How Big Data Has Transformed Sports

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In a relatively short period of time, big data has become a big business in professional sports. The market for sports analytics is expected to reach almost $4 billion by 2022, and teams around the world are racing to find a competitive advantage.

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Customer Experience is a Team Sport


CX improvement must become a top initiative for CMOs or marketing will be the proverbial canary in the coal mine – the first to be blamed if the pipeline erodes due to customers’ poor experience. Marketing can’t do this alone. Even just within marketing, operational capability is key.

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SRE as a team sport

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He goes on to say that understanding the business and the market is a key part of this skill. Continue reading SRE as a team sport Tracy Ferrell and Phil Beevers on the principles of Site Reliability Engineering and successful SRE teams.

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How the University of Evansville Uses Texting to Sell More Sporting Event Tickets


In episode five of Zipcast, we’re joined by Scott Peace, the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Fan Engagement at the University of Evansville. This small school in Indiana is doing big things when it comes to communicating with their sports fans.

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Webinar: 5 Ways Sports Teams are Hitting Home Runs with Text Messaging


PST as we dive into some of the key ways sports teams are using texting to drive business. We’ll be joined by Matt Bruhn , a senior account executive here at Zipwhip who works closely with some of the most recognizable sports teams in the nation. Join us on March 21 st at 10 a.m.

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Legal Sports Betting: A New Economy Built on Vice


In a hotly anticipated move on May 14, 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, paving the way for states to legalize sports betting.

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Data collection and data markets in the age of privacy and machine learning

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I list a few examples from the media industry, but there are are numerous new startups that collect aerial imagery, weather data, in-game sports data , and logistics data, among other things. Decentralized data markets for training AI models.

Why Your Business Needs Offline Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age

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Nowadays, many businesses focus their marketing and promotional budgets on digital marketing methods. This is entirely understandable given how much time the average person spends online each day , but that doesn’t mean that offline marketing should be relegated to the past.

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A Few Parallels Between Sports, Life and Leadership


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer A Few Parallels Between Sports, Life and Leadership Last few months, I have been playing Table Tennis regularly. That’s what every sport teaches us!

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Brand Marketing Campaigns That Expose You To New Markets

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The world of business is kind of like a contact sport because you’re aggressively trying to outsell your competition and prove to the world why you’re just plain better than they are. The battle that is fought in the trenches is the marketing campaign.

Local Marketing Tips For Beginners

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For a local business, one of the more difficult things you will have to do is market for your business and make the best possible impression with your audience. When you are marketing a business for a local town or city it isn’t the same as working for an international brand.

10 Offline Marketing Methods You’ve Probably Never Considered

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Digital strategies dominate much of the marketing methods used today, and online forms of marketing are deemed to be the only way to get results. The digital age means that we use the internet for most things, but successful marketing can be achieved by offline means as well.

WayIn Success At Real-Time Digital Marketing Technology Generating More Buzz And More Funding


Real-time digital marketing software company announces new funding from multiple strategic investors. DENVER – September 24, 2015 – Real-time digital marketing software company Wayin has secured $15.4 The additional funding validates the value and growing importance of real-time marketing and the integration of authentic user-generated content into the marketing mix as a part of driving bottom-line business goals.

How To Save Money When Marketing Your Business

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It can often be the case that a business owner creates a well thought out and sensible budget for marketing, for example, but due to a variety of factors including a volatile economy, the money set aside for marketing needs using elsewhere. You could also sponsor a local sports team.

Marketing Your Restaurant: 4 Strategy Driven Tips that are Guaranteed to Work

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As is common to any lucrative field of business, it’s also an extremely crowded and seemingly saturated market. As you probably have that part covered, we are going to concentrate on the second most important aspect of running a successful business in this sector, which would be marketing.

Five championship strategies

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How the Coronavirus Is Impacting Your Workplace and Defining Your Culture

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The stock market is in total upheaval. Major sporting events, political rallies, conventions, and meetings are being canceled. The sky is falling. Schools are closing. Airlines are cutting flights. Hotels and cruise ships are virtually empty.

15 Marketing and Promotional SMS Templates to Use Right Now


Need to boost your marketing efforts? SMS marketing could be just what you need. Below, we provide some tips on how to write a great text message for marketing outreach and offer templates and examples of how to use them with customers. Sports.

Dealing with Conflict | N2Growth Blog

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Leadership is a full-contact sport, and if you cannot address conflict in a healthy, productive fashion then you should not be in a leadership role.

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Leading Beyond Ego – Interview with David Meltzer

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David Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire.

