Wireless Security | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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Wireless security is not only a huge subject, but it’s also extremely important. Remember: Wireless signals are not contained to copper or fiber like a wired network — these signals leave your office and your building and travel a good distance. My #1 Wireless Security Tip.

Cisco CCNA Wireless Certification Exam Questions From PrepAway – Build Your Career of Successful Network Engineer

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Cisco Corporation offers a scope of products and conveys coordinated solutions to create interface networks around the world. Basically, the exam is set to approve an individual’s grip of Wireless Topologies, Wireless RF Essentials, Wireless Models and a prologue to Wireless Security.

The Wireless Attack Toolkit


By BryanHalfpap Wireless security is all about implementation. The vendors implementation of the stack, the implementation of the security protocol standards in your OS that you have deployed to your users, the ways that the radios work, and the settings you’ve chosen for your network.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Microcontroller Wireless Messaging with MQTT

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My original plan for building a backyard sensor was to use an ESP8266 model 01 wireless transceiver and matching relay board along with a passive infrared (PIR) device to detect warm bodies as they slink by. We covered hooking up the PIR sensor to the NodeMCU wireless module last week.

Use Cisco Meraki Products to Support Your Organization's Wireless Network


TechSoup is now offering a brand-new series of security and networking products from Meraki , which is a subdivision of the top networking equipment maker Cisco Systems. Cisco Meraki cloud-managed solutions provide the backbone to your organization's network.

DOCSIS® Network vs. Fiber BackHaul for Outdoor Small Cells: How Larger Footprint of DOCSIS Networks Lowers TCO in the Outdoor Use Case


In our recent blog post , we talked about how, from a total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective, DOCSIS networks triumph as either backhaul or fronthaul over traditional fiber backhaul for the indoor use case. But, Is DOCSIS Network the Right Solution for Small Cell Backhauling?

DISA collapsing wired networks, expanding wireless, Coasties don't.


NSA Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Coasties don't want expensive TISCOM laptops ? According to a recent DHS audit, the Coast Guard is sitting on over 5,000 laptops in Coast Guard Telecommunications

StrategyDriven Enterprises Partners with Xen Wireless to Form StrategyDriven Analytics, a Utility Industry Asset Management Blind Benchmarking Service

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven Enterprises LLC and Xen Wireless form StrategyDriven Analytics to provide utility industry executives and managers with asset management program benchmarking data supporting operational and investment decisions and fleet and individual plant performance assessments.

LinkedIn Shuts Down Four XSS Flaws, Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? and more


” LinkedIn is one of the top professional networking sites in the world. Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? Wireless, mobility and BYOD are all part of an unstoppable wave, based on widespread consumer and remote worker usage.”

5G Link Aggregation with Multipath TCP (MPTCP)


The wireless industry is constantly pushing technology frontiers to cope with this increasing user demand. The use of multi-homing by deploying multi-interface connectivity at the wireless edge of the network has become increasingly prominent. Wireless 5g link aggregation

Moving Beyond Cloud Computing to Edge Computing


In the era of cloud computing—a predecessor of edge computing—we’re immersed with social networking sites, online content and other online services giving us access to data from anywhere at any time. The word “edge” precisely relates to the geographic distribution of network resources.

Mobility Lab Webinar #3: Inter-Operator Mobility with CBRS


CBRS networks will use low power small cells which inherently provides short distance coverage and thus target deployment in high traffic areas. Operators will likely have to rely on macro-cell network coverage to compensate for mobile service outside CBRS network coverage.

Management Interfaces in Three Models of Cisco Networking Devices Are Vulnerable to RCE Attacks


Cisco states that this vulnerability is fixed in the following firmware versions: RV110W Wireless-N VPN Firewall: RV130W Wireless-N Multifunction VPN Router: RV215W Wireless-N VPN Router:

Mobility Lab Webinar #3 Recap: Inter-Operator Mobility with CBRS


However, because CBRS operates low-power small cells to provide localized coverage in high-traffic environments, MSOs may rely on mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreements to provide mobile service outside the CBRS coverage area. maximize device attachment to the home CBRS network.

5G May Be Holy Grail for Telecom, But Energy Sector Feels Much Anxiety Over New Network


energy sector feels anxiety over launch of 5G technology on Forbes : While telecom giants are boasting faster, unlimited wireless connectivity for their mobile phone users under the long-awaited fifth generation wireless network (5G), the energy industry is worried. Read why Dipka Bhambhani says that the U.S.

How to Use Public Wi-Fi Securely


If you end up connecting to an unsecured network, you open yourself and your data up to malicious users with the. Uncategorized data security HTTPS Public Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wireless internetThere’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding free Wi-Fi.

Communication service providers must transform support systems to realize 5G’s true potential


Until now, each transition to the next generation of wireless networks, most recently 3G to 4G, has been incremental and relatively seamless. But the jump from 4G networks to 5G is expected to be monumental and fundamentally disruptive. 5G is more than just a faster, lower-latency version of 4G; it represents the first generation wireless […]. Mobility Networks Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications 5G CSPs Telecom

Mobility Lab Webinar #2: Over-The-Top (OTT) Aggregation


Achieving higher data rates and increasing quality of service (QoS) have always been driving forces for wireless operators to meet increasing user demand for higher throughputs. Along with these benefits come certain tradeoffs in terms of capital investments, complexities, the need to own spectrum and the need to own certain network components. OTT aggregation solutions can be implemented irrespective of what cellular network assets the MSOs own.

The Impact of 5G on Enterprise Network Monitoring


The fifth generation of wireless technology, more commonly being referred to as 5G, is marching towards commercialization. More connection density -- 1 million connected mobile devices in less than half of a square mile as compared to around 2K with 4G cellular networks.

