The Scrum Values mean Big Business

Focus There is the Scrum Guide and with the definition of Scrum come the rules of the game. Scrum does not have a lot of rules, but the ones that exist are pretty defined. One Product Owner per Product Backlog for example.


Advanced Scrum Product Ownership - Riding Dinosaurs

. What does Scrum Product Ownership have to do with Dinosaurs? We typically say that Scrum Masters get to herd cats. But Scrum Product Owners actually need to learn how to ride a Dinosaur! In this article I'll explore this model and connect it to the stances of the Scrum Product Owner. . The Product Owner as an entrepeneur. You'll identify a Unique Value Proposition - the area where your product/service will be unique. . . .


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Improving SAFe Through Professional Scrum

SAFe includes Scrum - so how come many Scrum practitioners and thought leaders consider it unsafe? It takes advantage of established frameworks and techniques that work well - Scrum being the first and foremost of those. SAFe's Scrum Master is more of an Agile Team Lead.


Improving SAFe thru Professional Scrum

SAFe includes Scrum - so how come many Scrum practitioners and thought leaders consider it unsafe? It takes advantage of established frameworks and techniques that work well - Scrum being the first and foremost of those. SAFe's Scrum Master is more of an Agile Team Lead.


Introducing the Zombie Scrum Symptom Checker

Is your team suffering from Zombie Scrum ? Do you wonder how other teams work with Scrum? Is Scrum really helping teams deliver value to stakeholders faster and making them happier as a result? Find out with the first version of the free Zombie Scrum Symptoms Checker. With the first version of our free Zombie Scrum Symptoms Checker , you can now diagnose your Scrum Team. Or what you can do to recover from Zombie Scrum.


Using Scrum to Help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Part Two

Settle in, make yourself a brew and enjoy learning from people who actually live scrum day in day out. . This second post in the ‘Agile ADHD’ series from me, Sally Waters, and my husband Francis, is all about the details of how we implement Scrum at home. Daily Scrum – yes, absolutely.


Attributes of Professional Product Owner

In Scrum, Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of product being developed by Development Team. This implies that a product’s success relies heavily on the Product Owner role. This product may touch upon multiple internal systems.

CapEx or OpEx through a Lean Lens

Scrum does not use phase gates but instead is based on empiricism in which architecture and design emerge over the life of the project. Does this mean that there is no way to interpret SOP 98-1 so that we can create significant competitive advantage using Scrum?


4 Reasons Your Company Should Adopt an Agile Framework 


Below are some of the top benefits you may see through implementing agile and scrum methodologies for your business. . Agile framework emphasizes the Minimal Marketable Product as well as the Minimum Viable Product, each of which is lean concepts that enable small and safe investments that are quickly delivered. . A Minimal Marketable Product is a piece of software that encompasses the bare minimum set of features a user needs.

A Digital Service Canvas for Government and Enterprise

Have you ever tried to kickstart a “Scrum of Scrums” in an organization? I suppose a Scrum of Scrums is a bit like a start-up: there has to be a real value proposition. What does the Minimum Viable Product look like?

Understanding Definition of Ready, Acceptance Criteria, And Definition of Done


Each episode will explore organizational Agility and Scrum patterns, tactics, and techniques that drive real-world success. These are three very important but often overlooked elements of any Product Backlog Item (PBI). And how they interplay to boost coordination, productivity, and minimize the effects of dependencies. . In this episode of ScrumCast, Scrum Inc. When we create Product Backlog Items, we have to choose how we’re going to write them.

Agile Outsourcing Success Part 2: 5 Steps for Evaluating Agile Software Partners

Gorilla Logic

There is a cost to complexity, so look closely at what product you want to deliver to your customers. By only onboarding the resources you need to develop a minimal viable product (MVP) that satisfies your client and product stakeholders, you can go to market faster and begin driving revenue. If you are working on high stakes projects, you need high-quality engineers that can interact with your internal engineers and product stakeholders in real-time.

