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Difference between Software Engineering and Computer Science

The Crazy Programmer

Although these fields initially appear comparable, their variability quickly becomes apparent when several studies are performed. The most important critical question is: which career is better in the long run?

How to Build a High-Performing Team: Ten Vital Conversations

Let's Grow Leaders

Invest One Hour a Month to Help Your Team Perform Even Better. Every truly high-performing team has one thing in common: They spend time in candid conversation talking about what’s working and consistently look for ways to improve.


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When One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Agile Alliance

In the years since the Agile Manifesto was written, there have been numerous Frameworks and other tools that have been created to support companies who are attempting to leverage Agile mindset and methodologies to provide value to customers.

Agile 183

Accelerate DevOps with GitHub – by Michael Kaufmann


Are you struggling with DevOps? You are not the only one. Many people have read books and done the research, but still fail to apply DevOps in their organization.

DevOps 130

The Executive's Guide to Empathy-Driven ROI

In this guide from UserTesting, learn why empathy is at the heart of your organization's success, and how to promote a more customer-centric culture that's constantly testing its products, services, and messaging to ensure a strong connection with customers.

Request Batch

Martin Fowler

When distributing data leads to lots of small messages around a cluster then network latency and the request processing time (including serialization, deserialization of the request on the server side) can add significant overhead.

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Classic WTF: Security By Oblivity

The Daily WTF

It's a holiday in the US, so once again, it's time to reach back into the archives. Two-Factor Authentication is pretty standard these days, but once upon a time, it felt far more cumbersome to use. This story from 2006 highlights some… unique solutions to the problem. Original -- Remy.

How to Shift Your Strategic Focus

Thought Leaders LLC

Market and organizational changes can require you to shift your strategic focus. Being explicit about the details of the shift will help you and your team adjust to these changes. Market and organizational changes can require you to shift your focus.

New Practices in Data Governance and Data Fabric for Telecommunications


It Was Never Just About Software – Agile and Our Planetary Challenges

Agile Alliance

If Agile is no “accident” and has emerged at exactly the right time, then what is its purpose in meeting today’s significant challenges and paradigm shifts?

Digital Transformation: The New Product

Speaker: Michael Cardy - Red Hat Chief Strategist, Jason Tanner - CEO of Applied Frameworks, and Mike Mace - VP of Market Strategy at UserTesting

Join us to learn how companies mitigate risks through usability testing and real-time qualitative feedback from customers to efficiently launch and develop digital products.

John Mccarthy Biography – Father of AI

The Crazy Programmer

John McCarthy is a pioneer of AI or Artificial Intelligence and a popular computer scientist. He made huge contributions in mathematics and the computer science and made significant inventions in the field of artificial intelligence & interactive computing systems. Early Life.

Confidence vs Arrogance

Let's Grow Leaders

What’s the difference between confidence vs arrogance? When I was young, a mountain trail gave me an early lesson between confidence and arrogance. This is an excerpt from from my latest book Tomorrow Together: Essays of Hope, Healing, and Humanity.

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Retrospective First Principles

TL; DR: Retrospective First Principles. What is your take on the Retrospective: A routine exercise at the end of a Sprint, supported by standard operating procedures? Or a critical part of a Scrum team’s journey of continuous improvement? As you may assume, I advocate for the latter.


Create Belonging, Deliver Value While Ending Global Inequality – Sarucia & Kvedaras

Agile Alliance

No one is immune from the impact of Global Inequality. Whether it’s hiring diverse talent, retaining diverse talent or creating an environment that fosters innovation, creativity and belonging.

Agile 188

The Top 5 Business Outcomes Companies Can Achieve From Monitoring Consolidation

In this eBook, learn what the top five business outcomes are that organizations see when leveraging Datadog's end-to-end monitoring tool.

The Future of FinTech and the Cloud

The integration of FinTech continues to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their consumers. What started as a viable solution to eliminating the need to carry physical currency has now become a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Remote Team Culture: How to Improve Collaboration

Let's Grow Leaders

Boost Your Remote Team Culture: Help Your Team to Collaborate AS IF They’re in the Same Room. One of the biggest challenges we’re hearing from managers leading remote and hybrid teams is how to build a better remote team culture.