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The Philosophy of One Team & Extreme Ownership


Today’s post is by John Piester, President of RedPeg Marketing. Nearly four years ago I became President of RedPeg Marketing. I’d been in leadership positions before across business units, work groups within companies, sports teams — but this felt different.

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9 Great Ideas for Basketball Promotional Items

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It’s a classic marketing strategy that flouts the trend toward digital ads and continues to prove effective. Every sports-mad household in the country needs at least one in their home. People sport particular keyrings to let others know something of themselves.

Now is The Time to Monetize Yourself with a Vlog!

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Product placement or recommendations in videos for affiliate marketing partners. Vimeo – grow your business with video creation, hosting, and marketing tools. Dailymotion – News, entertainment, music and sports. Clearly define your niche and target market.

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Why Text to Win is an Easy Way to Spark Customer Engagement


Text to win sweepstakes are promotions or contests run solely through text message, giving customers a simple, straightforward way to engage with your business, usually working like this: Set up a text keyword, such as WIN, and tie it to a marketing campaign (a contest, promotion, etc.).


World Password Day: What Blink-182 Can Teach Us About Passwords


In our 2014 SailPoint Market Pulse Survey, we found that 56% of employees admitted to reusing passwords across work and personal accounts. We found in our annual SailPoint Market Pulse Survey, that on average people use about four different passwords at work. Market Views Happenings

7 Tips For Improving Brand Reputation

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Sponsoring local charities or sports teams. Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is the best way to achieve this, so approach experienced and reputable marketing firms to see how they could help you. Influencer Marketing.

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The Ten Greatest Promotional Products of All Time

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In the 150 years since the modern era of promotional marketing began almost every class of product has been custom branded. Cost effective and practical, these ten promo classics continue to deliver for marketers the world over.

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Get Reports On-Demand with Data Consolidation


For one global sports entertainment organization with more than 50 venues worldwide, data consolidation implemented by Datavail made it possible to run reports on-demand, without lengthy delays. Sourcing MySQL and AWS experts can be challenging in today’s competitive job market.

Should Marketeers ditch the concept of Millennials as everyone wants to be treated this way, right?


However, differences between the 2 groups are important to consider within your marketing strategy. Marketing efforts should include content and messaging that is actually obtainable and not flashy or fake. Millennials personality traits tilt more towards idealistic, inclusive and that everyone wins, at witnessed by the many participation trophy’s they received during youth sporting and other activities.

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How To Attract Your Target Customer

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You then need to identify what the wants, needs, and priorities for this group are, which will then help you when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand. Use Influencer Marketing. Marketing & Sales business management Influencer Marketing strategydriven Target Marketing

Leadership Lessons for creating High Performing Scrum Teams

Walker discovered that the most successful sports teams that ever existed all shared one single element: They all had a team captain with 7 overlapping traits that made them extremely successful. So, what lessons can Agile Leaders or Scrum Masters learn from these sports teams?


Brand Identity: 5 Basic Steps You Need to Cover

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To ensure you stay on track, always keep those four elements in mind, and regularly ask yourself and your marketing and design team these questions: Recognition: What will customer think or remember when they see insert-logo or insert-image?

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How to Increase Your Golf Business Revenue

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Not only will it increase your revenue, but you can encourage young children to embrace the sport, who could become a member of your club in the future. Entrepreneurship Marketing & Sales business management entrepreneurship golf marketing and sales strategydriven

Leadership and Teamwork

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Sports metaphors are everywhere in the workplace, but there’s no denying that the leadership and teamwork skills found in the sports setting teach important lessons. The Product Management Perspective: As a product manager you have a major influence on all those responsible for creating, marketing and selling your products. Leadership Product Management / Marketing balance motivation personal improvement rewards success

SAP HANA: A Fantasy Football Use Case


The demand for fantasy sports has been driven by fans' desire to get more involved with the sport they love and fueled by the availability of vast amounts of league and player data. Commissioner Goodell has thrown significant support behind the activity, including several strategic investments around analytic capabilities to empower the fantasy sports enthusiast. Double Delight for Sports Fanatics as the Fantasy Market Partners with Fantasy Data (

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Mobile Gamers: Fun-Seeking but Fickle


Smartphone owners like them because the applications download quickly, cost nothing, and are fun to play; marketers like them because they provide a huge, new space for promoting companies and services. Look to sports games. But Swrve, a marketing firm specializing in mobile business, has reason to think otherw. Free mobile games sound like an advertiser’s dream.

How to Boost Your Business’ Appeal

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An example of this would be refraining from investing in the flashiest sports car available, and instead buying something a lot less conspicuous — fear not because buying, say, a 4×4 wouldn’t necessarily have to mean that your next car choice need be a boring one.