The 5 unit testing guidelines


A unit test is a small automated check. Unit tests can be written relatively easily and they run in a matter of milliseconds. The post The 5 unit testing guidelines appeared first on Xebia Blog It checks a tiny bit of software. They are commonly being triggered automatically when somebody submits code to a repository so that the quality of the software is being validated, automatically, before […].

The Critical Agile Organization Change Guidelines

In this article, we share a few critical guidelines that we use during change initiatives of any size. Guideline: Co-create the Change. Guideline: Voluntary Participation. Guideline: Find the Right Balance of Radical and Incremental Change.


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Communities of Practice Guidelines For Your Business


Communities of Practice Guidelines. Thus, there has to be certain methods or guidelines for tacit knowledge to be transmitted. Aligning CoP with Your Organisational Objective: Guidelines. These guidelines should help leaders and executives like you in ensuring the value of CoPs to your team members and the organisation. Take The Test Now! The post Communities of Practice Guidelines For Your Business appeared first on Organisational Mastery.

OKR Guidelines: How to Set and Reach Your Goals

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OKR Guidelines. Take The Test. The post OKR Guidelines: How to Set and Reach Your Goals appeared first on Luís Gonçalves. First introduced in the mid-1980s, OKRs is a goal-setting methodology is still being used today by many companies, including Google and Intel. It was developed by Andy Grove of Intel and Gary Kennedy of Oracle. Fast forward to the present, OKR has become a solid framework being implemented by leading companies worldwide.

OKR Cheat Sheet: Guidelines, Tools, and Vital Frameworks

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Take The Test. The post OKR Cheat Sheet: Guidelines, Tools, and Vital Frameworks appeared first on Luís Gonçalves. OKR Cheat Sheet. One of the most widely acclaimed goal-setting methodologies used today is Objective and Key Results (OKR). You probably have heard of it many times, and already got a clear understanding of what it’s like and how it can benefit your company. You’ve been really wanting to adopt this approach. However, you are somehow clueless where to start.

Top Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2019


Prototyping tests for market activity and feature validity. It is important for UX designers of any mobile app development company to be aware of all mobile app UX design guidelines. The post Top Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2019 appeared first on OpenXcell. Design Do's of Mobile UX Design Don'ts of Mobile UX Design Mobile App UX Design Mobile App UX Design Guidelines Mobile UX Design

Slavish Adherence To Guidelines Considered…Inadvisable?


Senior Technical Consultant When architecting secure infrastructure a natural place to begin is a common standard set, such as those provided in a DISA STIG or CIS guideline. Read between the guidelines On this system, the logging rules had been set up in compliance with the CIS guidelines for hardening RHEL 6. The text and examples in these guidelines are surprisingly prolific, being mirrored exactly in the DISA STIG and even the RHEL documentation itself.

Top Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2019


Prototyping tests for market activity and feature validity. It is important for UX designers of any mobile app development company to be aware of all mobile app UX design guidelines. The post Top Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2019 appeared first on OpenXcell. Design Do's of Mobile UX Design Don'ts of Mobile UX Design Mobile App UX Design Mobile App UX Design Guidelines Mobile UX Design

Accessibility testing


Hi, in this article we will talk about Accessibility testing. What is Accessibility testing? Importance for this type of testing covers: Easy and efficient access to users with disabilities Improves maintainability and efficiency Satisfied existing and future legal requirements.

Difference Between Usability and Accessibility Testing

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Thorough testing of a website’s usability and accessibility improves engagement, increases retention, and reduces the risk of costly lawsuits. Therefore, digital accessibility testing is an important subset of usability testing. Usability Testing Key Features.

Top 10 Test Automation Frameworks in 2020

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To fulfill the demands for exceptional quality and faster time to market, automation testing will assume priority. It is becoming necessary for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to automate their testing processes. But the most crucial aspect is to choose the right test automation framework. So let’s understand what a test automation framework is. What Is a Test Automation Framework? to pillar automation testing.

