Complimentary Resource – 10 Must-Have Metrics and Benchmarks for Better Recruiting

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10 Must-Have Metrics and Benchmarks for Better Recruiting. Learn how to determine if your company’s recruiting practices are delivering results. Firms must use metrics to ensure recruiting practices are delivering results.

The Bottlenecks that Bog Down Your Recruiting Process


Tired of feeling bogged down by recruiting bottlenecks? It’s easy to feel overworked and underappreciated as a technical recruiter. Although you can’t change the demand for high-caliber engineering talent, you can take proactive steps to identify and streamline your recruiting process.

Guest Post: AI Will Dominate Recruiting – So Prepare For Major Changes In These Areas


Most recruiters are busy with their day-to-day work. So, some fail to realize that many recruiting processes and tools currently in use will soon improve significantly by the continual learning provided by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recruiting areas after candidates apply.

The Bottlenecks that Bog Down Your Recruiting Process


Tired of feeling bogged down by recruiting bottlenecks? It’s easy to feel overworked and underappreciated as a technical recruiter. Although you can’t change the demand for high-caliber engineering talent, you can take proactive steps to identify and streamline your recruiting process. Common Bottlenecks Facing Technical Recruiters. Let’s look at some common bottlenecks facing many technical recruiters these days. Objectively Evaluating Your Recruiting Process.

Guest Post: AI Will Dominate Recruiting – So Prepare For Major Changes In These Areas


Most recruiters are busy with their day-to-day work. So, some fail to realize that many recruiting processes and tools currently in use will soon improve significantly by the continual learning provided by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition, not only will AI and its advanced cousin Machine Learning (ML) make recruiting processes faster and cheaper, soon and in many cases are already adding significant new capabilities that were simply not possible with legacy systems.

8 ways to hire a developer [Actionable tips]

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From hackathons to automated evaluation tools, semantic analysis to personality tests, social hiring to web scraping, recruiting is being reinvented and how. How are recruiters using LinkedIn for hiring developers? People are more likely to believe employees than recruiter spiel.

How to hire a developer for a startup

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Gather metrics to fine-tune hiring strategy. Conduct a recruiting hackathon. Through engaging content, updates, and Q&A, recruiters can establish themselves as thought leaders. Recruiters can gather valuable metrics from this site.

How Much Should My Observability Stack Cost?


He wasn’t counting the dedicated hardware for their ELK cluster (80k/month), or the 2-3 extra engineers they had to recruit, train and hire (250-300k/year apiece) to run the many open source tools they got for “free”. Recruiting them is hard. Logging Metrics Observability

Insights on High-Tech and High-Touch Customer Experience


And those who recruit people? Leadership Leading Organization Sketchnotes artificial intelligence Culture customer delight customer experience customer service machine learning Metrics tiffani bova

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Attracting quality talent through hackathons

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For example, Volvo turned the Brussels Motor Show into a recruitment ground where AI-powered cars interviewed and recruited technicians. One of the recent recruitment trends gaining momentum is for companies to use hackathons for hiring quality talent.

4 Steps to Better Technical Hires


Technical recruiting placements can be a blessing and a curse for companies of all sizes. Despite having databases full of resumes from seemingly accomplished programmers, recruiters consistently struggle to identify so-called “hidden gems” (i.e., Your recruiters are not coding experts.

Increasing Your Recommendation-to-Interview Ratio with Hiring Managers


Over the course of the engagement, your recruiters have recommended fifteen coders, but the hiring manager has only interviewed five candidates (and rejected the other ten). In a perfect world, your recruiters would deliver a handful of prequalified, hire-ready engineers for each job vacancy.

OKRs: A Simple But Awesome Strategy to Get Stuff Done


Thus, it should include a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that is quantified through a metric. The team leaders or head of each department (say, finance team and recruitment team) also set their junior goals with respect to the overall company goals set by the CEO.

There is no magic trick

Erik Bernhardsson

Whether it’s recruiting, investing, system design, finding your soulmate, or anything else, there’s always an alleged shortcut. Let’s think about recruiting, for instance. The one thing I’ve learned is: try to collect as many independent metrics as you can. What makes it even worse is both investing and recruiting are activities that takes place in a market. (Warning: super speculative, feel free to ignore).

Why Agile Portfolio Management is needed? 8 spectacular reasons…


Many business owners believe that business scaling equates with recruiting and hiring more people to work, but it involves much more. When you have a firm handle on past metrics, it is much easier to predict future factors, like resource utilisation.

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Are There Gaps on Your Team?

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We billed ourselves as the Air Force’s number one recruiting tool , and our books said that more than 10 million people experienced the Thunderbirds in one way or another every year. The trends were clear, and our critical metrics were headed in the wrong direction.

How 3 women technologists built a career of their dreams

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All these point to the need for people like me to find a way to be heard regardless of the challenges and point to metrics and results to support decision making for communications programs for technology companies.

Open Source Investment: Show Me the Money (and Time)

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Another survey by the Linux Foundation found that almost half of hiring managers involved with open source say their company’s investment was made to support recruitment efforts. Self-interest and guilt are the main reasons companies invest in open source.

Complimentary Resource – Best Practices in HR Technology

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Get visibility into your production issues without juggling multiple tabs and different services -- all of your logs, server metrics and alerts are in your browser and at your fingertips. You'll get opportunities to be involved in sales, recruiting, customer success, and other aspects of the business. Scalyr gives you instant visibility of your production systems, helping you turn chaotic logs and system metrics into actionable data at interactive speeds. Who's Hiring?

