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5 quick tips for successful Agile outcomes

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Product Ownership Analysis or POA is a researched and studied discipline with a set of practices, processes, and procedures to create successful outcomes. Here are five quick tips to add to your toolkit. The post 5 quick tips for successful Agile outcomes first appeared on Agile Alliance.

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The Other Reasons for Password Management

I try not to write about ongoing work—if it is important enough to blog about then it is important enough to write about in the work product, and blog about something else. But every once in a great while, the need overrides my simple rule.


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How to Lead Through a No-Win Scenario

Let's Grow Leaders

There will be times when you face outcomes you intensely dislike. A seeming no-win scenario is also a chance to distinguish yourself, earn people’s trust, and innovate. Here are seven ways to lead through these tough circumstances, build your credibility, and sleep well at night: Reframe.

Bjarne Stroustrup Biography

The Crazy Programmer

Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist, was born in Copenhagen on December 30, 1950. His contributions to the C++ programming language and its implementation earned him the lion’s share of his fame.

Build Your Open Data Lakehouse on Apache Iceberg

Speaker: Veena Vasudevan and Jason Hughes

In this webinar, Dremio and AWS will discuss the most common challenges in data architecture and how to overcome them with an open data lakehouse architecture on AWS. Sign up now!

Belonging and Healing: Creating Awesomeness for yourself and others

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Survey Warns of Looming Software Testing Crisis

A survey of CEOs and IT professionals involved in application testing finds a significant gap in terms of how acceptable it is to release software that has not been properly tested.

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How to Create a Compelling Narrative That Connects with Senior Execs

Scott Elbin

One of the leadership communications distinctions I’ve been thinking about a lot this year is the difference between communications that are episodic and those that are longitudinal.

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A Framework for Expanding from Agility to Self-Reliant and Resilient Organizations

Agile Alliance

Expanding from Agility into organizational self-reliance and resilience is a far more desirable outcome than simply “going Agile.”. The post A Framework for Expanding from Agility to Self-Reliant and Resilient Organizations first appeared on Agile Alliance. The Alliance Featured

CVE-2022-32223 Discovery: DLL Hijacking via npm CLI

Aqua Security

Aqua Team Nautilus recently discovered that all Node.js versions earlier than 16.16.0 (LTS) LTS) and 14.20.0 on Windows are vulnerable to dynamic link library (DLL) hijacking if OpenSSL is installed on the host.

7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Growth

As B2B companies pivot to keep pace with a quickly changing marketplace, a data-centric approach to lead generation can be the difference between remaining competitive or being left behind. Get real-world examples and inspiration from leading B2B businesses in this whitepaper.

CodeLogic Toolkit Increases Visibility Into App Dependencies

CodeLogic launched today a toolkit that enables developers to scan binaries, runtime application behavior and database connections and then leverage graph technology to identify connections and dependencies in real-time.

What does Cross-Functional really bring to your Sprint Retrospective? ?? (59)

We started this Scrum foundation series explaining we see four underlying concepts of the Scrum framework. In the past series of mails we covered the three pillars of Empiricism, the Scrum Values, and Self-Management. A self-managing team is taking decisions about who does what, when, and how.


Microsoft’s July 2022 Patch Tuesday Addresses 84 CVEs (CVE-2022-22047)


Microsoft’s July 2022 Patch Tuesday Addresses 84 CVEs (CVE-2022-22047). Microsoft addresses 84 CVEs in its July 2022 Patch Tuesday release, including four critical flaws and one zero day that has been exploited in the wild. 4 Critical. 79 Important. 0 Moderate. 0 Low.

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Article: Using DevOps Automation to Combat DevOps Workforce Shortages

InfoQ Articles

A focus on automation can help to combat the current staffing struggles many organizations have with DevOps roles. Effective automation can reduce the toil experienced by developers.

Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

Why More Incidents Are Better

Ask most SREs how many incidents they’d have to respond to in a perfect world, and their answer would probably be ‘zero.’ ’ After all, making software and infrastructure so reliable that incidents never occur is the dream that SREs are theoretically chasing.