The Complete Unit Testing Collection [Tutorials and Frameworks]

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Breaking Unit Testing Down. Introduction and History of Unit Testing [Part 1] by Leah Grantz — We all know we should be incorporating unit testing into our development processes, but do you know the history of this concept? Why Do We Unit Test?

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Why QA Testing Theory is Important


To determine what knowledge is required for software testing jobs, ask questions including: What does it mean to be a good QA engineer? What can QA engineers do as team members to improve the quality of services or products, and how can they build an effective testing process?

Testing Rails Apps in 2021


Many Rails testing guides are comprehensive and curated tutorials that will walk you to a splendid test suite: your Rails 4 app from 2014. So, what are the best practices for testing Rails applications in 2021? The Test Pyramid. At the bottom are unit tests.

Test Plan vs Test Strategy: Structure, Goals and Differences Explained


When performing software testing, documentation is strongly important. There are two particularly popular test documents that are often confused with each other: test plan and test strategy. Test plan, test strategy and how they are related. Test approach.

Article: The Kollected Kode Vicious Review and Author Q&A

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Design Networking Design Guideline Best Practices Testing Debugging Book Review Asynchronous Programming Development Architecture & Design Culture & Methods articleAddison Wesley Professional The Kollected Kode Vicious by George V.

Accessibility Testing: Why Does It Matter?


If you are a public sector organization or part of the healthcare industry, you’re probably well aware of accessibility testing and why it’s important for the business. Do you know how complex accessibility testing is? How many categories are there for accessibility testing?

Business Continuity Basics: Management, Planning and Testing


There are a growing number of industry guidelines and standards that businesses can leverage to start the process. Plans should be tested regularly to ensure they work in the event of an outage. Business Continuity Testing. How Often Should a Business Continuity Plan Be Tested?

A/B Testing Strategies for e-Commerce Websites


Digital transformation means businesses must constantly test, experiment, and find new ways to stand out. An effective A/B testing strategies for E-Commerce websites can help you optimize your website, generate more sales and increase the number of returning visitors.

Achieving continuous automated testing and smart test data provisioning


And it’s crucial that testing activities be fully integrated in this. In reality, most Agile teams struggle with successfully automating their testing. Training teams in test automation tools and techniques. Bringing smart test data provisioning for Agile teams.

Got speech? These guidelines will help you get started building voice applications

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To assist companies that are exploring speech technologies, we assembled the following guidelines: Narrow your focus. In many cases, your initial test data will not be representative of how users will interact with the system you hope to deploy. These guidelines will help you get started building voice applications Speech adds another level of complexity to AI applications—today’s voice applications provide a very early glimpse of what is to come.

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Test Automation Frameworks - What to Know Before You Choose One

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If you’re planning to use automation testing for your web app testing, then you might know that you need a reliable and robust test automation framework for producing beneficial results. However, if you are performing automation testing for the first time, then you must have a clear understanding of a test automation framework. In general, it is a complete set of both rules and guidelines like coding standards, object repository treatment, data handling, etc.

Completing the security testing automation cycle


But automation is only as efficient as your weakest link or most cumbersome bottleneck, which can sometimes be security testing. Security testing has traditionally been carried out either manually or quite late in the process. Clear and effective remediation guidelines.


Top 14 Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Types for Smooth Application Performance


While developers do everything they can to cross the t’s and dot the i’s as they develop products, the final result is never a sure thing without testing, testing, testing. Our quality assurance and testing team at Datavail helps companies of all sizes and in all industries complete this process for their organization. Testing is, of course, the core of QA. But when it comes to QA & testing, these 14 tests are the place to start.

Creating snapshots in Jest for testing React applications


Using snapshots to simulate UI changes for testing. Using snapshot tests to determine whether changes were intentional. Automated tests are especially important in large applications that have lots of moving parts. If you are not familiar with using snapshots in testing, read on.

10 Nifty Tips To Bolster Selenium Test Automation

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It is now common to see businesses that have transitioned to Selenium test automation. And with reliable feedback on brand-new features, it is easy to see why automated browser testing has become the new norm.

