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True Gratitude – More Than Pleasantries or Recognition

Let's Grow Leaders

It’s easy for true gratitude to get lost in the swirl of formal recognition programs, everyday courtesies, and the relentless push for more and better. Progress is good. You need recognition. And courtesy is vital. But none of these are genuine gratitude. True gratitude begins with deep humility.

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A Winning Strategy for Students Learning C++

The Crazy Programmer

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages used by developers across the world. This language can be a great tool for those interested in getting into software engineering, cryptocurrency mining, or other tech-related professions.

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10 Tech Recruiting Strategies To Find The Best Tech Talent

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Like an onion’s skin, recruiters uncover multiple layers in their recruitment process: sourcing, screening, and evaluation to find the best talent with the modern tech recruiting strategies that gel into your organization. Earlier, these layers had a traditional face.

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Etsy's observability and ML infrastructure teams moving to the cloud

Martin Fowler

Tim Cochran and Keyur Govande. continue their account of how Etsy used the cloud to scale up by describing the journey of two teams : observability and ML infrastructure. more…. skip-home-page

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Fail Well, Pivot Fast: Product Experimentation for Continuous Discovery

Speaker: William Haas Evans - Principal Consultant, Head of Product Strategy & Design Practice, Kuroshio Consulting

This presentation will explore the basics of the scientific method and examine how proper experimental design, multiple hypothesis testing, cohort analysis, and split testing can effectively reduce batch size and lead to validated insights. You'll leave the webinar with a new understanding of how to experiment in a way that generates real insights, not just noise.

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Value Creation in Scrum: Shift Left

TL; DR: Value Creation in Scrum. As a tactical framework, Scrum is good at delivering Increments into customers’ hands. As we work in iterations, we probably do that several times per month, mitigating risk by closing feedback loops.


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Perficient Named a 2022 Top Workplace in Detroit for Fourth Consecutive Year

Perficient Digital Transformation

We are excited to announce that Perficient has once again been named a 2022 Top Workplace in Michigan by The Detroit Free Press !

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Empower Your Team to Make Better Decisions

Let's Grow Leaders

Use This Powerful Process to Empower Your Team. to Solve Problems on Their Own. How do you empower your team to solve more problems on their own?

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7 facilitation tips to get your Scrum Team started

Properly setting up your new Scrum Team is an absolute necessity if you want them to be successful. 97% of employees, executives , and educators believe that a lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a project or a task, Salesforce found a while ago.

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Culture a Stumbling Block to DevOps, DevSecOps

Organizations are struggling to improve DevSecOps practices as they confront a lack of cultural alignment and investment, according to a global Progress survey of more than 600 IT, security, application development and DevOps decision-makers.

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Subsurface: The Ultimate Data Lakehouse Conference

Speaker: Panel Speakers

We’ve just opened registration for Subsurface LIVE 2023! Learn how to innovate with open source technologies such as Apache Arrow, Delta Lake, and more. Register now to secure your spot at Subsurface LIVE being held March 1-2, 2023.

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CodeSOD: SQL with no Equal

The Daily WTF

Relational Databases and No-SQL Databases take two key different philosophies, by and large. No-SQL is hard to talk about in broad terms, as it's mostly a set of unrelated technologies all solving the data storage problem in different ways. But we can still make some broad generalizations.

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Dynamically Generating Thousands of OG Images for a Viral Twitter Campaign


Learn how Tuple dynamically generated thousands of Open Graph images (OG images) based on user input using Netlify Edge Functions and Pupeteer. Guides & Tutorials

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[VLOG] Improve Your Scrum Team's Sprint Goal With This Simple Guideline.

Hello everyone. I hope you are starting your week well. Scrum as many of us already know is a goal-driven framework. The Scrum team is driven by the Product goal and the Sprint goal.

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CircleCI Will Use AI to Increase Collective DevOps Intelligence

CircleCI has committed to adding additional collective intelligence capabilities to its continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that will leverage machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize application development and delivery.