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Mobility Lab Webinar Recap: Over-the-Top (OTT) Aggregation


Wireless operators have always been driven to meet increasing user demand by achieving higher data rates and improving quality of service. To fulfill these needs, wireless operators have used various types of carrier aggregation, including several commonly used industry-standard solutions: Traditional multi-carrier aggregation. OTT aggregation solutions leverage existing cellular and Wi-Fi infrastructures without requiring any significant changes on the network and end-user devices.

Reuse Your Old Wi-Fi Router as a Network Switch

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How to take an old and underpowered Wi-Fi router and trend it into a decent network switch (saving your $20 in the process). Wi-Fi technology has changed decidedly in the last ten years, but Ethernet-based networking has returned very little. When do you want a network switch?

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Cisco rolls out Wi-Fi 6 networking stack, bets the standard will enable as much as 5G


Cisco is betting that businesses will make bets on Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure ahead of 5G as both wireless technologies will enable new use cases. While the 5G business transformation story has garnered more headlines, Wi-Fi 6, known as 802.11ax, will also have a big impact, said Greg Dorai, vice president of product management and strategy for […]. CTO News

The Importance of Network Security & Planning in Educational Institutions


Supporting a disparate collection of network and user devices. Dealing with unpredictable student users who may have an inclination to maliciously misuse or breach network security. The first is eliminating internal network misuse. Improved network security.

News in Networking: The Best Network Speeds, Cuba’s DIY Internet, and the Cost of Automation


This week Verizon was dubbed the winner of network speeds. Mitel agreed to buy ShoreTel, while Viacom said it wouldn’t buy Scripps Networks. According to CNET, “All four major wireless carriers improved their median network speeds in at least 20 markets.”.

Fifty Shades of Network Visibility


After 20+ years in the network management sector, spanning both enterprises and service providers, you like to think that you’ve seen it all. So by the time I was first exposed to what Kentik was doing, I was pretty sure that I understood every angle and approach that is or could be taken to establish network/traffic visibility. Network management tools and technologies have evolved over time, but always revolve around two key objectives: visibility and control.

News in Networking: SD-WAN for $3.3B and Facebook’s Free Open/R Networking Tool


Also this week, Facebook open-sourced its Open/R networking development platform. Facebook uses Open/R to support its wide-area networks, data center fabric and wireless mesh topologies. Spectrum is leveraging its existing Ethernet footprint — it is the fourth largest US Ethernet provider — and a new customer portal to create an SD-WAN overlay using Nuage Networks’ software,” reported Light Reading. Broadcom closes acquisition of network gear maker Brocade (Reuters).

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Eight Ways Consumers can Protect Their Home Networks


Not attending to wireless network security is like leaving a door unlocked to your house, inviting cybercriminals in to access information on your life, family and finances. Practice security by separation and take advantage of the “guest network” feature on modern routers. Make sure this guest network has a different password than your main network. Cesare Garlati.

News in Networking: Verizon-Disney Rumors, ‘Most Promising’ 5G Operators, and UN List of Security Gaps


HTTP and DNS in a 5G World (Network World) HTTP and DNS may be “household name protocols,” according to Network World contributor and wireless wiz Alan Carlton, but NFV and MEC could change that. This week’s top story picks from the Kentik team.

MAC Address Randomization: How User Privacy Impacts Wi-Fi And Internet Service Providers


As a countermeasure to this privacy threat, OS developers are anonymizing MAC addresses, thereby raising technical concerns among network operators. Unique MAC Addresses Enable User Privacy Infringement in Wireless Networks . The address is kept consistent per network (i.e.,

Cognitive WiFi is Here


Last August, Arista made its first acquisition, Mojo Networks, to transform the future of WiFi and campus networks. This stagnant “WLC” approach for wireless connectivity has not evolved to address costly operational dilemmas such as: Jayshree Ullal 2019

Not Just Another G: What Exactly is 5G?

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5G is simply defined as the fifth generation networks. Yes, this wireless system upgrade delivers data to our mobile phones at remarkably fast speeds. We have all heard about 5G, but what exactly is it? It’s not just another G.

March Intro | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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Network Awareness. Network awareness of rogue devices. Lastly, we’ll cover network awareness, which is knowing when a new device is connected to your network. Knowing what’s on your network is always No.

ANGA 10 Gigabit and Beyond: Powering the Future of Cable


For the 15th consecutive year, thousands of network operators, service providers and vendors from around the globe will gather in Cologne, Germany, for ANGA COM Exhibition and Conference , June 4–6, 2019. Network Convergence: Opening Up New Business Opportunities.

5 Reasons Why Social Networks Fail

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The Future of Conference Events - Looking after the Health of Attendees

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Social Software Social Networking Social Media Collaboration Communities Learning Knowledge Sharing KM Knowledge Management Remote Collaboration Innovation Networking Social Networks Conversations Dialogue Communication Productivity Health Improvements Here is a blog post where I share some insights on what I feel the future of conferences would be like from a logistics perspective.

Driving Global Connectivity Well Beyond Cable Technology


In 1997, CableLabs released the initial version of the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS), the technology that enables broadband service to be provided over an HFC network. Improving Wi-Fi and Enabling 5G through Wireless Standards Engagement.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Build a Dedicated Messaging Broker

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MQTT is exceedingly easy to use and I can certainly see using it for local network communication among devices, in many yet-to-be-dreamed-up future projects. I also connected a monitor via an HDMI cable and a wireless Logitech keyboard/mousepad.