How companies are innovating in the energy sector

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An integral component of our everyday lives, energy powers almost everything at home, at work, and elsewhere and has a direct impact on the standard of living. With people using over a million terajoules of energy a day (Source: BBC Future), burning of coal, oil and gas has reached record levels. However, a fifth of the world’s population now relies on renewable energy (solar, hydro, wind, geothermal) sources, and the sector is expected to grow about 2.6%

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People will power the future of energy and utilities


The energy and utilities industry relies heavily on its people. While risk management and efficiency have always been important, we are now seeing the demand for a strategy that places safety alongside productivity. Cybersecurity EUC Utilities and Energy


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How energy companies can successfully embrace IIoT


Industrial Internet of Things technology continues to mature and energy companies are contemplating how to best take advantage. A change-management strategy, backed by executive leadership, is crucial to successfully implementing process improvements such as this.

The Future of Energy: A global view


A discussion with Philippe Vié, Global Head of Energy, Utilities and Chemicals at Capgemini, In March, a new study from the University of Colorado Boulder reported that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is the smallest it has been since it was discovered in the 1980s.

Hear Real-world Stories About the Transformational Impact of Analytics on the Energy Industry at TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

Want to learn about the top-trending energy and utilities (E&U) analytics and data management strategies that are helping companies evolve apace the rapid changes that characterize the industry? What can hyperconverged analytics do for your energy or utility company?

Time Management Strategies & Prioritizing

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I begin by reassuring them that time-management strategies like these ones can relieve a lot of their stress. Saying no is a key time-management strategy, especially when it comes to meetings. Tackle your passion projects at times of peak energy.

Why Every DevOps Team Needs a Spot Instance Strategy

Most DevOps teams use the public cloud extensively, and focus a lot of energy on reducing cloud costs. The post Why Every DevOps Team Needs a Spot Instance Strategy appeared first on

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The Energy Efficiency of Trust & Vulnerability: A Conversation

Mills Scofield

Thrilled that Switch and Shift is hosting another post where Carl Størmer and I riff on Trust, Vulnerabilty and Energy Efficiency. Culture Energy Innovation Leadership Strategy Trust Values Vulnerability yes, really!

Productive Rant About Time Management Strategies


I really do hope you find a useful nugget of information about time management strategies that you can use either in your personal life or at the workplace. What’s the deal with time management strategies? Every single thing you do either drains the energy out of you or gives you some.

Experiments, Practices, and Strategies for being a Remote Scrum Master

So we offer experiments, practices, and strategies that we used in different contexts and think are worth trying as a Scrum Master, working remotely. When working remotely, what experiments, practices, and strategies can you use, to become an effective and successful Scrum Master?”.


Digital Realty Transitions Oakland Data Center to 100% Renewable Energy and Earns Green Building LEED Certifications

Digital Realty

Making the shift towards a sustainable strategy is a continuous process that doesn’t happen overnight. Our approach has been to consistently implement greener practices, one data center, one city at a time. Recently, we have made several steps

How architecture evolves into strategy

O'Reilly Software

A look at the roles of architect and strategist, and how they help develop successful technology strategies for business. I'm offering an overview of my perspective on the field, which I hope is a unique and interesting take on it, in order to provide context for the work at hand: devising a winning technology strategy for your business. Your architectures, and your strategies, must be similarly flexible in order to endure. Strategy is the art of creating power.

Australia’s New Cyber and Critical Tech Strategy, Key to Diplomacy

Palo Alto Networks

On 21 April 2021, the Australian Government launched its International Cyber and Critical Tech Engagement Strategy , which aims to create a safe, secure and prosperous world enabled by cyberspace and critical technology. The new Strategy is a truly whole-of-government document.

Why Energy and Utilities must scale intelligent automation today


Today, however, energy and utilities can’t afford to be sluggish. That’s according to a new report, “Intelligent Automation in Energy and Utilities: The Next Digital Wave.” Intelligent automation – rules-based technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) – will empower energy and utility companies in core areas. It saw significant energy savings in its first trial.

Three Essential Components of Small Business Sustainability Strategies

CEO Insider

Small business sustainability strategies don’t just promote energy efficiency and social responsibility. They can improve a brand’s reputation, particularly with younger, socially conscious consumers. They can also help organizations strengthen their position in the marketplace. Sustainability requires a balance of tactics. It involves reducing a business’s carbon footprint and maintaining long-term operational and financial health. It’s much […]. CEO Insider

9 creative recruitment strategies to hire developer on a budget

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

While everyone is looking to get that developer worth million dollar bucks, there are few creative recruiting strategies to hire great talents, let’s discuss them below. Such a workforce tends to be more productive and infuses robust energy to the workplace. Automation can save several man-hours, which means you save lots of pennies too, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your recruitment strategy.

The “Next Practices” of Strategy-Setting

N2Growth Blog

Be dynamic and agile, not routine and static – most “strategy” firms offer inflexible, rigid, complex and time consuming approaches that eat up resources and yield only limited value. Be Innovative and engaging, not flat and uninspired – countless management consultants employ the same old, tired planning processes that generate little interest or energy. Strategy Jim KerrAre your strategic planning practices flat and uninspired?

Social Innovation as a Business Strategy

Hu's Place - HitachiVantara

In order for these innovations to be sustainable, corporations will need to integrate Social Innovation into their business strategy so that profits are tied to social innovation. More people will consume more resources, like water, energy, infrastructure, goods and services. Sustainable social change can only happen when corporations integrate Social Innovation into their corporate strategy for delivering business outcomes.

Do You Have Enough Personal Energy To Be CIO? (a chief information officer needs an IT strategy to create IT alignment)

The Accidental Successful CIO

Do You Know How To Manage Your CIO Energy? Turns out that these are all good to have; however, what it’s going to take to get you to the finish line is something much more valuable: personal energy. Tony Schwartz has looked into what is going on here and he believes that we are all experiencing what he calls a “personal energy crisis” Look, for years and years we have all been finding ways to do more in a fixed amount of time – thank you smart phones and laptops.

Pack Some Energy into Your Lunch :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Makes Commitment to Renewable Energy by Becoming a Member of the U.S. Categories : Uncategorized 1 Comments 1 November 28th, 2010 at 1:50 am It’s so true that the foods we eat throughout the day can make or break us when it comes to energy levels, focus, and cognitive abilities.

Leadership Strategies from the Nature with Dr. Kathleen Allen

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

Strategy comes from patterns rather than details. (13:00). Or are we seeing them as highly capable and it’s our job to unleash their talent and their energy and their humanness in service to a larger shared purpose? Episode 37.

Lessons That CIOs Can Learn From The Energy Business (a chief information officer needs an IT strategy to create IT alignment)

The Accidental Successful CIO

Energy Biz CIOs know how to get to where they want to go to… Image Credit. It turns out that in the energy business, CIOs have their hands full right now…. The energy business in the U.S. CIOs are being asked to become creative in coming up with ways to help their energy company find ways to deal with this issue. The CIOs in the energy business realize that what really matters is that the information that has been collected can be used by others.

Leadership Strategies from Nature with Dr. Kathleen Allen

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

Strategy comes from patterns rather than details. (13:00). Or are we seeing them as highly capable and it’s our job to unleash their talent and their energy and their humanness in service to a larger shared purpose? Episode 37.

For Insurance Carriers: 3 Emerging Strategies To Capitalize On Digital Customer Experience Innovation


For Insurance Carriers: 3 Emerging Strategies To Capitalize On Digital Customer Experience Innovation. In this article I’ll outline three strategies we see our insurance clients employing to achieve digital transformation of the customer experience. Product Management Strategy

Your Most Important Business Strategy Is Culture

Strategy Driven

They invest more time, energy, and attention in results than they do in their business culture, yet culture drives everything that happens in their organization – for better or worse. Those leaders that invest time and energy in the quality of their culture reap tremendous benefits. Make culture one of your critical business strategies – and implement valued behaviors as a means to creating a purposeful, positive, productive culture.

Is your Cybersecurity Strategy Good Enough to Protect your Cloud Data?


The cloud offers all sorts of options, but it also leaves us more vulnerable to attack, which is why you should take a close look at your security strategies. Sadly, cybersecurity takes up a huge amount of time, energy and money. With an increasing number of companies moving onto the cloud, each will need to ensure their cybersecurity strategy is good enough to protect cloud data. The post Is your Cybersecurity Strategy Good Enough to Protect your Cloud Data?

Effective Strategies For Business Growth

Strategy Driven

There are many effective strategies for growing a business in any industry so consider any of the following when you are ready to take the next step. Leading on from this, adding to your product/service range can be an effective strategy for attracting new customers and retaining loyal, existing ones. There are many ways to reduce business costs to consider, including switching to alternative energy, going paperless, renegotiating rates with vendors and encouraging remote working.

5 Proven Strategies to Accelerate Business Growth

Women on Business

If you are like most women in business, you are looking for new strategies to stimulate growth. Whether solutions to better communicate or how to best manage employees, here are 5 Proven Strategies to Accelerate Business Growth: Expand thru Alliance Partnership. An extremely effective strategy for expanding your business is by forming an alliance with non-competitive companies. This can reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

3 SecOps Strategies To Enable Your Smart People To Focus on Smart Things

Palo Alto Networks

Your talented employees are forced to waste energy overcoming these challenges rather than spending it on the activities for which they provide unique value. The key to solving these problems is implementing better SecOps strategies. Smarter SecOps Strategies.

The Big Picture of Business – Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success

Strategy Driven

I watch them to experience the magical energy of live performances. I recommend that diversity audits, quality control reviews, ethics programs and other important regimen be conducted as part of Strategic Planning, rather than as stand-alone, distracting and energy diverting activities. Hank’s latest book functions as a ‘PDR of business,’ a view of Big Picture strategies, methodologies and recommendations.

How the Right Office Design Strategy Can Improve Productivity

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Natural Light Boosts Energy Levels. Businesses don’t need hard workers. Someone who pushes themselves behind their limit and struggles to make it through each day on time and pulls overtime to reach deadlines is not someone you want on your team.

How to Connect Strategy and Execution

Six Disciplines

If there is one maxim which describes the frustration many C-suite executives and senior level managers feel when trying to trying to get a strategy executed, it is: “People know what they are supposed to do. Bright minds spend considerable time and energy drawing up ambitious plans for things like market share growth and increased revenue generation — only to watch staff put out fires all day rather than work on the strategy which will prevent most fires in the first place.

The Tip of the Spear II: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy


Department of Transportation's CIO, describes four components for what I call an “enterprise data strategy”: Data governance. He also mentions additional factors relevant to DOT’s data strategy: The volume of data is increasing and we need to be ready for it. Balancing Tactics and Strategy. Attention to enterprise-level data strategy while delivering useful results in the short term has implications beyond what is being attempted in an individual project’s scope.

Internet of Things Strategy: It Will Determine Your Organization’s Future

Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog

The implications alone for IoT and the healthcare, insurance, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, and energy industries — to name just the most affected — are profound: For the first time in human history, most aspects of our business will be measurable, and therefore to paraphrase the famous Peter Drucker saying , they can actually be managed in a more direct and effective way than ever before possible. The Essential Digital Strategies.

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How to Help Managers Become More Strategic

Let's Grow Leaders

Instead invest in your highly talent managers and teach them the art of strategy. For example, being able to think strategically in the high-tech industry involves a nuanced understanding of strategy topics such as network effects, platforms, and standards. Authenticity & Transparency Career & Learning Energy & Engagement helping managers become more strategic strategic thinking teach strategy John’s frustration had turned to exacerbation.

Three Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Failing

Strategy Driven

It can feel pretty defeating when you’ve put your oh-so-valuable time and energy into planning and executing a marketing plan, only to barely see a difference in your bottom line. According to a report by SBI Research, it’s estimated that as many as 71% of marketers are falling short of their revenue targets by adopting the wrong marketing strategies. Your strategy was nonexistent. Solution: Create a clear strategy and action plan that you can stick to.

How to Have Your Best Week

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We were talking about time management strategies and she shared how she organizes her week. I asked if her energy was more extroverted or introverted. Batch by Energy Impact : One thing this leader was extremely tuned into was her energy. As an introvert, she recognized that larger group meetings were energy drainers for her. So, rather than having several hours each day of energy drainers, she batched almost all of that on one day of the week.

How to Invest and Make Money Daily: 9 Key Ideas & Strategies

Strategy Driven

Before you pass to the direct answer to how to invest and make money daily, take a look at the basic principles to adhere to when developing your strategy. Fundamental principles are allowing you to augment your capital passively and get rich with little effort.

9 creative recruitment strategies for hiring top talent on low budget

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While everyone is looking to get that developer worth million dollar bucks, there are few creative recruiting strategies to hire great talents, let’s discuss them below. </strong></p><br /><br /> <p><a href=’[link] src=’[link] alt=’recruit on a shoestring budget’ 540px border=’0′ /></a></p><br /><br /> <p> 9 creative recruitment strategies for hiring top talent.

Getting There Early

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Career & Learning Energy & Engagement 7 ways to a more successful 2015 career success strategies early bird getting there early Getting there early is one of the simplest ways to get ahead of the competition. And yet this simple leadership tactic is often lost in the frenzy of overbooked schedules. Getting up early gets work done. Getting to the race early positions you for a fast start. Getting to the show early gets the best view. When Early is the New Late.