[Webinars] Open source security, remote security testing, secure development


Learn more about the 2020 OSSRA report, guidelines and solutions for remote security testing, and why all software development should be secure development. The post [Webinars] Open source security, remote security testing, secure development appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.

11 Useful Java Testing Frameworks for Every Phase of Development


Software testing is among the most critical phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). With so many test cases to run in each cycle, manual tests don’t do the trick anymore. Instead, testing frameworks are a much better way to move forward.

The Importance of Accessibility Testing for Websites


To help minimize this issue, accessibility testing has become part of the development process for creating high-quality applications and web pages. What is Accessibility Testing? Accessibility testing is part of usability testing. WCAG Accessibility Testing.

Introduction to Static Application Security Testing: Benefits and SAST Tools


In this article, we would like to talk about Static Application Security Testing (SAST). Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) — dynamic analysis of an application without access to the source code and execution environment (using the black box method).

5 Steps for implementing with Agile Test Automation development

Strategy Driven

There are many challenges in implementing Agile Test Automation development. Therefore, this article will detail five steps for implementing Agile Test Automation development and offer up some words of wisdom. Identify which roles will be responsible for building the test automation.

How to Conduct User Acceptance Testing: Process Stages, Deliverables, and End-User Testing Place in Quality Assurance


Such techniques as a black box or usability testing help communicate user’s needs. To ensure the development team is building the right product for the actual end-users, it’s vital to conduct user acceptance testing. What is user acceptance testing and how is it different from quality assurance? A User Acceptance Testing (UAT) has various other names, e.g. End-User Testing , Operational , Application, or Beta testing. Testing objectives.

5 Tips for Writing Accessible Code As a Software Engineer

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Review the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These are an extensive set of guidelines on how to make your web application accessible to not just users who use screen-readers, but also other types of disabilities such as Deaf/Hard of Hearing, cognitive or motor disabilities.

QA best practices: How to Do Smart TV Application Testing Right


How is TV App Testing Different from Other Types of Testing? Smart TV application testing has several unique features: Preparation is key: First and foremost, you need to determine the list of devices that will be used for testing.

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How to Identify & Test a Product’s Value (Before Investing Thousands)


Product concept testing is critical to ROI for new digital products. Learn how to identify the “what” and “why” of your product, plus tips for concept testing research through interactive prototypes and usability tests. In this article, you’ll discover: The role of product strategy in concept testing research. Why interactive digital prototypes are critical to concept testing research. A handy checklist for product concept testing with real people.

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CPOE Systems: Benefits and Risks of e-Prescribing and Test Ordering


The situation can be remedied with wider adoption of electronic prescribing (eRx) and test ordering technologies. This technology enables doctors to order drugs, tests, consultations, and other medical products and services electronically instead of writing prescriptions by hand.

Finance & IT Couples Therapy Guideline #5: Promote Strengths


Performing regression testing with Accelatis allows you to discover what has gone wrong. ” The post Finance & IT Couples Therapy Guideline #5: Promote Strengths appeared first on Datavail. Our recent webinar “Couples Therapy: Getting IT & Finance to Play Nice” discussed how organizations can apply the lessons from a completely different field–marital counseling–in order to bridge the finance-IT gap.

TestOps – Assuring application quality at scale


Continuous development, integration, testing, and deployment have become the norm for modern application development cycles. These challenges underline the need for automated testing. Unlike existing common notions, TestOps is not merely an integration of testing and operations.

What is and How is PreQA done in Agile?


Testing ? Testing ? We believed we were an “Agile” team, but we were not actually putting into practice any of the processes and guidelines that this suggests. Short words: testing your task/feature. Reading Time: 4 minutes Requirements ? Plan ? Design ?

A Look at the Most Popular Penetration Testing Methodologies


Penetration testing provides essential visibility into IT vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is a critical, yet often underutilized, cybersecurity practice that helps businesses gain a more concrete understanding of the strengths and limitations of their configurations.