Partnership over Stakeholdership

Abhishek Tiwari

When hiring for senior roles, companies put too much stress on stakeholder management skills i.e. ability to navigate through complex stakeholder landscape and manage expectations. Similarly, in cricket (sports), teams performance revolves around match-winning partnerships.

Sport 52

Leading Remote and Distributed Engineering Teams – Top Takeaways from the Panel


Leaders of distributed engineering teams shouldn’t have to work up solutions to these problems from scratch. So we held a panel discussion with three of today’s top engineering leaders to discuss approaches and lessons learned in building, growing, and maintaining remote and distributed teams.

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Investing in Career Growth & Team Development – Advice From 3 Engineering Leaders


As engineering managers and leaders, our job of course is to help our teams deliver value to the organization and its customers. Yet from a higher level, our role is to ensure that both engineers and teams continue to grow and develop. With an eye on the long-term health of our teams, our engineers, and our companies, that latter responsibility is at least as critical as the products we deliver. FIGURE OUT HOW YOUR ENGINEERS LIKE BEING RECOGNIZED.

The Importance of Proper Feedback

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

That’s the assumption a lot of managers make, so in this episode we’ll talk about what feedback really means and how you can give it in a meaningful, productive manner. And you as the manager, you need to give them feedback in order to help them grow and help them improve. Episode 16.

Conflict: Uncomfortable, Yet Necessary with Jennifer Jones-Patulli

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

In this episode of Programming Leadership, Marcus and his guest, Jennifer Jones-Patulli, discuss how people tend to think about conflict and how they handle it. Marcus: Welcome to this episode of Programming Leadership. And as engineers, we love our tools. Episode 29. ?Is

Organise your engineering teams around the work by reteaming

Abhishek Tiwari

When it comes to organising engineering teams, a popular view has been to organise your teams based on either Spotify's agile model (i.e. One thing stand-out to me is being intentional and practical about your engineering organisation design. hires more full-stack engineers.