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4 Ways to Optimize Database Operations


Organizations are not only collecting ever greater amounts of data, they’re actively looking for ways to extract and use the data to gain information about their business The average company now manages more than 160 terabytes of information.

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

Martin Fowler

A common debate in software development projects is between spending time on improving the quality of the software versus concentrating on releasing more valuable features.

Textbook DevOps vs. Real-World DevOps

DevOps is one of those things—like Marxism or baking macarons—that is easy to understand in theory, but much messier to implement in practice. Real-world DevOps rarely aligns with textbook DevOps or the DevOps practices that organizations should follow in theory. That is true for a number of reasons.

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An Exercise Program for the Fat Web

Coding Horror

When I wrote about App-pocalypse Now in 2014, I implied the future still belonged to the web. And it does. But it's also true that the web has changed a lot in the last 10 years, much less the last 20 or 30. Websites have gotten a lot … fatter.

Build Product Progress with a Strong Data Culture

Speaker: Nima Gardideh, CTO, Pearmill

Have you ever thought your product's progress was headed in one direction, and been shocked to see a different story reflected in big picture KPIs like revenue? It can be confusing when customer feedback or metrics like registration or retention are painting a different picture. No matter how sophisticated your analytics are, if you're asking the wrong questions - or looking at the wrong metrics - you're going to have trouble getting answers that can help you. Join Nima Gardideh, CTO of Pearmill, as he demonstrates how to build a strong data culture within your team, so everyone understands which metrics they should actually focus on - and why. Then, he'll explain how you can use your analytics to regularly review progress and successes. Finally, he'll discuss what you should keep in mind when instrumenting your analytics.

Java As The First Coding Language For Students

The Crazy Programmer

If you are a student who starts learning programming, Java, ask yourself several questions. What are the main benefits of learning Java as the first programming language? How hard is it to learn Java?

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#VelocityConf 2019 – Top 5 Talks from the Best Minds in the Nation


Ready to network with some of the best and brightest in the industry? Reserve your spot at this year’s Velocity Conference, hosted in the center of Silicon Valley in San Jose from June 10 to 13, 2019. It’s the ideal place for learning from the nation’s technological frontrunners.

Book review: Accelerate

Henrik Warne

The book Accelerate details the findings of four years of research on how DevOps affects various outcomes, such as software delivery tempo and stability, as well as the organizations’ profitability and market share.

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How to ensure your tech talent pool is poaching proof

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

A recruiter reached out to me with this message a few months ago-. The highlighted part in the mail is what struck me. It made me rethink if I was really making an impact in my current role. Seems familiar?

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5 Tips to Increase your Emotional Intelligence as a Product Owner

A Product Owner is constantly balancing expectations from the business, the team, and users. It’s a tough job; sometimes the rewards feel fleeting and the customer can be flighty, but perhaps your team is just not working well together.


The Changing Role of CX Testing in Digital Transformation

Speaker: Diego Lo Giudice and Chad Hendren

With new competition emerging every day, businesses are transforming themselves, and using software as a means to drive differentiation. Digital transformation has become a key initiative for businesses across the globe, and CX is ground zero. Register now for this webinar and hear from Cyara and their guest speaker, Diego Lo Giudice of Forrester, how testing and QA practices are changing to enable and accelerate digital transformation.

Avoiding The 5 Mistakes That Can End Your Leadership Career (before it even gets started)

Terry Starbucker

This is a cautionary tale for all aspiring leaders, and a (very painfully) true story…… “They can’t see the scoreboard? What, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????”. That was the bomb that nearly killed my leadership career, just as it was just getting started.

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How AI is Transforming Testing Today

Currently, there is much debate about how artificial intelligence (AI) will transform our lives. One of the technology’s key benefits lies in its power to transform traditional approaches to app development and software testing.

Privacy impact of Big Tech breakup far from clear

The Parallax

Over the last few weeks, Google and Facebook, the giants of search, social media, and a laundry list of other services, made public declarations of dedication to defending their users’ privacy. At the same time, U.S. presidential candidates , longtime privacy advocates , and even a Facebook co-founder voiced criticism and skepticism of the companies’ apparent efforts to protect user privacy.

