages.

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Product Thinking: The Secret to Scaling Value – Melissa Perri

Agile Alliance

Melissa breaks down what product thinking is and how successful companies scale their product management organizations to create extreme value. The post Product Thinking: The Secret to Scaling Value – Melissa Perri first appeared on Agile Alliance. Business

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Digital Transformation: The New Product

Speaker: Michael Cardy - Red Hat Chief Strategist, Jason Tanner - CEO of Applied Frameworks, and Mike Mace - VP of Market Strategy at UserTesting

Join us to learn how companies mitigate risks through usability testing and real-time qualitative feedback from customers to efficiently launch and develop digital products.

Talking #BlackLinkedIn and DEI with Patricia Gatlin

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Hire IQ by HackerEarth is a new initiative in which we speak with recruiters, talent acquisition managers, and hiring managers from across the globe, and ask them pertinent questions on the issues that ail the tech recruiting world.

How to Host a Clear the Air Meeting for Better Team Collaboration

Let's Grow Leaders

Practical Approaches For a Better Clear the Air Meeting. Do you ever need to have a meeting to “clear the air?” ” This question came in from one of our recent leadership development programs.

Key-Range Partitions

Martin Fowler

A Fixed Partition provides a good way to distribute data over many nodes when clients are accessing a single key at a time. If, however, a client wants a range of values, such as all names from "a" to "f", then they'll need to access every node.

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Type-safe error handling with Shapeless coproducts in Scala


Introduction. Error handling is often not given the attention that it deserves. Coming from imperative languages, it’s super easy to throw exceptions all over the place. Still, because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean it’s a good practice.

The Top 5 Business Outcomes Companies Can Achieve From Monitoring Consolidation

In this eBook, learn what the top five business outcomes are that organizations see when leveraging Datadog's end-to-end monitoring tool.

Brian Kernighan Biography

The Crazy Programmer

Brian Wilson Kernighan is a computer scientist from Canada. He worked at Nokia Bell labs. This is an American industrial research and scientific development company owned by a multinational company Nokia. He contributed to the development of UNIX with Ken Thomson and Dennis Ritchie.

Engineering with Empathy – Kelsey Hightower

Agile Alliance

Defining engineering with empathy through a collection of real-world examples followed by a fireside chat to dig into the details. The post Engineering with Empathy – Kelsey Hightower first appeared on Agile Alliance. People

What are epics and features?

A question keeps coming up in my Applying Professional Scrum classes: "What are epics and features, and how do we use them in the Product Backlog?" The Product Backlog is the to-do list for the team.


How to Help Your Team’s Performance Stand Out For Better Recognition

Let's Grow Leaders

Better Recognition Starts With More Strategic Contribution. You care about your team and the work they’re doing. They’re working hard. And if they’re like so many teams we work with, they yearn for better recognition.

How Collecting and Managing the Voice of the Customer Will Strengthen Your Product

Product teams strive to incorporate customers’ needs in everything they build, but this can’t be done without clear strategy, processes, and feedback loops in place. In this eBook, you'll learn how to build a robust voice of the customer program.

Clock-Bound Wait

Martin Fowler

Although he's been quiet for a while on here, Unmesh Joshi has been working hard on more of his Patterns of Distributed Systems. In this first of a new batch, he looks at the difficulty of getting consistent reads from servers in the presence of the inevitable drifts between system logs.

Themed websites with multiple color schemes the easy way


Nowadays a lot of Operating Systems support Light and Dark themes and even Web browsers started supporting it thanks to the prefers-color-scheme media query. In this blog post I’m going to explain you how to apply and switch color schemes (themes) in a web application.

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Solve Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

The Crazy Programmer

We all have tried fetching the data from the server by hitting an API and parsing the response to show it on the website. Chances are, you might have got this error at some point, and this is a common error to get stuck. If you run the following code you will get this error.

Deliver Value: Happy Contributing People, Satisfied Customers, Thriving Business

Agile Alliance


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Mitigating Risk in Digital Product Development

This guide from UserTesting will show you how digital product teams reduce risk, manage cost, and stay competitive by quickly innovating and iterating digital product development through utilizing human insight.

Using agile in project management

As a project manager, I have delivered many complex initiatives, from re-platforming a consumer products website to doubling the size of a line of business. My most successful projects have one thing in common; I used an agile approach to deliver them.

An Age of Miracles

Let's Grow Leaders

We live in an age of miracles. In this episode, we continue with the theme in Season 11 focusing on more humanity aspects of human-centered leadership. Your life is the product of millions of decisions made by millions of people. Without interdependence, nothing could exist.

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Emergent Leader

Martin Fowler

Peer-to-peer systems treat each cluster node as equal; there is no strict leader. This means there is no explicit leader election process as happens in the Leader and Followers pattern.

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Business Intelligence tooling showdown


Recently, I tried out different tools in the Business Intelligence (BI) space in order to find one that suited my needs. I’d like to share this journey, and while it’s not intended to be the most thorough research, it may save you some time.

Modernizing Workloads with the Cloud: How to Improve Performance & Reduce Costs

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to migrate workloads to Azure and optimize performance for your serverless and containerized applications in Azure.

Dynamic Initialization of Objects in C++

The Crazy Programmer

Dynamic initialization states that we are initializing the objects at the runtime. Since we use constructors to initialize everything, here we are going to use dynamic constructors. Here is an example of dynamic initialization: #include<iostream> using namespace std; class Details { string name; int age; int rollno; public: Details(string n,int a,int r) { name=n; age=a; rollno=r; }.

Thank YOU for an Awesome Agile2022 Conference!

Agile Alliance

Managing Director Teresa Foster reflects on her experience at Agile2022, highlighting some things that made the conference great, and thanking those that made it all happen. The post Thank YOU for an Awesome Agile2022 Conference! first appeared on Agile Alliance. The Alliance Featured

In-Depth: How To Create Better Work Agreements For Your Team

A while ago I was taking a walk with my partner Lisanne. A noisy flock of geese flew overhead in a messy V formation. We laughed at the amount of noise they produced. It all looked very chaotic. Then another flock flew overhead. It was a similar number of birds. But their formation was tight.