Agile Principles – Early Value Delivery

This post continues my ongoing series revisiting the principles behind the Agile Manifesto. This time we are focussing on the following Agile principles: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”.

Agile 167

Project to Product: Learn from Our Mistakes

Agile Alliance

Our modern development landscape demands organizations shift from a project-centric view of development to a product-centric view. The post Project to Product: Learn from Our Mistakes first appeared on Agile Alliance. Process member

Agile 179

How Collecting and Managing the Voice of the Customer Will Strengthen Your Product

Product teams strive to incorporate customers’ needs in everything they build, but this can’t be done without clear strategy, processes, and feedback loops in place. In this eBook, you'll learn how to build a robust voice of the customer program.

Request Waiting List

Martin Fowler

Nodes often have to contact several other nodes to form a quorum to handle a client request. Unmesh Joshi how. a waiting list keeps track of the outstanding requests and sorting out what to do when it receives enough responses.


How’s Facebook Work? They Don’t Know! | Cali. Pay Law | NASA RISC-V Launch

In this week’s The Long View: Facebook engineers admit they’ve no idea what Meta stores (or where), California requires job ads quote salaries, and RISC-V will power future NASA spacecraft. The post How’s Facebook Work? They Don’t Know! Pay Law | NASA RISC-V Launch appeared first on

What does Done really mean for your Sprint Planning? ?? (67)

We started this Scrum foundation series explaining we see four underlying concepts of the Scrum framework. In the past series of mails we covered the three pillars of Empiricism, the Scrum Values, and a Self-Managing and Cross-Functional Team. The concept Done is the fourth of these concepts.


Quickly Creating Psychological Safety During Change

Agile Alliance

What if your team blazed past the stress of the pandemic, complexities of remote work, and the great resignation without missing a beat? The post Quickly Creating Psychological Safety During Change first appeared on Agile Alliance. People member

Agile 159

Mitigating Risk in Digital Product Development

This guide from UserTesting will show you how digital product teams reduce risk, manage cost, and stay competitive by quickly innovating and iterating digital product development through utilizing human insight.

When Culture Matters

CEO Insider

In early 1945 the planet was ravaged. A deadly world war had consumed the globe and killed tens of millions; most people were living with unimaginable stress. However, the tide was turning in favor of the allies; Hitler had overplayed his hand at the Battle of the Bulge.

Detecting Drovorub's File Operations Hooking with Tracee

Aqua Security

This blog was co-authored by Itamar Maouda Two years ago, the NSA (the United States' National Security Agency) revealed that Drovorub, an advanced Russian malware created by the GRU 85th GTsSS team, had been discovered targeting Linux systems.

Linux 95

What to do when your team is not living the Scrum values

The values set out in the Scrum framework are essential because they help us to navigate complex work environments as a team. At first glance, they appear straightforward but living the Scrum values each day is challenging whether this is your first or fiftieth Sprint together.


Looking Ahead Using Wardley Mapping

Agile Alliance

In a company, department, or team, we will often talk about “strategy”. This term is rarely well defined, or at least not defined in a way that is useful. The post Looking Ahead Using Wardley Mapping first appeared on Agile Alliance. Framework member

Agile 140

Modernizing Workloads with the Cloud: How to Improve Performance & Reduce Costs

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to migrate workloads to Azure and optimize performance for your serverless and containerized applications in Azure.

Exploring the Emerging Role of FinOps

Cloud overspending is becoming a top-of-mind budget item for the modern CFO. To direct resource utilization in the cloud, some organizations are turning to increased automation and more diligent cloud procurement processes.

Large Scale Industrialization Key to Open Source Innovation


We are now well into 2022 and the megatrends that drove the last decade in data — The Apache Software Foundation as a primary innovation vehicle for big data, the arrival of cloud computing, and the debut of cheap distributed storage — have now converged and offer clear patterns for competitive advantage for vendors and value for customers.

Professional Growth and Educating Yourself for Success

. Gaining knowledge for your future requires intentional effort. With current technology there is little excuse to not level up every week and lock new information in. In this video, we will give you some tips on how you can level up. . In a hurry? Read the video transcript.