Top 7 Free Resources for Data Scientists


Data Scientists are a passionate and curious bunch, who explore the ecosystem to learn new technologies and best practices but you've only got part of the picture if you don't have all the information necessary to understand new industries and technologies.

What Is (and Isn’t) Product Management?

Speaker: Steve Johnson, VP of Products, Pragmatic Institute

Product Management is one of the most exciting - and most misunderstood - functions in technical organizations. Is it strategic or tactical? Is it a planning role or a support role? Many product professionals are unclear about what is (and isn't) product management. After all, product management spans many activities from business planning to market readiness. In this session, we’ll examine many product activities and artifacts for product strategy, planning, and growth, and introduce a simple tool that you can use in your organization to clarify the roles of product management and others. Steve Johnson explores the many roles of Product Management in this fun talk focused on why product managers should obsess on problems instead of solutions.

Follow The Leader

N2Growth Blog

Does the term “ Follow the Leader ” still apply in today’s world? We live in an age of “followship”, but does followship imply that a leader is the one being followed? Success on social media is often defined by the number of followers.

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5 DevOps Terms That We All Use, Yet No One Can Define

I’m all for DevOps. Sometimes, however, I have a hard time talking about DevOps. The reason is because many of the key terms related to DevOps lack clear and precise definitions. Let me explain … DevOps is such a big deal that it has bred its very own lexicon.

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Joining Three or More Tables in SQL

The Crazy Programmer

Here you will learn about joining three tables in sql with example. Let us consider three tables Employee, Department and Project. We will see the complete example wherein these 3 tables are joined to produce a result: Table Employee. This table records the Id of the Employee which is the primary key, the name of the working Employee, the Department Id of the Department they are working in and the Project they are working for. EId – Primary key which holds Id of the Employee.

GovEdge 2019: Five Things You Need to Know About Tenable’s Public Sector User Conference


At Tenable’s GovEdge 2019 public sector user conference, June 4-5 in Washington, D.C., you’ll learn how to make the most of your Tenable deployment and gain valuable Cyber Exposure best practices — all while networking with your peers, our experts and an entire ecosystem of partners.

Innovation: Five Signs You Might Be Faking It

Every company wants to be a leader in innovation, but how can you tell if your company is really innovating or just going through the motions? See the 5 signs you might be faking innovation and what to do if you are.

Performance Testing Tutorial Part 1: Getting Started with the Basics

Gorilla Logic

Within this performance testing tutorial, I will discuss how to build a framework to test all your services and publish the results in a clear dashboard. As a project grows, we build tons of services, interfaces, pages, and other features.

Message Patterns

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Are Digital Skill Sets a Priority for Your Organization?


Picture yourself interviewing a candidate for a program director position at your organization.

Daily Ethical Design

A List Apart

Suddenly, I realized that the people next to me might be severely impacted by my work. I was having a quick lunch in the airport. A group of flight attendants sat down at the table next to me and started to prepare for their flight.

Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

By creating innovative analytics products and expanding into new markets, more and more companies are discovering new potential revenue streams. Join Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst, as he walks you through how data that you're likely already collecting can be transformed into revenue!

Spring for Apache Kafka Deep Dive – Part 3: Apache Kafka and Spring Cloud Data Flow


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Are Your Development Processes Truly Agile?

Many organizations are making a move to agile-powered environments, but agile development is more than a name. How do you determine if your organization is truly agile? The evaluation starts with the Agile Manifesto.

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Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Blue Sentry

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Information management trends set to define your organization


Data is critical to the success of digital transformation, so it should come as no surprise that information management is an essential element in its advancement to specific change goals along the journey. Digital transformation demands data.

Ask the "Right" Questions: Your Analytics-Guided Product Strategy

Speaker: Yoav Yechiam, Founder and Head Instructor, productMBA

Analytics are highly important for product managers - and yet, analytic implementations often fail to actually help us. It's not the technology, and it's not the tactics. In most cases, it's our approach that's misguiding us! Analytics are there to answer important product questions, not just to collect data. How can we be mindful of our analytics so they enable us, rather than confine us? Join Yoav Yechiam, Founder and head instructor at productMBA, as he explains best practices for a data-guided strategy that helps product managers get to the "why" of their biggest product goals.