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Serializing Complex Objects in JavaScript


The Tanagra.js library is designed to be simple and lightweight, and it currently supports Node.js and ES6 classes. The main implementation supports JSON, and an experimental version supports Google Protocol Buffers


Learning DevOps: All You Need Is a Browser

One of the most exciting things about a career in IT is the constantly changing landscape, providing almost infinite opportunities for learning. But this is also one of the great challenges IT careers: It’s just so hard to stay on top of everything.

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From Data Translator to Analytics Product Owner: An Overview of Future Analyst Roles


The role of a data or business analyst comes in different forms and can even span across different job positions. At the same time, new types of data, tools, and technologies are shaping the jobs of analysts, taking them in exciting new directions. Data Basics

Introducing FlinkSQL in Cloudera Streaming Analytics


Our release of Cloudera Streaming Analytics Powered by Apache Flink brings a wide range of new functionality , including support for lineage and metadata tracking via Apache Atlas , support for connecting to Apache Kudu and the first iteration of the much-awaited FlinkSQL API.

Cross-Functional Collaboration Is Key to Industrial Cybersecurity


As cyberthreat actors increasingly target critical infrastructure, both the federal government and private sector have key roles to play in securing essential services. Here are some of the latest joint efforts advancing this mission.

How to run queries periodically in Apache Hive


In the lifecycle of a data warehouse in production, there are a variety of tasks that need to be executed on a recurring basis.

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DaretoChange Challenge: Commitment is not free overtime

. Kate Hobler challenged Rich Visotcky and I to share our thoughts on the article “ Commitment is not free overtime " based on the Quora question below. Rich already responded in Kate’s article and now it’s my turn. . . As a CEO, odds are that you are not where you are now by chance.

Cost Optimization for AI Applications


As organizations begin to monitor their unique recovery process and understand the shifting dynamics of the economic landscape following the global health crisis, many face the reality, albeit daunting, that their business was not equipped to pivot their operations in the face of mass disruption.

Types of Software Companies in India

The Crazy Programmer

The demand of software is all time increasing that has been quite instrumental in a vast success of the software companies and the industry in India. Actually, export of software from India generally accounts for over 65% of the total revenue from the software.

Lessons from the Recent Facebook iOS SDK Crash


On July 10, popular apps like Spotify and Tinder suffered crashes due to a Facebook SDK issue. OverOps CTO Tal Weiss breaks down a few key learnings development teams can take from this mishap. The recent Facebook iOS SDK crash highlights how a code or environment change by another company (e.g.

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Can Quality Hurt Software Projects?

Agile Alliance

I recently had the pleasure to interview Carlos Blé from the Canary Islands in Spain. Carlos is a software crafter with almost two decades of experience in software development and has been involved with the Software Craftsmanship community for more than a decade.

Coach the Person - Not the Problem

Part of the role of being a Scrum Master is to be a coach; to the team, the organsiation and the individual. So How Do You Become an Effective coach? . In a previous post I said that the first skill is to know how to listen , as without being able to listen you can't truly understand.

Magellan Health Data Breach Victim Tally Reaches 365K Patients


The extent of the ransomware attack that hit Arizona-based Magellan Health in April became clear this week, with eight Magellan Health affiliates and healthcare providers reporting breaches stemming from the […].

How No-Code Software Development Speeds Digital Transformation

More organizations are democratizing software development through no-code solutions that empower anyone to write applications In today’s fast-paced and digital business world, organizations must revise their goals and processes to achieve digital transformation and remain a viable business.

Automated Coding and the Future of Programming

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

At Microsoft’s Build conference, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott talked about an experimental project in which an AI, trained on code in GitHub, actually creates programs: it generates function bodies based on a descriptive comment and a message signature. Skip to 29:00 of the video.)

Agile Laws & Distributed Teams: From Conway to Goodhart to Parkinson

TL; DR: Agile Laws and Remote Agile. On many occasions in the recent past, working with distributed agile teams has amplified existing organizational, technical, and cultural challenges in many organizations.

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The CSA IoT Security Controls Framework


Read Anastasios Arampatzis make a case for IoT Security Framework on Tripwire : The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing in technical, social, and economic significance. ENISA defines the increasingly […].

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DevOps Deeper Dive: Google Roils Open Source Community

Google this week agitated the bulk of the open source community by launching the Open Usage Commons consortium to protect the trademarks of open source projects, starting with the Istio, Angular and Gerrit projects it launched.

99 Ways to Change Behavior

Change Starts Here

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of my book, 99 Ways to Influence Change. The book briefly describes all the methods we have at hand to get things done by helping people change.


Luddites have no place in the modern organisation

In our Professional Agile Leadership training , we talk about changing your organisations hiring practices to hire more of the right sort of people to create the company that you want, not the company that you have.

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Connecting The Industrial Internet Of Things With Smart AI Objects


Read John Clemons’ article about connecting industrial Internet Of Things with smart AI objects on Forbes : Smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) are discussed […].

How IaC Bridges the Divide Between DevOps, Security

IaC provides a connection between security and DevOps teams in a subtle, non-intrusive manner Companies often choose DevOps as means to provide value and responsiveness through rapid, high-quality service delivery.

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How to become a Software Engineer in India?

The Crazy Programmer

Engineer. One of the most respected words in the dictionary of an Indian parent.

Sleeping Your Way to a Better Backlog

TL;DR – Your Sprint Planning Meetings don’t have to be a chore. Your Sprint Backlog doesn’t have to be a mess. Do short backlog refinement meetings twice a week and sleep a lot. Our Hero Takes a Nap. I was working on a performance problem in some code last week.

OODA Launches New On Demand Video Series Aimed At Executive Development


The latest OODA Network member benefit is a video on demand series that provides expert context from our analysts. Current titles in our on demand video library include: A Practitioner’s View of […]. News The Boardroom OODA

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4 Mobile DevOps Must-Haves

Mobile DevOps requires a robust and streamlined strategy for success The mobile revolution of the last 20 years has radically changed our everyday lives. That’s not just the way we communicate, but also the way we find information, purchase goods and services, entertain ourselves and more.

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Why They Buy: Cracking The Personality Code With Cheri Tree 

Steve Farber

Podcast BANKCODE Cracking The Personality Code Leading With Authenticity Sales Methodology Understanding Buyers Why They Buy

It's Summer. It's Scrum. Let's start the Scrummer Quiz 2020

For the next 5 weeks we are trying to have a little bit of fun and maybe your learn a few new things about Scrum. .


Ransomware + Exfiltration + Leaks = Data Breach


Read why Mathew J. Schwartz says that when organizations get hit by crypto-locking malware, preceded by data exfiltration, is it right to still label these incidents as being just ransomware […].

How COVID-19 Has Affected Digital Transformation

The current COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way many of us work and impacted productivity, but digital transformation marches on. With technology arguably more important than ever, digital transformation needs acceleration, and companies are beginning their journey with the cloud.

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How to Help Your Idea Grenadiers and Silent Wounded Better Contribute

Let's Grow Leaders

If you’re like many leaders with whom we’ve shared our new book Courageous Cultures, you’re mentally indexing your team and wondering if they’re capable of micro-innovations, problem-solving, and advocating for your customer.