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Data Value Scorecard Report

This report examines the quantitative research of data leaders on data value and return on investment.

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Dell Boomi Packaged Based Deployments


FlexDeploy added support for packaged-based deployments of Dell Boomi Processes in version This means groups of Processes can be deployed together at the same time.

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Five Ways to Improve Security Through Modern Endpoint Management

Dell EMC

Struggling with an IT-security gap? Learn how modern endpoint management helps strengthen your security profile

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Back to the Foundations of the Scrum Framework - Wrapping it all up ?? (78)

77 posts ago. we took a start with introducing the underlying - core - concepts of the Scrum framework. Jep, that is 77 weeks, or 20 months, over one and a half year ago already!

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DevOps, Drought and Climate | Meta??PTP

In this week’s The Long View: Data centers cause climate change, and Meta is rolling out Precision Time Protocol. The post DevOps, Drought and Climate | Meta??PTP PTP appeared first on

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TCO Considerations of Using a Cloud Data Warehouse for BI and Analytics

Enterprises poured $73 billion into data management software in 2020 – but are seeing very little return on their data investments. 22% of data leaders surveyed have fully realized ROI in the past two years, with 56% having no consistent way of measuring it.

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How to Internationalize Numbers with JavaScript

David Walsh

Presenting numbers in a readable format takes many forms, from visual charts to simply adding punctuation. Those punctuation, however, are different based on internationalization. Some countries use , for decimal, while others use. Worried about having to code for all this madness?

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64 x 400GbE: A Faster, Greener Data Center

Dell EMC

Data centers are scaling up to accommodate the continuous growth of network traffic

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[VLOG] 8 Hats The Scrum Master Wears As A True Leader Who Serves

Hey what's good this week awesome people? I hope your team are creating something amazing for your customers. The Scrum Master as many of us already know is described as a true leader who serves.

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Rezilion Adds Windows Support to Dynamic SBOM Tool

Rezilion has added support for Windows applications to its tool for dynamically generating software bills of materials (SBOMs).

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12 Considerations When Evaluating Data Lake Engine Vendors for Analytics and BI

Businesses today compete on their ability to turn big data into essential business insights. Modern enterprises leverage cloud data lakes as the platform used to store data. 57% of the enterprises currently using a data lake cite improved business agility as a benefit.

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What do you do when you find your passion for your work waning?

Thought Leaders LLC

Our reader poll today asks: What do you do when you find your passion for your work waning? I find new ways to reengage with the work to make it exciting again 35.98%. I take a break from it because I’m probably burned out 30.58%.

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The Evolution of DevOps: Where It Began and What's Ahead

Dzone - DevOps

The goal of DevOps is to increase the speed, quality, and reliability of software delivery. It is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). DevOps is often used in the context of web ops, application development, and security

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How to facilitate a self-organization session for your Scrum team

According to the 2020 Scrum Guide, Scrum teams are “self-managing, meaning they internally decide who does what, when, and how.”

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What Customers Need From Sales and Marketing

There are plenty of historical examples of good solutions being buried by inadequate or outright wrong sales and marketing tactics. As an analyst, I often talk to the marketing, marcom or AR/PR department of a company and think they could do their solution more justice.

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Checklist Report: Preparing for the Next-Generation Cloud Data Architecture

Data architectures have evolved dramatically. It is time to reconsider the fundamental ways that information is accumulated, managed, and then provisioned to the different downstream data consumers.

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Conversations with Chief Innovators: Bialek

Modus Create

Welcome to Conversations with Chief Innovators, in which our CEO Pat Sheridan discusses innovation in business with transformational leaders across industries. In the fourth episode, we bring you Raj Banga , Director of Technology Innovation at Bialek Environments. Watch the full episode below.

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Bringing Dell Data Services and Software Innovations ?to AWS

Dell EMC

Helping organizations bring cloud capabilities to the enterprise and enterprise capabilities to public clouds

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What is Website Bandwidth and How Much Do You Need?


Read the article to learn more. Guides & Tutorials