Agile 62

Designing Organizations for Scalability: Building the Structure to Scale

The New Stack

Startups are pushed into making decisions for the short-term sacrificing long-term stability for the rush to meet minimum viable product (MVP) before funding runs out. Putting a product on the market is the only visible goal. Luis Gomes de Abreu.

Software Development Life Cycle?—?The Ultimate Guide [2020]


The Waterfall Model The V Model The Iterative Model The Spiral Model The Agile Model The Scrum Methodology The XP Methodology The Rad Model The Software Prototype Model The Big Bang Model Which SDLC Model is the right for you? in this phase, you are making a thorough research on the product you are planning to develop. Thus, you can double down on the pros and reduce the cons to a minimum. In this document, you are going to describe all the product’s features.

Marketing Agility: How it Works and What it Means for the Rest of the Organization

Gorilla Logic

MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Some aspects of Kanban work best for their team while other aspects of Scrum work best. It allows them to be their most productive, infusing a sense of joy, power, and esprit de corps. . It is a subsidiary of Atlassian which offers other Agile products (like Jira) as well.

Agile 44

Product Development Process: How to Bring Innovation to Life


A company can’t benefit from a single unchangeable product eternally, no matter how popular it has been. This article will guide you through all the steps of a new product development (NPD) process and give you some insights into implementing best practices en route from a pure idea to roll-out and selling. What is a new product development process? Designing innovation takes time and requires focused efforts to take a product or service from idea to market.

The Two Sides of Teams


What product should be built? These are the most important questions for the success of any product, and yet for the longest time, answering these questions have not been considered the responsibility of the development team or the DevOps team.

Product Managers vs. Project Managers: Difference, Responsibilities, and KPIs


How often do you confuse a project manager and a product manager? Comparing the role of project manager & product manager. First things first, what’s the difference between a project and a product? Project is a process of creating a product or a service. Product is a system that solves some customer’s problem and satisfies market’s demand. Project manager runs the product development. Product manager is responsible for market success.

The Principles of Agile Planning

Strategy Driven

Conventional Scrum wisdom no longer serves as a reliable guide. At the very least, consider Kanban, Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), SAFe, and Disciplined Agile Delivery. Set timeframes and milestones that eventually amount to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Each and every iteration is supposed to produce a potentially shippable product increment. You cannot hope to achieve this without a suitable Product Backlog.

What does a project manager do on a daily basis??—?The Ultimate Review [2020]


A good project manager doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be able to preserve their productivity or avoid getting pissed off; it means that a good project manager will keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances. Start looking at what an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) would look like, especially when deadlines are approaching. Be careful when using the word “minimum” when communicating with stakeholders tho. Kanban and Scrum boards.

Praxent Submits 4 SXSW Panels To Share Ideas On Digital Innovation


Insights & Pitfalls Of The Product Strategy Phase. We’ll look at the many nuances involved in digital product development, and share tips on how to manage the strategy phrase. Kelly Morrison, Senior Delivery Lead: Kelly manages cross-functional teams of designers, engineers, and QA analysts to deliver software products for Praxent’s clients. She has a background in software development and is a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

Lean Startup: Build Iteratively Using Feedback Loop and Lean Canvas


Meaning sparse or slender, the word itself hints that we strip the project of all waste without sacrificing productivity. As a result, you avoid time and money wasted on a perfect product that eventually won’t find its market. Decide how you will promote your product.

A Complete Guide to User Story Mapping: Process, Tips, Advantages, and Use Cases in Product Management


Planning a software product is a lot like asking people to cook an egg. If there was a product backlog for a meal made of eggs, it would probably include user stories like: #1. As a cook, I want a meal to consist of minimum ingredients so cooking takes less effort. Product backlogs were created to communicate product requirements and vision. So, utilizing a flat backlog for product development may have some challenges: User story prioritization.