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Scrum’s Nature: It Is a Tool; It Is Not About Love or Hate

TL; DR: Scrum’s Nature: It Is a Tool; It Is Not About Love or Hate. Regularly, we find articles from developers detailing why ‘Agile’ in general and Scrum’s nature, in particular, deserve our collective disdain.


Launch to the Future: Quantum Internet


Watch as the U.S. Department of Energy joins science leaders from University of Chicago to announce a new national initiative to accelerate research in quantum science and technology. From the […]. CTO Cyber Security Quantum Computing Quantum Security

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Good Logging

Henrik Warne

To check if a program is doing what it should, you can inspect the output from a given input. But as the system grows, you also need logging to help you understand what is happening. Good log messages are crucial when troubleshooting problems.

10 Best Practices to Secure PostgreSQL AWS RDS/Aurora


AWS supports PostgreSQL versions 9.4 through 12 on RDS and 9.6 through 11 on Aurora. Many organizations are migrating to PostgreSQL RDS or Aurora in order to take advantage of availability, scalability, performance, etc. and are doing it as either a heterogeneous or a homogeneous migration.

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How AI can be a COVID-19 game-changer


With most US states now reporting sustained increases in new coronavirus cases, fear about the pandemic's resurgence is on the rise. That is placing renewed pressure on the key elements in this healthcare battle, including early detection, containment, triage and diagnosis, and vaccine development.

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Serverless Computing: Taking DevOps to the Next Level

Serverless computing enables you to outsource information, thus freeing teams to focus on front-end work. Organizations choose serverless when they look for faster and easier ways to release updates and patches. DevOps teams often use serverless when they are looking to automate infrastructure tasks.

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The Daily WTF

A long time ago, way back in 2009, Bruce W worked for the Mega-Bureaucracy. It was a slog of endless forms, endless meetings, endless projects that just never hit a final ship date.

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What People Don't Tell You About Being a Data Scientist


This is a guest blog post by Dataquest, an online learning platform that teaches data science skills, by helping students to work with real datasets.

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Employability Should Be Top of Mind in Agile Education

Agile Alliance

In this interview I had the pleasure of talking to Juan Garbajosa, Deputy Vice Rector at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain. Juan has also been involved in organizing the XP Conference in Europe for many years and is the chair of its steering committee.

The Short Story From Arthur C. Clarke Every Officer in Space Force Should Read and Heed


Like so many others in the national security domain I am tracking what I can about the new US Space Force, the newest US military force. I believe their mission […]. News SciFi


[2 Mins FAQ] What Is The Career Path For Scrum Master?

What’s up awesome people. I hope you had a great weekend and ready for a new week. In this [2 Minutes FAQ] video, I will answer the question that I keep hearing frequently lately, that is in regards with the Scrum Master career path.


Beyond Anonymous: Where Hacktivism is going in 2020

The Parallax

Hacktivism is alive and well, if a bit weird, in 2020, says Gabriella Coleman, a cultural anthropologist specializing in hacker culture at McGill University.

Self-Organization Eats Agile at Scale for Breakfast

Agile Alliance

2020 experience reports

Kubernetes Troubleshooting: 7 Essential Steps for Delivering Reliable Applications


A step-by-step guide for delivering more reliable software in today’s increasingly complex and fast moving environment.

If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent !

What is the one thing you need to achieve everything you want with respect to health, fitness and life? Is it a special framework? Is it a super food? Is it a special training program? Is it a quick fix? Is it a short cut? Or Is it something that's very simple?


How to Check Python Version in Windows, Linux and Mac

The Crazy Programmer

This post is all about how to check Python version on your computer. But before getting started, let’s know a bit about Python. Python is one of the most popular programming languages.

What’s Happening with Agile Coach Camp Worldwide

Agile Alliance

If you aren’t aware, thanks to COVID-19 Agile Coach Camp Worldwide has gone virtual with the Home Edition. This gives an opportunity to have even broader participation across the globe.

Counting on AI: The right time for researchers to embrace Artificial Intelligence


While Artificial General Intelligence, or “singularity” as they call it, may be decades away, we have already reached a point where AI can significantly augment our intelligence and help us […].

Round #3 of the Scrummer Quiz

. "The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time" - Autographed books by Jeff and JJ Sutherland for the Scrummer Quiz 2020 Today, we are starting the 3rd round of the annual Scrummer Quiz and you have 3 more chances left to win a book written and autographed by Jeff and JJ Sutherland "The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time".


The Limits of Technology 2020

The post The Limits of Technology 2020 appeared first on Blogs ROELBOB container runtime containerd containers CRI-O digital salvation docker humor satire

Value Stream Mapping: How to See Where You’re Going By Seeing Where You Are

Agile Alliance

2020 experience reports

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Managing Digital Risk in a New Age of Internet of Things


Read Arthur Fontaine explain how companies should manage digital risks associated with the Internet of Things on RSA Blog : Digital transformation is valuable and essential, but it creates digital […].

Are you having Fun?

Fitness and health is so many different things to so many people, but what is that one thing it should be for everyone? Any idea?


observIQ Lauches Open Source Log Agent Project

Blue Medora, after selling its core monitoring integration platform to VMware, today changed its name to observIQ and launched an open source agent project that will serve as the foundation of a log management tool to be delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application.

Lessons Learned in Becoming a Product-Centric Organization

Agile Alliance

2020 experience reports

What Is the Real Cost of a Data Breach?


Read Dan May take a look at the intangible costs of a data breach on CPO Magazine : When contemplating a cybersecurity framework for a business, it’s vital that company-owners […].

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Facilitation: Virtual Ecocycle Planning on August 20, 2020, at the #25 Hands-on Agile

TL; DR: Exploring a Virtual Ecocycle Planning with Mural — A Live Virtual Meetup on August 20, 2020. Let’s try our favorite Liberating Structure microstructure in a remote setting with Mural , Zoom, and Qiqochat: virtual Ecocycle Planning. Do you want to get this article in your inbox?

Significance of Emotional and Psychological Openness in Leaders

CEO Insider

Leaders need to be real. Of course, leaders should set clear business goals, find the best people to get the job done and reflect upon what worked, what didn’t and how to be better next time.

Effective Product (Software) Teams

Agile Alliance

I had the pleasure to interview Eduardo Ferro from Madrid-Spain Eduardo is a software crafter with more than 20 years of experience helping organizations of different sizes to build good quality software products.

Cybersecurity Lessons from the Pandemic


Read Monica Verma explain how the coronavirus pandemic shows us how cybersecurity supports business and society on Dark Reading: There is absolutely no absolute security. Nature is designed in a […].


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