4 Unterschiede, warum das Nexus Daily Scrum kein Scrum of Scrum ist

Scrum of Scrums beschreibt einen der ersten Ansätze, Scrum zu skalieren und wird häufig mit dem Nexus Daily Scrum verwechselt. Auch erfahre Professional Scrum Trainer, welchen ich in der Ausbildung zum Scaled Professional Scrum Trainer begegne, verwechseln dies bisweilen.


CodeSOD: The Wager

The Daily WTF

We've all been there. We need to make a change to the codebase or else. The right solution is going to take time and refactoring. There's a quick fix that will keep the production system from falling over and crushing the business.

Teradata is Still the Lowest Cost for Enterprise Analytics


Teradata provides the lowest cost per query for enterprise-scale analytics. Have your doubts? Then please read on

Data Value Scorecard Report

This report examines the quantitative research of data leaders on data value and return on investment.

Red Hat CEO: Out | Blind Users: Revolt | ARM: Google Joins Party

In this week’s The Long View: Matt Hicks is the new Red Hat CEO, visual accessibility is in focus, and Google Cloud rolls out ARM instances. The post Red Hat CEO: Out | Blind Users: Revolt | ARM: Google Joins Party appeared first on

Last Week of the Scrummer Quiz! Join before July 20th

3 lucky winners of round 4 of the Scrummer quiz have been notified. Congratulations! The final round #5 is now open, one more opportunities to win big. For example 1 free seat in my virtual Advanced Scrum Master (PSM II) training SEP 6th-9th from 9am-12.30pm ET + a companion ticket for 50% off.


Beyond Data Fabrics: Cloudera Modern Data Architectures


The need for data fabric. As Cloudera CMO David Moxey outlined in his blog , we live in a hybrid data world. Data is growing and continues to accelerate its growth. It is changing in makeup and appearing in ever more places.

Introducing Nessus Expert, Now Built for the Modern Attack Surface


Nessus has long been the undisputed leader in vulnerability assessment. With the introduction of Nessus Expert, you can now protect against new, emerging cyberthreats across cloud infrastructure and understand what's in your external attack surface.

Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

Turn your data into a competitive advantage. This playbook contains: Exclusive stats, research & insights on how the pandemic affected businesses. A comprehensive “Request For Proposal” (RFP) checklist and an interactive quiz to test your data knowledge.

Connections Matter: Gaining Visibility Into APIs

Digital transformation is at the center of modern enterprise. Yet, as cloud initiatives take shape and the complexity of connecting systems and applications multiplies, the need to tie everything together and automate processes grows.

Prisoners of Retrospectives — Making Your Scrum Work #24

TL; DR: Prisoners of Retrospectives. There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Given that Scrum is a framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone.


Scaling One Peak After Another


Cloudera has appointed Remus Lim as vice president of Asia Pacific and Japan, to drive adoption of the hybrid data platform across the region and support customers in their journey to become more data-driven.

Is Domain-Led Email Right for My Nonprofit?


Nonprofits often don't have the resources of a for-profit business and can be tempted to cut corners by using free, personal accounts to manage their email, document sharing, and other cloud computing services. Web Development Marketing and Communications Tech Planning

TCO Considerations of Using a Cloud Data Warehouse for BI and Analytics

Enterprises poured $73 billion into data management software in 2020 – but are seeing very little return on their data investments. 22% of data leaders surveyed have fully realized ROI in the past two years, with 56% having no consistent way of measuring it.

Eradicating Developer Burnout With a Flexible Workforce

Burnout can affect people no matter what their job role, but software developers are particularly vulnerable. Too often, businesses chase profits by chronically relying on heavy workloads delivered by employees in short turnaround times.

El camino del Sprint Goal

Una de las primeras preguntas que siempre lanzo a los equipos y las organización que ayudo es la siguiente: ¿Vuestra planificación de sprint incluye objetivos de sprint? . Pregunta habitual a hacer a un Equipo Scrum.


Is Software Development Oversaturated?

Coding Dojo

One of the most frequent questions heard by prospective Coding Dojo students is: “Is software development oversaturated?” ” Software engineering has … Read more >>. The post Is Software Development Oversaturated? appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog.