In Honor of Earth Day: CableLabs Offices Now Powered by 100% Renewable Energy


At CableLabs, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability in every aspect of our work. At our headquarters in Louisville, Colorado we recently subscribed to Windsource , a program offered by Xcel Energy that ensures our office is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

An Appropriate Event to Generate Energy

Steve Farber

Next week I’ll be speaking in New Orleans at the American Wind Energy Association ‘s annual meeting. And since “ Generate Energy ” is an Extreme Leadership practice, I think I’ll be in good company. The Wind Energy world is fascinating and particularly timely. Here’s how the association puts it: US is the world’s number one wind energy producer. Wind energy has a clear path to generate 20% U.S.


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The greening of privacy: Key steps to data sustainability


By eliminating this data—or by not collecting it in the first place—businesses can cut down on storage requirements and costs while also supporting sustainability objectives by using less energy.

The Future of Energy: A global view


A discussion with Philippe Vié, Global Head of Energy, Utilities and Chemicals at Capgemini, In March, a new study from the University of Colorado Boulder reported that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is the smallest it has been since it was discovered in the 1980s. Sustainabilit

How companies are innovating in the energy sector

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

When leaders from 193 countries created a plan labeled the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, it was the beginning of a new era of hope and possibilities. The ambitious goals promised equitable, sustainable growth for today’s and tomorrow’s generations by 2030. An integral component of our everyday lives, energy powers almost everything at home, at work, and elsewhere and has a direct impact on the standard of living. How are energy companies innovating?

Energy 149

Change for Good: The Energy Transition


Oil & gas companies across the board are transitioning to cleaner & more sustainable energy. This represents a massive opportunity for those in the energy sector

Energy 2020:  Efficient, Visible, Sustainable

Beyond B2B

energy and utilitiesLove it or hate it, the oil and gas industry still provides most of the fuel for industrial and consumer usage.

Project SENECA: Making cloud-based software engineering faster, more sustainable and energy efficient


The post Project SENECA: Making cloud-based software engineering faster, more sustainable and energy efficient appeared first on Software Improvement Group.

How Everyone in Leeds Can Learn to Become More Sustainable

Strategy Driven

It’s true that this isn’t new information, but some people may find it hard to adopt a more sustainable option, especially since you are always surrounded by plastic, use cars as a mode of transportation, rely on electricity and so on. Save Energy at Home. Sustainable Fashion.

Three Essential Components of Small Business Sustainability Strategies

CEO Insider

Small business sustainability strategies don’t just promote energy efficiency and social responsibility. Sustainability requires a balance of tactics. They can improve a brand’s reputation, particularly with younger, socially conscious consumers. They can also help organizations strengthen their position in the marketplace. It involves reducing a business’s carbon footprint and maintaining long-term operational and financial health. It’s much […]. CEO Insider

6 Ways Your Business Is Wasting Energy

Strategy Driven

By limiting the energy that you waste, you can help the planet, as well as save money and boost your image. Here are six ways your business is wasting energy. By doing this, you limit how much extra energy you use and save yourself from paying off-peak energy costs. Many repairs can cause you to use much more energy than you need to. This extra work will waste a lot more energy and cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

The old and the new in the evolving energy industry


The energy industry is considered a strategic sector in all developed countries. And aging assets are not yet obsolete – they still have their place in the operational structure of many energy companies because they are proven and dependable. EUC Utilities and Energy

The Future of Energy: North America – Part 1


A conversation with Randall Cozzens, North America Sector Head of Energy, Utilities, and Chemicals at Capgemini. The month of April presented the energy industry with a so-called “double black swan,” as the ongoing public health emergency coincided with a collapse in oil prices.

Seeking Sustainable IT? Use Data Virtualization

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

Conserve energy! Adopting more sustainable business practices is a near-universal objective at organizations today. To guide your journey, ask yourself three questions: What are our best sustainable IT improvement opportunities? Your Best Sustainable IT Improvement Opportunities.

Data Center Insights: Lights-Out Data Centers: Optimizing The Energy Sector and Helping The Planet.

Dots and Bridges

Avoiding costs by improving the sustainability of data centers through optimization. The post Data Center Insights: Lights-Out Data Centers: Optimizing The Energy Sector and Helping The Planet. Date: March 10th, 2021, 11AM (EST).

Google Sustainability Efforts in the Cloud Now Claim to be “Carbon Intelligent”


Google Sustainability is an effort that ranges across their business, from the Global Fishing Watch to environmental consciousness in the supply chain. That’s why Google’s sustainability efforts for data centers and cloud computing are especially important. .

Sustainable and effective leadership

Lead on Purpose

This statement sums up one of the key indicators to sustainable and effective leadership as taught in the book The Leader’s Climb: A Business Tale of Rising to the New Leadership Challenge by Bob Parsanko and Paul Heagen. Fighting too much: Spending too much time and energy denying current realities. Forcing too many decisions: Wasting energy and goodwill on winning at all costs, forcing other people’s hands or clawing for the edge.

[Video] Renewable Energy Is Key to Sustainable Data Center Solutions

Digital Realty

Environmental sustainability took center stage in the world last week. Sustainability is on a lot of minds. More than 4 million people took part in climate protests across 2,500 events scheduled in 163 countries on all seven continents. As an

A Look Back at 2018: Improving Efficiency and Sustainability in our Data Centers


By: Jenny Gerson, Senior Director, Sustainability & Strategy. In 2017, we purchased 87 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy certificates and became an EPA Green Power Partner. Other efforts we are undertaking to reduce the amount of energy we consume in our data centers include upgrading equipment to efficient technologies, LED lighting retrofits, and optimizing airflow. Blog Data Centers Sustainability zColo

Sustainability and Being Green – Do Your Customers Actually Care?

Women on Business

Do consumers actually care if our business is sustainable or “green”? Sustainability is something of a buzz word that people throw around casually and in daily conversation. While it speaks to a positive shift in public opinion and values do most people even know what this means or look to see which businesses are implementing sustainable practices? The grocery isle is a fantastic arena to test consumer preference regarding sustainability.

Hear Real-world Stories About the Transformational Impact of Analytics on the Energy Industry at TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

Want to learn about the top-trending energy and utilities (E&U) analytics and data management strategies that are helping companies evolve apace the rapid changes that characterize the industry? What can hyperconverged analytics do for your energy or utility company?

The Future of Energy: North America – Part 2


Part two of our conversation with Randall Cozzens, North America Sector Head of Energy, Utilities, and Chemicals at Capgemini. In this segment, we discuss how recent events may reshape public sentiment and what that could mean for sustainability and climate change efforts.

Should Your Business Be Thinking About Making Sustainable Choices

Strategy Driven

In business, sustainability is a highly emphasized aspect, particularly in the modern-day world. Governments and the community at large have created a strategic focus on ensuring that businesses become holistically sustainable in their operations and resource utilization. When it comes to business operation, sustainability can be enforced at various strategic points including decision-making, resource utilization, environmental awareness, as well as productivity.

Digital Realty Transitions Oakland Data Center to 100% Renewable Energy and Earns Green Building LEED Certifications

Digital Realty

Making the shift towards a sustainable strategy is a continuous process that doesn’t happen overnight. Our approach has been to consistently implement greener practices, one data center, one city at a time. Recently, we have made several steps

Oil and gas industry meets self-service analytics

Beyond B2B

The oil and gas industry has no shortage of challenges – from decarbonization to sustainability and resiliency - and with that comes the need for creative and forward-thinking solutions. IoT energy and utilities Advanced Analytics

Podcast: How BT makes IT and technology sustainability a business advantage


Experts discuss innovative means to reducing waste, energy consumption, and your company's carbon footprint. Adopting circular economy principles helps companies make the most of existing IT and business assets. Emerging Tech Digital Transformation

Caution to the Wind: Views on the Renewable Energy Growth Boom


Renewable energy generation, lead by solar PV and wind power, is growing at a considerable rate. Yet underneath the positive headlines, there are some fundamental issues that remain in the long-term sustainability of business models in the industry Innovations are lowering the cost to generate such power to levels of traditional fossil fuels.

Why Energy and Utilities must scale intelligent automation today


Today, however, energy and utilities can’t afford to be sluggish. That’s according to a new report, “Intelligent Automation in Energy and Utilities: The Next Digital Wave.” Intelligent automation – rules-based technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) – will empower energy and utility companies in core areas. It saw significant energy savings in its first trial.

Green Your Business: A Sustainable Vision or Money-Making Fad?

Strategy Driven

This is particularly relevant when communicating the new green vision to your employees; is it a vision of saving money on energy or is it to create a healthier community for your consumers? Consider replacing your old electronic appliances for newer models that save energy, have a look at a commercial tint for your office windows, and transfer to a cloud-based system to reduce the number of hard copies you produce. Strategic Planning business strategy strategydriven sustainabilit

3 Customers Building AI-Powered Apps to Sustain Innovation

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

Hemlock Semiconductor , another TIBCO customer, has been able to get a more complete view of its factory floor, enabling insight into manufacturing processes, scientific inquiry, and exploration into energy consumption, with the intent of maximizing energy efficiency and spot anomaly detection.

IoT 28

How Sustainable Innovation is Changing the Face of Business

Strategy Driven

Earths to sustain our consumption. The Rise of Sustainable Innovation. Sustainable innovation has arisen for two main reasons: Public Awareness. Top Sustainable Innovations to Be Aware Of. That is why all businesses must be aware of the sustainable innovations occurring around the world. Water consumption needs to be reduced dramatically, which is why water recycling is paramount for sustainable innovation. Use of Sustainable Energy.

Ideas To Make Your Workplace Sustainable and Green

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And in the midst of this hullaballoo, where the Earth’s resources are being depleted, and we are facing a tremendous energy crisis, it is important that we gear attention towards the idea of sustainable living. In this article, we have tried to put across a few ways in which we can make our workplaces sustainable and green. It is a great energy-saving tip, and you should definitely try it out. Old electrical systems use more than the usual units of electrical energy.

A (Not So) Magic Formula For Sustainable Business Excellence

Terry Starbucker

Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store Ramblings From a Glass Half Full The Magic Formula For Sustainable Business Excellence – It’s More Hard Work Than Hocus Pocus by Starbucker on August 1, 2010 “How did you do that&# ? I fervently believe that injecting a “ can do &# spirit and a positive, “up&# energy is an absolutely essential part of any success equation.

Four Things You Could Be Doing For A More Sustainable Construction Biz

Strategy Driven

Taking all of that into consideration, you can check out the four things that you could be doing to build a sustainable construction site from today. Your site should be energy efficient, and you should be able to use as many renewable sources as possible while you and your team work. Construction sites often emanate waste, and the contribution to waste streams means that construction is never really considered as sustainable.

Capgemini Taking Steps to Contribute to a More Positive Planet


Our environmental sustainability strategy is all about reducing our own environmental impacts against ambitious targets, building business resilience against climate change and supporting our clients with their sustainability challenges. In fact, our performance has contributed to the global Group accomplishing its 2020 sustainability goal 2 years ahead of schedule. Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Sustainability

Rapid Economy Growth Sparks Sustainability Focus in APAC

Digital Realty

It may seem obvious, but our digital footprints consume significant energy and Pop quiz time! Which of these impacts the environment? Posting an Instagram post B.) Streaming a Netflix movie C.) Taking a long shower Answer: all of the above.

Geared Up – and Bundled Up – for Winter Bike to Work Day


It was all part of an International Bike to Work initiative, promoting the benefits of sustainable transportation. Zayo’s Green Teams, who volunteer to lead sustainability best practices for waste management, office energy and smart commuting initiatives, made it fun and easy for employees to get involved. Blog Bike to Work Day Life at Zayo SustainabilityLow Carbon Commuting Part of Zayo’s Environmental Commitment.

Natural gas in a zero-emission world


in 2018 witnessed the second-largest annual increase in energy-related emissions since 2000, even as coal-fired power generation dropped. Energy-related CO 2 emissions rose by 2.7 The energy industry is listening to these concerns. EUC Oil & Gas Utilities and Energy

Managing Power to Help Save the Planet

Beyond B2B

Solar, wind and water power can supply enough energy to allow us to live comfortably on a sustainable basis. Integration & APIs IoT

More women are needed to power energy and utilities


Multiple research studies show that companies with a significant share of female leaders outperform their peers, but there is still a notable deficit in the number of women working in the energy and utilities industry.