A Practical Approach to Detecting and Correcting Bias in AI Systems

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Before HackerRank, he led teams at Branch Metrics and Facebook. In 2018, Amazon — a clear frontrunner in AI — shut down its experimental AI recruiting tool after the team discovered major issues with bias in the system. Sofus Macskássy.

Why Bloomberg Bet Its Data on Kubernetes

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Data, and data management, are what power, for example, Bloomberg’s recruiting site and bond screening on Bloomberg terminals, its Hadoop infrastructure, financial data and straight news for its media feeds, Bower said.

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Two things you can start doing to help build a more diverse team

Dan Pupius

If your team is working to increase the number of photos uploaded, you’re sure as hell going to be looking at that metric everyday. So why do so few teams track diversity metrics? not recruiting or HR?—?should should own this metric. The first step in changing or managing any metric is simply to be aware of it.

How Your Role Changes When DevOps Goes Cloud Native

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Every additional deployment doesn’t add to the ops cost, because the operators spend their time coding compliance, security, performance, and SLA metrics and making sure all infrastructure is available via automated self-service.”.

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How to Diversify Your Engineering Team


Hiring Decisions: Obviously, technical recruiting represents a huge opportunity for becoming more diverse and inclusive. Providing baseline metrics about current workforce demographics can be a great starting point, thereby establishing new channels of communication and collaboration.

QA Engineering Roles: Skills, Tools, and Responsibilities in a Testing Team


In addition to handling day-to-day duties like establishing metrics, supervising team members, administering outside resources, and designing test programs, QA leads have a wide range of job responsibilities, as they have to take any action needed to meet the quality goals.

The mathematical principles of management

Erik Bernhardsson

Proxy metrics (optimizing for shareholder value is hard, so let’s pick some metric that’s easier to measure/move but still has a high correlation). I also think an understated market is the market of people aka recruiting. I’ve read about 100 management books by now but if there’s something that always bothered me it’s the lack of first principles thinking. Basically it’s a ton of heuristics.

The 7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation

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It permeates a company’s overall growth strategy, how it recruits and hires, and the types of sales conversations it has with prospects and customers. Transforming a sales organization to consistently deliver insights requires new value propositions, case studies and collateral from Marketing, new competencies, skill development, recruiting profiles from HR, and alignment with Operations to refine products and services.

How Can CIOs Remove The Bias From How They Hire?

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When the person with the CIO job is recruiting new talent for the IT department, it can be all too easy to go back to the places where you’ve gotten people from before. This process must contain a detailed scoring metric that we can use to evaluate each resume.

You Need a New Digital Transformation Playbook


As IT suppliers, especially those of you serving infrastructure needs, it is important for you to engage your clients in a dialogue about the new digital KPIs and help them think through their metrics as they build their infrastructure transformation roadmap. Organizations are addressing this by simultaneously recruiting for new skills and reskilling the existing workforce.

Need to Hire Developers? Here’s the Perfect Strategy

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Many business owners have found that “B-level” developers tend to want to work with “C-level” developers – this means that, when it comes time to recruit more developers, those are the ones that will be recommended to you. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Stripe’s Will Larson on Designing a Performance Management System from Scratch


These combined systems focus your team’s efforts on the activities and metrics that ultimately help the organization succeed, by providing direct feedback to engineers on how valuable their work is (and by measuring it against expectations). Often we run these people systems, and there’s no test, no metrics,” he says. You can flip them around to use them as part of your recruiting process, too. GitPrime elevates engineering leadership with objective data.

The New York CTO Connection/Nasdaq Startup CTO Summit is back! Use CTOvision discount code


10.40am Ilia Papas, CTO/Founder, Blue Apron - Recruiting Talent for a "Non-Tech Company". 1.20pm Will Ballard, CTO, Gerson Lehrman Group - Real Engineering Value Metrics. Bob Gourley. On Tuesday November 1st at Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square CTO Connection is hosting the New York Startup CTO Summit (15th event globally in the last 2 years).

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Big Data Project Management: What’s In & What’s Out?


Defining the project’s requirements and developing its business case will be linked to existing performance measures or metrics. Here’s something to think about when you're planning a big data project: are you planning a project or a program ?

The 8 Guiding Principles of More Human Leadership

Terry Starbucker

Hi all – on March 11, I gave a presentation at the Leadership Summit, a great online event organized by Macro Recruitment in Australia . Measuring, monitoring and managing with the right metrics – The team needs to know where they stand, and what they are aiming for.

How to Conduct User Interviews for UX Research and Product Development


Depending on the answers you’re looking for, use the database you already have and recruit people who have been using your product for years, or just heard of it, or even left your product for a competitor’s. There, you also collect your metrics.

Drinking the Talent Kool-Aid | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

They all speak of the quality of their talent as a key success metric…in fact, many of them will emphatically state that talent is their single biggest competitive advantage.

Pitfalls of Agile Transformations


But we expect big things from it: faster delivery, easier recruiting, happier customers.” If you want more effective recruiting in today’s very tight talent market, don’t look for software developers or mention your agile transformation.

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How Online Communities Became Central To How We Work

Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog

In some cases, companies have gone well beyond superficial adoption metrics like unique monthly logins, and measured business impact such as process effectiveness, productivity improvements, higher customer satisfaction, and more.

What’s Your Time Worth? Why Pricing Matters

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It has definitely caused its fair share of angst, frustration, and vigorous debate among executives and professional advisors simply for the reason that it is one of the few metrics that touches virtually every aspect of a business. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.